Roblox Last Pirates codes in November 2022: Free Beli, LP, and more 

Devil Fruits spawn every one hour in Last Pirates (Image via Sportskeeda)
Devil Fruits spawn every one hour in Last Pirates (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox's Last Pirates is based on the famous One Piece manga franchise. Players can free-roam and sail the seven seas to hunt down the most formidable adversaries camping the map. They can also discover the superpowers of the forbidden Devil Fruits.


The ultimate objective for Last Pirates is to become the strongest and best pirate on the server. Players usually spend a large amount of Robux to enhance their weapon and spell arsenal to achieve this.

Instead of spending a fortune on Robux, players can redeem the codes in this article to receive free money, resets, and more. Gamers can defeat the strongest bosses if they use the rewards obtained from the codes wisely.

Monitor the developer's Twitter account to get wind of the latest Roblox Last Pirates codes

Active codes

  • FixBug—Redeem for a Stat Reset (Latest code)
  • BigUpdate—Redeem for 5LP (You need to be at level 300 to redeem this code)
  • NewWorld—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • bleak—Redeem for 50K Beli
  • KongPoop—Redeem for a Stat Reset

Note: Players are advised to redeem all the valid Roblox Last Pirates codes with haste, as they will expire soon.

Think twice before using the Stat Reset, as it resets the characters' attributes to default.

To redeem the code for 5 LP, players must be at level 300. An error notice will emerge when players under level 300 attempt to activate the code.

Free Beli can be used to purchase the finest fighting gear required to become the ultimate pirate lord in Roblox's Last Pirates.

Inactive codes

Unfortunately, a large number of Roblox Last Pirates codes have gone invalid. A fresh set of codes will be published in the upcoming patchwork update.

  • Bleak_fat—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • Event—Redeem for 5 LP
  • Chxmei—Redeem for 10k Beli
  • Greed—Redeem for 10 LP
  • Update!—Redeem for 5 LP
  • OPZTV—Redeem for 5 LP
  • Checkmate—Redeem for a stat reset
  • Code—Redeem for 25k Money
  • LPLOVER—Redeem for 10 LP
  • Snappy—Redeem for 25k Cash
  • Juan—Redeem for 5 LP
  • NEOGAMING—Redeem for 10 Heart Gems
  • 111KFAV—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • FreeGem—Redeem for 10 HeartGems
  • iSEN—Redeem for 5 LP Must be level 300 to claim
  • 100KFAV—Redeem for free Stat Reset
  • TECHO—Redeem for 5 LP
  • 5Chiba—Redeem for 20k Cash
  • UPDATE2—Redeem for a stat reset
  • CarinaCaxtez—Redeem for free rewards
  • PixelJoe—Redeem for a stat reset
  • N4Animation—Redeem for 30k Beli
  • Stranger—Redeem for a stat reset
  • SEAFOUR—Redeem for free rewards
  • Ruriair—Redeem for 20k Beli
  • Dream—Redeem for a stat reset
  • Odyssey—Redeem for 20k Beli
  • SmolEsan—Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • XIEXIE—Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • 10MVisits—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • DIW_TW—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • 3MVisits—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • NEOGAMING—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • MIUMA—Redeem code for 20,000 cash
  • OatCasterCh—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • JZ GAMMING—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • MAOKUMA—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • KINGNONKD—Redeem code for 1,000 cash
  • WHITEKUNG—Redeem code to for 10,000 cash
  • UPDATE!!—Redeem code for 20,000 cash
  • Rosaki—Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • snowman—Redeem code for a reward
  • Saber—Redeem for cash reward
  • Katana—Redeem for stat reset
  • Bisento—Redeem for free cash
  • Bisentov2—Redeem for free cash
  • Yoru—Redeem for free reward
  • Cathunt—Redeem for stat reset
  • 10KVisit—Redeem for 10000 Beli and Heart Gems
  • 25KVisit—Redeem code for a reward
  • UPDATE3—Redeem code for a reward
  • Vezxter—Redeem code for a reward
  • HxW—Redeem code for a reward

How to redeem the codes in Roblox Last Pirates?


Follow the simple steps listed below to redeem the codes in Roblox Last Pirates within a few minutes:

  • Launch the Roblox title and get into the server
  • Once in the game, find the brown colored Twitter logo icon situated right next to the "$" button, click on the bird logo
  • A small brown-themed code box will appear on the screen
  • Copy the required code from our list above and paste it in the text box that says "???"
  • Hit the brown-colored "Redeem" button to claim the free rewards!

The claimed Beli will be added to the players' coffers instantly after redeeming the code. Stats Reset and other newly obtained goodies can be found in the players' inventories.

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