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5 Stables that could be formed with WWE's current roster

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Published Jan 01, 2020
Jan 01, 2020 IST

Seth Rollins and AOP
Seth Rollins and AOP

With the likes of The OC, and now the partnership between Seth Rollins and AOP on RAW, it is becoming more and more apparent that the WWE needs some more factions. On SmackDown, we have the New Day and the affiliations between King Corbin and his minions.

The idea behind a potential King Corbin's Court has been done before and there's already a loosely based alliance between he, Dolph Ziggler and the Revival. Robert Roode was also a part of the unofficial group but is out of action due to a Wellness Policy suspension. For that reason, I won't suggest that stable.

I would be for a faction built around "the Fiend" Bray Wyatt, but he's done that before. Instead of people "joining" him after they let him in, he simply adds their pictures to his Funhouse wall. The Superstars in turn go through a change on their own following a feud with Wyatt. He is doing great work as a single entity, so for that reason, I think he should stay that way. Any stars working alongside him, however, would instantly gain traction.

The fact still remains that the roster is extremely deep and could be utilized to its fullest by forming a few more factions or stables. Stars like EC3, Eric Young and others briefly get on TV but usually as enhancement talent. By creating a few new factions throughout the card, more stars will get more chances going forward. Here are five stables that could be formed with the current roster.

#5 A Viking Raiders faction

Erik and Ivar
Erik and Ivar

Members: Erik, Ivar, Sarah Logan, Rowan

WWE has pushed the Viking Raiders hard right out of the gate. Just like Nikki Cross and Ricochet, they are among the stars who debuted in 2019 and went on to win gold. Logan is married to Erik and isn't being used at all on RAW. It's a shame because she's talented and unique and already dresses as if she is a Viking.

Erik and Ivar are currently feuding with both the OC and the Street Profits and if they continue to feud with the OC, they'll need a third. The likes of Randy Orton and Ricochet have filled in to help out, but they are better suited as singles stars. I know Rowan is currently a favorite of Mr. McMahon, but who knows if the gimmick will work out or be met with confusion once the cage is uncovered.

Rowan already has the look of a raider and is still a good member of a group. The faction could either be good guys or bad guys depending on the roster's needs. This group is staring Creative in the face and it would at least give Logan something to do.

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