What is the highest rank in Roblox Ninja Legends?

The highest rank in Ninja Legends (Image via Roblox)
The highest rank in Ninja Legends (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Ninja Legends is a ninjitsu training simulator on the gaming platform and is one of a kind. It is one of the top games on the platform with over 1.5 billion visits to account for the same. This fighting genre game has a server size of 20.

The game was developed by Scriptbloxian Studios. The higher a player's ninjitsu is in Roblox Ninja Legends, the more powerful they are. The objective of this game for the players is to train their ninjitsu, and to acquire swords and ranks by purchasing them in the game in order to evolve and become more powerful.

In Ninja Legends, there is an in-game mechanic called ranks. Players have to rank up in the game in order to increase the multiplier of Ninjitsu earned from a single swing.

This article talks about the highest Rank currently in Roblox Ninja Legends i.e., "Ultra Genesis Shadow" and looks more into it and also the other ranks.

How ranks work in Roblox Ninja Legends and exploring the highest one

Information about ranks

If a player wants to rank up in Ninja Legends, they'll have to head to any of the shops in the game and then proceed to the ranks section of the shop. They should have earned the amount of coins that is required for them to rank up.

The process of ranking up resets the players' progress on the Island, Swords, and Belts unless they have a Permanent Islands Unlock Gamepass. The player's Chi, Karma, Pets, Gems and Souls, however, remain unchanged.


Ranks can give the player a colorful title and also an aura. Selective ranks can permanently unlock a vast variety of items for a player in the game, ranging from a new island to a portal and even unlock bosses and some miscellaneous locations. There are currently 62 ranks in Roblox Ninja Legends.

Ranks can be purchased by a player using coins. They boost a player's coins and Ninjitsu in the game, giving them particle effects.

Ultra Genesis Shadow - Highest rank in game

The highest tier in Roblox Ninja Legends, Ultra Genesis Shadow, has a rank multiplier of x9.6 billion.

The Ultra Genesis Shadow would cost a player 6.4 QZQZ. However, it costs 5.2 QZQZ for the players who have mastered the Blazing Entity Element and the Masterful Wrath Element.

The Ultra Genesis Shadow is the successor to the Cybernetic Azure Sensei rank.

A fun fact about the rank is that the second version of the game i.e., the Ninja Legends 2 Rank Infinity Overload, has the same symbol as the Ultra Genesis Shadow.

All ranks in Ninja Legends


Given below is a table consisting of all the ranks in Ninja Legend for the reader's reference along with the cost and rank boost of the same:

NumberRank NameCost (in Coins)Rank Boost
1RookieFreex1 - x8
2Grasshopper2Mx2 - x16
3Apprentice150Mx4 - x32
4Samurai11Bx6 - x48
5Assassin850Bx9 - x72
6Shadow63Tx12 - x96
7Ninja475Tx15 - x120
8Master Ninja3.5Qax20 - x160
9Sensei26Qax25 - x200
10Master Sensei200Qax38 - x304
11Ninja Legend1.5Qix57 - x456
12Master of Shadows250Qix100 - x800
13Immortal Assassin2.5Six175 - x1.4K
14Eternity Hunter925Six280 - x2.24K
15Shadow Legend250Spx400 - x3.2K
16Dragon Warrior15Ocx600 - x4.8K
17Dragon Master350Ocx850 - x6.8K
18Chaos Sensei5Nx1.2K - x9.6K
19Chaos Legend60Nx1.5K - x12K
20Master of Elements800Nx1.85K - x14.8K
21Elemental Legend6Dcx2.4K - x19.2K
22Ancient Battle Master850Dcx2.9K - x23.2K
23Ancient Battle Legend9Unx3.5K - x28K
24Legendary Shadow Duelist350Unx5K - x40K
25Master Legend Assassin7Duox7.5K - x60K
26Mythic Shadowmaster700Duox15K - x120K
27Legendary Shadowmaster26Trex25K - x200K
28Awakened Scythemaster2Quax40K - x320K
29Awakened Scythe Legend100Quax60K - x480K
30Master Legend Zyphr70Quix85K - x680K
31Golden Sun Shruiken Master700Quix150K - x1.2M
32Golden Sun Shruiken Legend10SEx275K - x2.2M
33Dark Sun Samurai Legend9.5SPx400K - x3.2M
34Dragon Evolution Form l900SPx750K - x6M
35Dragon Evolution Form ll16.2OCx950K - x7.6M
36Dragon Evolution form lll187.2OCx1.2M - x9.6M
37Dragon Evolution Form lV4.00NVx1.5M - x12M
38Dragon Evolution Form V80NVx2M - x16M
39Cybernetic Electro Master400NVx2.5M - x20M
40Cybernetic Electro Legend48VIGx3.2M - x25.6M
41Shadow Chaos Assassin 6.4CEx4M - x32M
42Shadow Chaos Legend240CEx5M - x40M
43Infinity Sensei4.8TRVx6.5M - x52M
44Infinity Legend1.6QTUx8M - x64M
45Aether Genesis Master Ninja5.60SPZx10M - x80M
46Master Legend Sensei Hunter24.0CJXx12M - 96M
47Skystorm Series Samurai Legend40VNUx15M - x120M
48Master Elemental Hero5.60KVZ


49Eclipse Series Soul Master32JZW


50Starstrike Master Sensei40QZX


51Evolved Series Master Ninja 1.60HTZx40M- x320M
52Dark Elements Guardian480.0RXV


53Elite Series Master Legend6.40XVC


54Infinity Shadows Master240.0XVC


55Lightning Storm Sensei4.00ZOLx80M- x640M
56Dark Elements Blademaster240.0ZOLx100M- x800M
57Rising Shadow Eternal Ninja 40.0LXSx120M- x960M
58Skyblade Ninja Master4.80YZXUx250M-x2B
59Shadow Storm Sensei3.20JXKZx500M-x4B
60Comet Strike Lion6.40 RTVXx800M-x6.4B
61Cybernetic Azure Sensei3.20 ZHGXX1B-x8B
62Ultra Genesis Shadow6.4 QZQZx1.2B-x9.6B

More information about Ninja Legends

Players can find more redemption codes and get updated with all the information regarding Ninja Legends simply by following the developer's Twitter account i.e., Scriptbloxian Studios (@Scriptbloxian). It keep all loyal players up to date and releases new redemption codes on the occasion of reaching any milestone.

Players can also opt to join the game's Roblox group or even their official Discord server to stay updated and socialize with all the others. Upon joining the Roblox group, players get a group chest and daily spins.

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