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The Rumble fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits
Learn fun facts about the Rumble in Roblox Blox Fruits (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Blox Fruits features several powerful devil fruits including the infamous Rubble, the lightning fruit. Blox Fruits is a pirate-based adventure game available on the gaming platform. The game is based on the classic One Piece franchise and was released by creator Gamer Robot Inc. in January 2019. Since the game was published, it has attracted over 6.6 billion visits by players all over the globe and over four million have favorited it.

Like many other games on the platform, Blox Fruits plays on the concept of "Fruits" or "Devil Fruits" to evolve and empower its players in-game. Players can discover these Fruits while exploring the map of Blox Fruits or even purchase them directly using Beli (in-game currency) and Robux from the friendly fruit vendor.

Devil Fruits provides players with powers to better their gameplay, such as granting explosive attacks, teleportation capabilities, and more.

Cost of Rumble in Roblox Blox Fruits

Featured image of the Rumble Fruit (Image via Blox Fruits/Edited by Sportskeeda)
Featured image of the Rumble Fruit (Image via Blox Fruits/Edited by Sportskeeda)

The Rumble Fruit can be purchased by players using money at $2,100,000 (one of the five Blox Fruits currencies) and by using Robux (Roblox currency) at R$2,100 from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

Another way to obtain the Rumble Devil Fruit is from the Blox Fruit Dealer's Cousin.

Rumble in Blox Fruits has a chance of 2.25% to be in each stock and has an approximate chance of 2.31% to spawn in the game every single hour.


The Rumble fruit in-game has a total of four moves and also has one movement ability. Upon being awakened, the movement ability previously mentioned makes use of something known as "charges" when using it. Every individual charge takes ten seconds to recharge. The player can, however, use teleportation instantaneously.

Given below are the Normal Movesets:

KeyNameDescriptionTier RankMastery
Rumble Dragon
The player shoots a swirling lightning dragon that explodes upon contact. After a certain distance, it explodes if it doesn't hit anything.
1 mastery
Sky Thunder
The player creates a thunderstorm that showers huge lightning pillars below them, doing medium-high damage and stunning whoever it hits. It has a relatively short cooldown. Hits from the thunderstorm are randomized.
90 mastery
Sky Beam
The player summons a giant lightning beam from the sky, which levitates their target when hit, inflicting good damage and a stun to anyone it hits.
160 mastery
Thunder Bomb
The player summons thunderclouds that gather into a big black, shining electrical bomb above them. Once launched, it expands into an electric explosion, dealing high damage, levitating the target hit/s and a long stun to anyone in range of the explosion.
250 mastery
Lightning Dash
The player turns into a lightning bolt, quickly dashing on the direction towards the cursor afterwards. The cooldown for this move is quite short.
30 mastery

Below are the Awakened movesets:

KeyNameDescriptionTier RankFragment cost
Lightning Beast
The player fires a large beast made of lightning that bursts into electricity upon contact, dealing damage and knockback. If the enemy moves while it's close enough, the projectile will curve to chase the enemy. This is much easier to hit compared to Rumble Dragon.
500 Fragments
The player creates a massive thunderstorm, consisting of bolts of lightning striking down within a large radius, dealing high damage as well as stunning those hit. This will get affected by roofs. Unlike Sky Thunder, this has a much faster cast time, and can be slightly aimed.
3000 Fragments
Sky Judgement
With faster windup but less linger time, the player summons a massive lingering thunderbolt to strike the ground, stunning and damaging enemies quickly, and leaving the ground engraved with a blue, scorched pattern for a few seconds.
4000 Fragments
Thunderball Destruction
The player gathers up thunderclouds into a massive blue-black spherical bomb made out of lightning, and launches it towards their chosen direction. It will then slowly but violently expand, dealing constant damage and stun before disappearing. The hitbox for this move is massive.
5000 Fragments
Electric Flash
The Player is teleported in the desired direction. The cooldown is practically nonexistent prior to the buff, however, each use takes away a charge. The player has three charges, and 1 charge regenerates every 12 seconds. This also has a small hitbox that deals tiny damage (possibly lowest in the game) and a very slight stun. Losing and gaining charges will be shown by a GUI at the top of the screen.
2000 Fragm

Passive moveset - It's called the Elemental Reflex and makes the wielder immune to all physical attacks.

More about Rumble

Some of the best fruits in Blox Fruits (Image via Blox Fruits/Edited by Sportskeeda)
Some of the best fruits in Blox Fruits (Image via Blox Fruits/Edited by Sportskeeda)

The following are interesting facts about the Rumble Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits:

  • The Rumble Devil Fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits is an Elemental type of Devil Fruit.
  • The Tier Rank of the Rumble Fruit is 'B' in the game.
  • The Rumble Awakening as of Update 14.
  • Rubber users are immune to all of any player's Rumble attacks because rubber is a natural electrical isolator in the game, just like in real life (excluding moves from the Thunder Gods and NPCs). Keep in mind that this also goes for Pole.
  • The weapon representing Rumble are Pole in first form and Pole in Second Form.
  • Players' main motive while fully awakening Rumble is to get to Pole 2nd form.
  • Rumble, Shadow, Buddha V2, Magma V2 and Venom are the only devil fruits in the game that deal damage on their F skill.
  • To awaken the Rumble fruit fully, one needs $14,500 (excluding Pole 2nd Form).
  • Players can not use Rumble's X move in any place with a roof or cover over their avatar (such as Buildings, Magma Admiral's volcano, etc.).

Given below is the rating given to the Rumble fruit in Blox Fruits:

  • Grind rating for Rumble: S
  • Damage rating for Rumble: A+
  • Travel/Mobility rating for Rumble: C+
  • Stun rating for Rumble: S
  • Durability rating for Rumble: A
  • Difficulty rating for Rumble: S+
  • PvP/ Bounty hunt rating for Rumble: S (because of rubber users)
  • Range rating for Rumble: A+

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