5 things Charlotte Flair and Andrade disclosed about their relationship

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and AEW star Andrade
WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and AEW star Andrade

Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo are a power couple in the wrestling industry. Since they got together, the two wrestlers have spoken openly about their relationship.

The Queen and the current AEW star's love story began a few years ago when the Mexican wrestler was still in WWE. After dating for several months, the couple announced their engagement in January 2020. Despite planning to get married shortly after, they postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 situation.

In the past couple of years, Flair and Andrade disclosed several details about their love story in interviews, including how they first met and how Andrade felt about meeting his fiancée's father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. The SmackDown Women's Champion even disclosed one of her biggest fears in her relationship with the Mexican AEW star.

Here are five things Charlotte Flair and Andrade have revealed about their relationship.

#5. Charlotte Flair made the first move

Feliz cumpleaños mi amor @AndradeElIdolo Keep shining papi and I can’t wait to see what this year brings you ❤️ but most importantly I hope all your wishes come true! I love you as big as the sky!

Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo began dating after Karl Anderson introduced them following a UK tour with WWE. The AEW star revealed that Anderson called him up and wanted to meet him backstage to talk about a match they were supposed to have together. The former RAW Tag Team Champion also told Andrade that he wanted to introduce him to someone.

The person Anderson was referring to turned out to be Flair. Although it was a surprise for Andrade, it was not much so for The Queen.

Several months later, the SmackDown Women's Champion disclosed that she made the first move in her relationship with Andrade. Answering a fan's question on Twitter, she revealed that she asked Karl Anderson if the former United States Champion was his friend.

fall in love with the process & the results will come ❤️‍🔥

Nearly two years after they got together, Andrade requested his release from WWE. He left the company earlier this year and joined AEW shortly after. Nonetheless, his fiancée remains one of the top superstars in WWE. She recently moved from Monday Night RAW to SmackDown.

#4. Andrade was intimidated by Charlotte Flair

you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice ❤️ 🍕

After Karl Anderson introduced Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo, the two wrestlers started dating. Nonetheless, Andrade was a little hesitant about going out with the SmackDown Women's Champion at the beginning.

Earlier this year, Andrade revealed in an interview with Hugo Savinovich of Lucha Libre Online that he was nervous about going on a date with The Queen because they worked together. He also disclosed that he was a little intimidated by Flair.

During a Q&A session on Twitter, a fan asked Flair about the place she had her first date with Andrade. The SmackDown Women's Champion's answer was a surprise to many of her followers. The Queen said that her first date with her now-fiancé was in catering at a WWE event.

Despite Andrade's fears, everything went well with Flair on their first date. He described the SmackDown Women's Champion as a timid person. He also discovered when they first met that she wasn't anything like her on-screen character.

Although the current AEW star initially wanted to keep his relationship with The Queen a secret, it got out on WrestleMania 35 weekend.

#3. Andrade felt nervous about meeting Ric Flair

Good Luck Tonight @AndradeElIdolo! Winning Is A Family Tradition! WOOOOO!

Charlotte's father, Ric Flair, is a legend in the wrestling business. Hence, Andrade El Idolo was a little nervous about meeting him for the first time.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Andrade spoke about his reaction when he first met the WWE Hall of Famer. He admitted that he felt intimidated to come face-to-face with his fiancée's father.

"When we first met I was seriously so, so nervous. Now I'm so happy. I love Ric Flair. He's a great person with me, he talks, texts me, sometimes we have dinner. He's great with me now. When we first started [dating] I asked Charlotte, 'Please don't say nothing to your dad', and she said, 'No it's my dad, he won't care,'" Andrade said.

In a Q&A session on Twitter, The Queen disclosed that her father's first impression of Andrade was that he was a good wrestler.

WWE released The Nature Boy from his contract last August. According to reports, Vince McMahon let Ric Flair go after the WWE Hall of Famer sent him a text message complaining about his daughter's booking. A few days following his departure, Ric appeared at AAA Triplemania 29 alongside Andrade.

#2. Charlotte Flair wanted to work with Andrade on TV

Unlike several other wrestling couples, such as Jimmy Uso & Naomi and Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo never worked together on-screen in WWE.

In an interview with TV Guide, The Queen revealed that she wanted to have an on-screen storyline with her fiancé and even pitched the idea to WWE's creative team.

"I’ve actually pitched that. I would be very much open to that. I’ve done a lot in my career, but nobody has seen me in an on-cam relationship, or in that light. I can come across cold on TV," she said.

Despite her desire to work with Andrade, nothing ever materialized. Andrade then left the company to end all their chances of working together on WWE television. Nonetheless, recent reports have suggested that Andrade wants his fiancée to join him in AEW, where they could finally work together.

In a recent interview with Milenio, Andrade disclosed that Flair has been helping him with his promo work. He also pointed out that he also worked with her to add to her in-ring repertoire. The AEW star stated that they both complement each other very well.

#1. Charlotte Flair fears for Andrade's career from her family's legacy

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Charlotte Flair has been under a lot of pressure since her debut because of her last name. Now, she fears the same pressure could fall on her fiancé, Andrade El Idolo, because of his connection to the Flair family.

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Queen revealed that she does get anxious out of concern for Andrade. The SmackDown Women's Champion stated that she is used to being criticized because of her last name. Nonetheless, the 35-year-old doesn't want that for her life partner.

"Being attached to my dad or the Flair name, that's what I'm more worried about. I mean, I guess the only time I get more frustrated is because I know how talented he is, and that he’s a star, and I just want so much more for him, for his future. But that’s, I think, my biggest concern,'' she said.

Despite winning a few championships in WWE, Andrade failed to become a top star in the company. His AEW run has been even less successful so far. Since joining Tony Khan's promotion last June, the Mexican wrestler has competed in only five matches. He won three and lost two.

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