Roblox RoCitizens codes: Free Trophy and money (September 2022)

Take a look at these latest Roblox codes to get free money and rewards in RoCitizen (Image via Roblox)
Take a look at these latest Roblox codes to get free money and rewards in RoCitizen (Image via Roblox)

Roblox RoCitizens is a roleplaying game (RPG) and an open-world life simulation. Players can work as police officers, firefighters, line cooks, and robbers, among many other jobs in-game, to earn money.

They may then use this money to purchase houses, cars, and other vehicles and collect and customize the same as they desire.

Roblox RoCitizens is a Town and City genre game created in 2013 by @Firebrand1. It is one of the most popular titles on Roblox and has retained its position as a classic title with over 783.1 million user visits worldwide.

The Roblox RoCitizens description reads as:

"Enter the city with just the clothes on your back and work your way up to fame & riches, creating your own story along the way!"

However, those who enjoy playing RoCitizens will be able to enjoy the experience a lot more if they have the money required to purchase all that they desire, such as luxurious cars, fancy dream houses, and drippy outfits for their avatars.

To help gamers truly live their dreams in-game, here are all the redeem codes they can use to redeem rewards and freebies.

Roblox RoCitizens codes to live out the dream life

Active codes


The active, working, and valid codes for Roblox RoCitizens as of September 2022 are:

  • partypooper—Redeem this code to claim a Bathroom Boutiques Toilet Plunger (New)
  • partytime—Redeem this code to claim $1k Cash (New)
  • goodneighbor—Redeem this code to claim $2,500 & Trophy
  • discordance—Redeem this code to claim a Discord Trophy & $3,500
  • SweetTweets—Redeem this code to claim a Twitter Trophy & $2,500
  • truefriend—Redeem this code to claim a Pet Rock & $4,000
  • rosebud—Redeem this code to claim $3,000
  • easteregg—Redeem this code to claim $1,337
  • code—Redeem this code to claim $10

The detailed steps to redeem these codes are given at the article's end.

Expired codes


If a Roblox RoCitizens code is being shown as an error, the chances of it being in the list below are high:

  • smokinghot—Redeem this code to claim $1.5k Cash
  • valentines22—Redeem this code to claim Cash and x3 Box of Chocolate
  • gifttoyou—Redeem this code to claim Cash
  • happy2022—Redeem this code to claim Cash
  • creepycode—Redeem this code to claim Cash
  • headlesscodeman—Redeem this code to claim 3K Candy
  • MILLION—Redeem this code to claim $2,500 & Trophy
  • letsdosomelaundry—Redeem this code to claim $5,000
  • xmas19—Redeem this code to claim 3x Gifts & $3,000
  • rocitizens6th—Redeem this code to claim Snowglobe & $6,000
  • 500million—Redeem this code to claim $5,000 & Trophy
  • 20valentine—Redeem this code to claim $4,000 & Crystal Rose
  • supdatember—Redeem this code to claim $4,000
  • cantthinkofcodenames—Redeem this code to claim $2,000
  • ilovefirebrand1—Redeem this code to claim $4,000
  • xmasbonus—Redeem this code to claim $1,500
  • bugsareannoying—Redeem this code to claim $2,500
  • gimmegimmegimme—Redeem this code to claim $750
  • allthemoola—Redeem this code to claim $1,000
  • canigetahottub—Redeem this code to claim a free Hot Tub
  • cornerpocket—Redeem this code to claim a free Pool Table
  • ggpd—Redeem this code to claim $10,000
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty—Redeem this code to claim a free Sovereignty Computer
  • rainyday—Redeem this code to claim $3,500
  • youwishyouhadafish—Redeem this code to claim $1,500
  • ihaveafish—Redeem this code to claim $1,000
  • coldhardcash—Redeem this code to claim $3,500
  • alittlesomething—Redeem this code to claim $4,000

Steps to redeem codes


Redeeming codes in Roblox RoCitizens is as straightforward as in any other game on the platform. If users aren't aware of the process to do so, they may follow the steps below to get the rewards:

  • Download Roblox on the PC or mobile.
  • Log in to the Roblox account or sign up for a new account if they don't already have one.
  • Type and search "RoCitizens" in the game's search bar.
  • After launching it, locate a bright green icon on the screen's bottom left corner that resembles a shop.
  • Click it, and a new tab will open. Search for the blue Twitter button and click on it.
  • Gamers should see an empty code redemption bar.
  • They can copy-paste the desired active code into the "Enter code" box from the above list of active codes.
  • Press the enter key.

Readers can enjoy their promised freebies and rewards and have a more fun-filled gaming experience.

About game


Roblox RoCitizens is a game mainly for roleplaying, building, and socializing, and players have no clear objective to follow. However, there's still loads of stuff they may do.

Gamers can roleplay in this virtual RPG experience on Roblox by customizing their characters with cool outfits, roleplaying with other citizens (RoCitizens players), and exploring the massive map of Roblox RoCitizens. They may also invite their friends to join them in this roleplaying experience and have fun alongside them.

Basically, they can live that dream life, as described by the developers in the description of the game:

"Work at jobs, complete quests for the townspeople, customize and furnish a home, cruise about the town, or socialize with other citizens in a constantly growing world!"

Users may trade their items regardless of whether they are limited or not. The multiplayer gaming experience was based on The Sims series by Electronic Arts. This Roblox experience is quite similar to the "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia" feature on the platform by @1dev2.

More codes and updates

The creators release new redeem codes when they hit new milestones, like a certain amount of likes or visits on social media. Fans can stay updated about the same by following the developer's Twitter account, which often posts newly released codes and information about the title for their loyal following.

They may also opt to join the official Discord server for RoCitizens — RoCitizens Community — to stay updated and socialize with other gamers.

Note: If the above codes do not work or if any newly released codes were missed out on, do let us know by commenting down information about the same.

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