3 of the best NXT callups and 3 of the worst

Seth Rollins has had one of the best careers of any NXT call up
Seth Rollins has had one of the best careers of any NXT call up
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Over the years, NXT has produced some incredible talent for WWE, and the company has capitalized on it. There are numerous major stars on the main roster right now who have come through the developmental brand.

Some of the stars who have spent time in NXT have gone on to have incredible careers once they were brought up to the main roster, but there have been quite a few examples of great talents whose WWE careers outside of developmental have been major disappointments.

For one reason or another, the superstars just did not fare well once they got to the main roster.

In this list, we will take a look at three of the best NXT call ups and three of the worst.

#6. Worst: EC3 had a terrible run on the main roster

EC3's main roster run was terrible
EC3's main roster run was terrible

After a stellar run with IMPACT Wrestling, fans were excited to see EC3 join WWE and expected major things from the former TNA World Champion.

It started off pretty well for him, with his NXT as he was decent enough in the developmental brand but didn't really wow the fans. However, many thought his character was more suited to the main roster and that he'd fare much better once he was promoted. It looked like that may have been the case as well, as EC3 beat Dean Ambrose in his very first match on RAW.

That was about as good as it got for him, though. He lost a rematch with the former Lunatic Fringe the very next week and quickly went on a losing streak. His main roster run from there on was a major disappointment, and saw him spend most of his time chasing the 24/7 Title.

He was released in April 2020, just over a year after making his main roster debut.

#5. Best: Becky Lynch has become one of the biggest stars in WWE

the MAN, the BIG TIME, the GAME CHANGER. @BeckyLynchWWE

For a while, it seemed Becky Lynch would have a decent WWE career, but nothing special. The Irish Lasskicker was entertaining in NXT but hadn't done much of note during her time in developmental.

Her first few years on the main roster were more of the same, and aside from a run as the SmackDown Women's Champion in 2016, she was never really viewed as a huge star.

That all changed once she turned heel, though, and took on the gimmick of The Man. From there, her popularity skyrocketed, and Lynch became one of the biggest stars in all of WWE.

After numerous titles and a spot in the first-ever women's main event at WrestleMania, it's safe to say that Big Time Becks has been one of the most successful NXT call-ups ever.

#4. Worst: The Ascension were unrecognizable once they left NXT

The Ascension were a dominant team in NXT, and anything but on the main roster
The Ascension were a dominant team in NXT, and anything but on the main roster

It's almost surreal to look back at how dominant The Ascension was in NXT in comparison to the very poor run they had on the main roster.

The pair were undefeated for a long time in development as they held the tag team championship for 364 days. It is, to this day, the longest tag team title reign in NXT history.

They looked like an absolute certainty to have a successful run in WWE once they were promoted, but it just didn't pan out that way.

From questionable bookings to poor gimmicks, the pair were nothing like the intimidating monsters they once were. They never even came close to winning gold on the main roster and were released in 2019.

#3. Best: Charlotte Flair is the most decorated women's wrestler in WWE history

Charlotte is the face of the women's division in WWE
Charlotte is the face of the women's division in WWE

Charlotte Flair has been a champion on the main roster a record-breaking 14 times and is regularly regarded as one of, if not the best female wrestler in WWE history.

Fans had lofty expectations for Charlotte when she first debuted in NXT, and she didn't disappoint. She had a strong run in developmental, which included becoming women's champion before being called up to the main roster.

From there, her career really took off, and she has spent more time with a title around her waist than she has without. At 36 years of age, Charlotte is still in her prime, and her legacy is far from complete, making it all the more impressive that she is already on of the most decorated women in WWE history.

#2. Worst: Karrion Kross' main roster run was doomed from the get-go

WWE really made me forget how beast and everything Karrion Kross did on NXT. Is literally a blur that keeps gettim gm worst. :/ #WWERaw

Karrion Kross really did not stand a chance once he was called up to the main roster -- no one booked to lose their debut match in three minutes really does. What makes it worse is Kross was still the NXT Champion when he was defeated by Jeff Hardy in such quick fashion.

It was clear from the get-go that Vince McMahon wasn't high on Kross, which shone through in his booking. Not only was his valet Scarlett Bordeaux nowhere to be seen, but the 36-year-old was also given a ridiculous new look that fans had a hard time taking seriously.

It all continued to go downhill from there, and just four months after his debut on RAW, Kross was released alongside Bordeaux.

#1. Best: Seth Rollins has been one of the best WWE superstars of the last decade

Seth Rollins has been one of the biggest WWE stars of the last decade
Seth Rollins has been one of the biggest WWE stars of the last decade

Coming into WWE with a big reputation following an impressive run in Ring of Honor, fans were excited at the prospect of what Seth Rollins could do in the company.

From day one, it was apparent that the promotion viewed him just as highly, and he became the first-ever NXT Champion following the brand's relaunch. His run in developmental was brief but memorable.

Following his main roster debut as a member of The Shield, Rollins has gone from strength to strength to have an incredible run. There's not much the 35-year-old hasn't accomplished at this point.

With a Royal Rumble win and a Money in the Bank victory to his name, alongside four world championship reigns and much more, Rollins has essentially done it all. He is, without question, the biggest success story to come out of NXT and the most impressive call-up.

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