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Best and worst of WWE WrestleMania 35: Amazing return, Botchy main event

Riju Dasgupta
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Were the fans happy with how WrestleMania 35 turned out?
Were the fans happy with how WrestleMania 35 turned out?

Believe it or not, WWE has actually fulfilled their promise. Not long ago, they said that they'd stopped listening to the fans. And as Dave Batista would say, at WrestleMania 35, Vince McMahon gave fans what they want. All of their favorites ended up winning matches.

So this is a rare case of when the Creative actually surpassed the performers when it came to the final product. Some of the matches were really sloppy or disappointing and left fans with a sour taste in their mouth. I kept perusing the internet through WrestleMania 2019 and noticed that many fans were not very happy.

Of course, it is impossible to make every wrestling fan happy in the year 2019. But I thought that all said and done, WrestleMania 35 wasn't a gigantic bore.

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#1 Best: John Cena returns in his original avatar

Elias performed before a sold-out crowd at the MetLife Stadium and truth be told, it wasn't a bad show. But then we saw a strange video package play out, and a familiar theme was heard.

John Cena stepped out on to the ramp but it wasn't the Cena we're used to. This was John Cena from back in the 'word life' days.

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John Cena did not compete in a match at WrestleMania 35 as the rumors had indicated. Instead, he interrupted Elias' mini-musical segment, dropped a few savage rhymes about the WWE's resident minstrel and in general, just stole the hearts of the WWE Universe. He even teased insider terms like 'heel turn', breaking the fourth wall.

This was by far the most genuine surprise at WrestleMania and something that the WWE Universe has been yearning for, for a really long time now.

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