What is the first RB Battles challenge in Season 3 Championship? Format, voting, and more explored

first RB Battles Challenge and Voting explained
Get ready for the RB Battles chanllenges (Image via Twitter/@AdjArmaan)

RB Battles is the biggest Roblox event of 2022. It was originally scheduled to take place last year but was postponed.

The concert on December 3, 2022, set the stage for the various challenges in the event. These challenges will start on December 8, 2022, when the first RB Battles Championship episode airs. They will end on December 28, 2022.

Here is the description of RB Battles on the official event website:

"RB Battles (Roblox Battles) is the show where your favorite Roblox YouTubers, Developers, and Robloxians compete in various Roblox challenges to win AMAZING prizes. RB Battles also creates games within the Roblox platform.
"DJMonopoli, RussoTalks, and SabrinaBrite are the creators and producers of RB Battles. Coming from their own separate Roblox YouTube channels, the 3 creators joined forces to create Roblox Battles on YouTube as a collaborative channel where they could battle each other and feature other Roblox creators in various battles and challenges played within Roblox."

The first RB Battles challenge in Season 3 Championship requires players to find musical instrument bits


Season 3 of RB Battles has three challenges. The first challenge is finding musical instrument bits and giving them to Mr. Boringsworth in order to create the ultimate tool that will defeat the enemy. The second challenge is finding badges in the 12 event games, while the third is still a mystery.

Many players who attended the in-game concert on December 3, 2022, know that the new lobby was blown away by intruders. The performers' musical instruments were sent flying into the metaverse and can now be found in the RB Battles games.

The enemies in the first challenge are strong but can be defeated with the ultimate weapon. However, the weapon must be made with materials (or bits) from the lost musical instruments.

Are there any clues to help players find these bits? There are several clues, but players must ensure that they do not miss the YouTube episodes of the championship, as the clues may be hidden there. They might also find clues in the Twitter accounts or the Discord servers of the RB Battles creators.

All in all, players must be active across all platforms and follow each broadcast to find clues. All links are available on the RB Battles home page.

Once players have found the blue, green, and purple bits, they should give them to Mr. Boringsworth to get the ultimate weapon and some free and exclusive items. Players will receive golden versions of the free items if they are among the first 10,000 people to find the bits.

Voting is currently open

A total of 16 YouTubers will compete against one another during RB Battles, but only one can be the winner.

Players can predict the winner of the event by voting. If their prediction is correct, they will receive exciting rewards, which include the RBB Chain and the RB Crystal Ball.

To vote, players must launch the RB Battles game on Roblox and head to the voting table. It is right next to the summoning area.

Voting will end soon. There is a timer above the voting chart that shows exactly when it will end. Voting is only open for Round 1 and the semi-finals as of now.

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