Anime Fighters codes in Roblox: Free Yen, Luck Boost, and more (April 2022)

Codes to make you a pro at Anime Fighters, Roblox (Image via @infernasu, Twitter)
Codes to make you a pro at Anime Fighters, Roblox (Image via @infernasu, Twitter)
Benny Sagayarajan

Anime Fighters in Roblox has a straightforward principle: acquire fighters and kill foes to advance through worlds. As players progress through the game, their foes become more powerful. Players must unlock more characters and materials to stay competitive.

These are the game's fundamentals. It's now up to the players to explore the realms, battle foes, collect new fighters, unlock account improvements, upgrade fighters, perform missions, and more. Players can use the codes below for free Yen, Luck Boost, and more.

Roblox: Anime Fighters codes for free Yen, Luck Boost, and other rewards

Active codes

Help I got cursed in anime fighters game thing look at my yen
  • otrademark – free divine fruit
  • 800klikes – free rewards
  • TheHole – free rewards
  • 700klikes – free boosts
  • NinjaCityRaid – two tickets (new!)
  • NinjaCity – free rewards (new!)
  • Sub2Codenex – 10-minute luck boost
  • RealDaireb – free boosts and rewards
  • ToadBoi – 10 minute Luck Boost
  • Sub2Veyar – 10-minute luck boost
  • HalfBillion – free items
  • 1MilFaves – free boost
  • 2k22 – free boosts and a defense token
  • PsychicCity – free boost
  • BronzePiece_ – free boosts and rewards
  • Sulley1m – luck and damage boosts (must join the Sulley Group)

Expired codes

Playing Anime Fighters Simulator

The game has a bunch of codes floating around at any given moment. To save players the hassle of trying each code out, the list below mentions all the expired codes so far.

  • 100kRecord
  • 200milcrazy
  • AlchemyLand
  • Almost100k
  • Almost100k
  • ChimeraIsland
  • Christmas
  • Craftbug
  • CrimeIsland
  • CurseHigh
  • cyclxnee
  • DestinyIsland
  • DivineColosseum
  • EmptyWorld
  • FlameCity
  • Gold500k
  • IceWastes
  • Insane200k
  • KingdomFour
  • LuckIsland
  • NewSulley750k
  • Nice200k
  • Nice300k
  • NinjaRaid
  • Pog400k
  • Poggers100Mil
  • SCity
  • ShutdownCode
  • SlimeyIsland
  • SorryForShutdown
  • SpookyIsland
  • Sub2codenex
  • Sub2foxpanda
  • Sub2Numerous
  • Sub2Veyar
  • Sulley500k
  • Thanks150k
  • thanks600k
  • ThanksGiving
  • TicketCode
  • Underworld
  • UpdateDelay
  • VirtualCastle
  • Yeet250k

Steps to redeem codes in Anime Fighters Simulator in Roblox

1 secret in 1 try in anime fighters simulator

To redeem codes in Roblox's Anime Fighters Simulator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the game and navigate to the left-hand side of the screen to the Twitter icon.
  2. Then, in the code box, type or paste the code in.
  3. Return to the game and claim the prizes.

Roblox: Anime Fighters General gameplay

Basic combat

When players strike an enemy, they perform basic attacks until the bar above their heads fills up. At this point, players can utilize their special attack (much like a Z-move in Pokemon), which is much more powerful than their regular attacks.

Obtaining Yen

Players can acquire yen by defeating foes and taking part in time trials. When bosses and minions are attacked, more yen is won. Players can also use rich and solid gold fighters to gain even more yen.

To farm yen, it is recommended that players tackle bosses from prior maps. Farming mini-bosses or secret bosses is the best way to gain yen. However, secret bosses are preferable as they pay out more.

Time trial

The time trial takes place at Super Island/DBZ/Dragon Ball Z, and players can gain more yen by completing challenges and purchasing improvements in the time trial shop.

Time Trial Shards can be obtained by defeating foes and are used to purchase boosts, permanent boosts, tickets, and other items in the shop. Lesser Trial, Medium Trial, and Greater Trial are the three available modes. They spawn chests with extra Time Trial Shards and shards of other maps in the Medium and Greater trials.

Fighter rarities

There are presently eight different rarities of fighters in the game:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted Secret
  • Secret
  • Divine Fighters


If players open every star, they'll notice that each fighter has a rating. If the fighters' rating is higher than B, it's a good idea to level them up and equip them with good passives.

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