Are there any secret characters in Roblox All Star Tower Defense?

Roblox All Star Tower Defense is the meeting point for various anime worlds (Image via Roblox)
Roblox All Star Tower Defense is the meeting point for various anime worlds (Image via Roblox)

In the Roblox universe of All Star Tower Defense (ASTD), there are four secret characters. They can only be earned via "Spins" or "Hero Redeems" in the game. Each spin offers players a 0.05% chance of drawing a secret character, making them the most valued commodity in ASTD.

Whenever the game has a significant update, a new secret character gets added. When this happens, the existing secret character retires and becomes marketable and tradable, and its market price skyrockets. They continue to be one of the most powerful units in the game as their unique powers remain unchanged.

Despite having the lowest likelihood, a small number of players with luck on their side have secret characters in their arsenal. As of June 2022, the four secret characters available in Roblox All Star Defense are:

  • Demonside
  • Demonside (Ultimate)
  • Mechanical
  • The Boys

Exploring the strongest units in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

1) Demonside


Demonside is based on the human form of Akira Fudo, the main protagonist of the renowned Devilman Crybaby anime franchise. The character became a superhuman after participating in a dark Sabbath rite.

Akira is also the first character from the Devilman universe to be added in Roblox All Star Tower Defense.

The official description of Demonside reads:

"You're not a demon, you're not a human either. You're a devilman, and so I will save you."

Demonside is ASTD's first and only 3-star hidden unit character. Despite being in the 3-star class, it is one of the game's most powerful DPS characters, and became the only 3-star secret unit to evolve into a 6-star class named Demonside (Ultimate).

These are the required units:

2 Demonside + 2 Arachnid V + 2 Arachnid IV + 3 Arachnid III

Demonside is categorized as a Ground unit, who does massive DPS. This secret unit received significant buffs after the recent update, including a large increase in attack damage. The deployment cost is 500 Cash (in-game currency), with a total cost of 3,500 Cash.

2) Demonside (Ultimate)


Demonside (Ultimate) is based on Amon, the demon form of Akira Fudo, lead of the Devilman Crybaby franchise. This demon has become the torment of powerful opponents in ASTD and has the potential to become the ultimate wave destroyer.

Its official description reads:

"I am sure you know what an angel is, a soul that returns to this plane to protect the person."

Demonside (Ultimate) is the only secret unit that can be obtained by evolving. Amon is a 6-star hill type unit in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Hill type units are the ones that are placed on high ground and can eliminate aerial enemies.

The demon form also benefits from buffs as its damage and range have been greatly boosted. Deployment cost is of 1000 Cash and the total cost is 760,050 Cash.

Dubbed the "strongest air unit in the game" by many users, Demonside (Ultimate) can become the deadliest weapon for players, once obtained.

3) Mechanical


Mechanical is based on "Iron Man" Franky, a member of the One Piece franchise's iconic Straw Hat Pirates. Mechanical is based on Franky from before the "pre time-skip" era. A brutal warrior in ASTD, he is well known for his AoE (Cone) ability and also his efficiency in implementing it.

The official description reads:


Mechanical was the first secret character to be added to Roblox All Star Tower Defense. With his array of unique abilities, Mechanical remains one of the game's strongest troops.

It costs 500 Cash to deploy Mechanical and the total cost is 6,125 Cash. Mechanical is a ground unit belonging to the 6-star category. He does not cause burn damage on foes despite having the "Fire Breath" upgrade.

The recent update was in favor of Mechanical as well, as his damage and DPS were buffed, with a very small change to the range. He became tradeable and marketable within the Roblox community after "Update 25."

4) The Boys


The Boys is the second secret unit from One Piece to be added to Roblox ASTD. The character is based on Eustass "Captain" Kid, a notorious pirate from South Blue and the captain of the Kid Pirates in the One Piece world.

The official description reads:

“Paradise? You mean the loving blossoms of your families? If you're not prepared to die, don't come to these waters!”

The Boys is one of the strongest Ground units in the game and deals severe AoE damage. He is well known by the community for the unit's AoE (Cone), AoE (Circle), and AoE (Full) special abilities.

His deployment costs 750 Cash and the total price is 1,288,980. As of June 2022, The Boys can only be obtained by "Hero Redeem" with a 0.05% chance or trading. The recent patch was fortunate for The Boys, as damage and DPS were significantly buffed while range received a very small buff.

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