Roblox Island of Move codes (May 2022): Free Cardio Cans, Hustle Hat, and more

Codes for Roblox Island of Move (Image via Roblox)
Codes for Roblox Island of Move (Image via Roblox)
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Roblox codes are meant to redeem exclusive and exciting rewards. The developers give codes because it makes gaming more fun and interesting. Likewise, codes for Roblox Island of Move redeem exclusive rewards for players.

Island of Moves was created in 2020 by Roblox Build It, Play It. It is a multiplayer where 20 players can connect on a single server. It was last updated in March 2022.

The Island of Move had millions of players visiting it regularly. It involved creating players’ own animations, making them so that game players can play with their friends and receive fantastic prizes virtually.

Codes for Island of Move redeems cosmetics like Build it Backpack, Hustle Hat, Cardio Cans, etc. Players can enter the codes to enjoy these gifts. This article further discusses the new valid codes for Roblox Island of Move.

Roblox: Codes for Island of Move to redeem free gifts

New active codes

These codes are case-sensitive, which means for the proper functionality of the codes, players have to type in the correct codes as given below. Players are advised to copy and paste the code for the player's convenience.

These codes are also not everlasting, which means they can expire after some time. Hence, players are recommended to use these codes as soon as possible.


Island of Moves codes make gaming sessions more memorable, allowing players to redeem Speedy Shades, Kinetic Staff, Crystalline Companion, and many more exciting rewards.

Codes make the players look more attractive to the opponent as these are free prizes for the players from the developers.

Here’s a list of a few working, new, valid, and active codes for Island of Moves (May 2022):

  • WORLDALIVE: Unlock the Crystalline Companion.
  • DIY: Unlock the Kinetic Staff.
  • SettingTheStage: Unlock the Build it Backpack.
  • StrikeAPose: Unlock the Hustle Hat.
  • GetMoving: Unlock the Speedy Shades.
  • VictoryLap: Unlock the Cardio Cans.

Expired codes

Players can always look back at the codes that got expired. Entering expired codes will not affect any progress made by the player. The code will not work by entering the expired code.

  • Currently, there are no expired codes for Island of Move

Players are always advised to stay updated for new codes and those that get expired. Developers usually drop new codes at the time of releasing an update.

Players are recommended to follow the developers on Twitter or join the Discord server for updates and new codes.

How to redeem these codes?


Redeeming the new code is simple. Follow the steps below carefully to redeem the code and receive the exciting prizes:

  1. Open Roblox on Mobile phone or any other device
  2. Launch Island of Move
  3. An icon displaying “REDEEM CODE” can be seen
  4. Click on the icon. A blank text field will open
  5. Enter the desired code
  6. Or instead, copy the selected code from above. Paste it into the text field and click on the blue tick
  7. By clicking on the blue tick, players will redeem the desired reward
  8. Enjoy the Rewards!

Fun facts about Island of Move

Island of Move is the first event that allows its users to use in-game codes to receive rewards. In the initial days of the event game, the players found out that the items were not being awarded, and the error was fixed immediately.

Later, the codes were also not working correctly and showed “Error redeeming code”. This bug was also quickly fixed by the developers. The event game was criticized because of its improper working of codes, and games were showing glitches to many players.


The event game started on July 16, 2020, and ended on August 30, 2020. The event's main aim was to help players learn how to animate, export, and import. Players learned how to use animation in a running or walking simulator game template.

When players win exciting gifts to win contests, the rewards are to be won when the contest ends. Users can follow the guide through the Developer Hub to discover exclusive codes that help redeem in-game virtual prizes in the avatar shop, which is only available for a limited time. The event was successful, and players enjoyed themselves while learning new skills.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar


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