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5 current Superstars who could be great managers in the future 

Even after retiring from in-ring action, some Superstars continue appearing on WWE programming as managers
Even after retiring from in-ring action, some Superstars continue appearing on WWE programming as managers
Ali Siddiqui
Modified 26 May 2020
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The importance of managers in wrestling can't be denied. These individuals have the power to make or break the career of the Superstar they are managing. For example, just imagine where would Brock Lesnar be today if it wasn't for Paul Heyman cutting killer promos for him?

The managers in Professional Wrestling are responsible for a wide range of duties. From taking over the mic work for their clients to representing them in their absence and everything in between, a "good" manager always gets their client popular among the fans.

Retired Wrestlers as Managers

Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Jimmy Hart, etc. are some of the most iconic managers in the history of WWF/E. Even though many amazingly talented managers didn't possess considerable in-ring experience, a large number of them took up the managerial role after stepping away from the ring. Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Bob Backlund are among some of the examples here.

That being said, here are 5 currently active WWE Superstars who can become managers in the future.

#5 R-Truth

It goes without saying that R-Truth is among the most entertaining WWE Superstars at the moment. He, along with Carmella and Drake Maverick, made the 24/7 Title scene a can't miss. His 2018-2019 tag team with Carmella, even prior to the introduction of the 24/7 Title, impressed the fans.


To say that Truth can make the best out of any situation he is put into would be an understatement. Over the course of his extensive career, he has played a sympathetic babyface, a ruthless heel, as well as a comedic genius. When he finally decides to hang up his boots for good, we would love nothing more than for R-Truth to continue popping up on our TV screens in a manegarial capacity.

As easily R-Truth gets every gimmick over, it will be interesting to see if he could do the same for an up and coming Superstar by his side.

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Published 26 May 2020, 23:54 IST
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