5 times Mandy Rose looked like WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

5 times Mandy Rose looked like WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus
5 times Mandy Rose looked like WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

Mandy Rose is usually compared to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, and she did look like her on a few occasions.

The comparisons between Rose and Stratus have been going on for a few years. Both wrestlers joined WWE with a fitness modeling background. They both had no previous in-ring experience and worked on themselves to learn the ropes and become better competitors. Rose and Stratus also look a little similar in regards to physical features.

The Golden Goddess has addressed these comparisons in an interview with

"Trish had the same tribulations to get through as well. We’re both from the fitness world and were models, and people have this idea that 'You’re just a model,' but have you ever seen a model and an athlete at the same time? That’s possible. It’s just ignorance, to be honest. People just assume that you can’t do both, but I’ve proven myself up until this point and I’ve proven myself that you can have both and you don’t just have to be a pretty face. Why can’t you have both?" said Mandy Rose.

Rose has never hidden her love for the seven-time WWE Women's Champion. Throughout her WWE career, she has somehow recreated some of Trish Stratus' famous moments.

Here are five times Mandy Rose looked like Trish Stratus.

#5. Mandy Rose paid tribute to Trish Stratus with her ring gear

In September 2020, Mandy Rose moved from SmackDown to Monday Night RAW. She returned to the Red brand on September 28, teaming up with Dana Brooke to defeat Lana and Natalya. Rose and Brooke's victory was not the only thing that caught the eye of the WWE Universe.

WWE fans took notice of Rose's pink ring gear. They pointed out that it looked very similar to one of Trish Stratus' iconic ring gears. Later, Rose revealed on Twitter that her gear was inspired by Stratus. God's Greatest Creation said that the WWE Hall of Famer is the woman she looks up to, calling her the greatest of all time.

Trish Stratus wore similar-looking ring gear in her first pay-per-view appearance in WWE in July 2000. The WWE Hall of Famer also noticed Mandy Rose's gesture and sent her a message via Twitter.

Mandy Rose spent a little less than a year on Monday Night RAW before moving back to NXT. During her time on RAW, Rose, alongside Brooke, chased the Women's Tag Team Championships. However, they failed to capture them.

#4. Mandy Rose's NXT return

WWE recently moved Mandy Rose back to NXT after breaking up her tag team with Dana Brooke. In her first appearance since her return to the Black and Gold brand, The Golden Goddess just stood on stage watching a match between Sarray and Gigi Dolin.

Again, the WWE Universe quickly pointed out that Rose's pose while scouting the match looked similar to how Trish Stratus stood on the stage scouting matches in her early days on SmackDown.

Mandy Rose addressed these comparisons on Twitter. God's Greatest Creation tweeted: "Only emulate the best!". She also added a goat emoji, referring to Stratus as the greatest of all time.

Rose recently joined forces with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne on NXT. Two weeks ago, the 31-year-old faced Sarray in her first match on NXT since her return. She lost the match via count-out.

Following an NXT Women's Tag Team Championship match between Io Shirai & Zoey Stark and Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter last Tuesday, Rose, Dolin, and Jayne delivered a surprise attack on the Champions.

#3. Mandy Rose and Trish Stratus wore towels on WWE TV

Mandy Rose has done a good job of recreating some of Stratus' greatest looks, including once in January 2019, where she emulated a segment from the mid-2000s.

Trish Stratus took part in a famous segment with Shelton Benjamin and Vince McMahon on Monday Night RAW. She appeared on WWE TV wearing a towel and tried to seduce Benjamin before McMahon interfered.

Likewise, Mandy Rose also tried to distract Jimmy Uso by walking out on stage wearing a towel during a SmackDown Tag Team Titles match between The Usos and The Bar on SmackDown in January 2019. Rose's appearance distracted The Usos, costing them their opportunity to recapture the Tag Team Championships.

After the match, several fans pointed out that Mandy Rose had pulled a Trish Stratus once again with her towel appearance.

Back then, Rose and Jimmy Uso's wife, Naomi, had been involved in a feud for a few weeks. The Golden Goddess aimed to destroy Naomi's marriage by seducing her husband. She would later invite him to her hotel room, planning to create a scandal. However, Rose's plan backfired when Uso brought Naomi with him to attack her.

The rivalry came to a head when Mandy Rose went one-on-one with Naomi on SmackDown on January 22, 2019. God's Greatest Creation came out victorious.

#2. Mandy Rose's nose mask

After receiving a kick to the face two weeks ago during her match against Sarray, Mandy Rose appeared on NXT this week wearing a nose mask. Rose's nose mask has quickly brought back the comparisons with Trish Stratus.

Rose's black nose mask looked very similar to the one Trish Stratus wore following Survivor Series 2004. During the pay-per-view, Stratus went head-to-head with Lita for the Women's Championship. As the match went on, Lita lost her cool and hit her opponent with a steel chair across the face.

Following the match, Stratus claimed she suffered a broken nose and wore a nose mask for a few weeks. The kayfabe injury added more heat to Stratus' feud with Lita. Likewise, Mandy Rose's new nose mask could give her character some new dimensions.

The WWE Universe took notice of the resemblance between Rose's mask and Stratus'. Several took to Twitter to express their opinions on The Golden Goddess pulling another Trish Stratus.

Some fans liked the Trish Stratus vibes Rose brought with her new mask. A few of them even asked WWE to give her a push. However, others were very critical of the 31-year-old's new look.

#1. Mandy Rose's 2017 photo

In September 2017, Mandy Rose caused much confusion among the WWE Universe because of a picture from a photoshoot. In the photo, the NXT Superstar stood beside her then-colleague Vanessa Borne. However, when many fans saw it, they thought Rose was Trish Stratus.

Noticing the fans' confusion, WWE addressed the issue on its official website.

"No, Trish Stratus has not come out of retirement to compete in NXT. However, if you scrolled through the NXT Instagram account Thursday night, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise," wrote.

WWE pointed out that Rose's photo had drawn beaucoup comparisons to the WWE Hall of Famer. Trish Stratus herself was among those who got confused. She admitted that Rose bears an eerie resemblance to her. The former Women's Champion even thought that she was the one in the photo at first.

God's Greatest Creation seemed proud to be compared to one of her all-time favorites. She replied to Stratus' tweet, telling her that she loved it. Rose also used a hashtag referring to Stratus as her inspiration.

Mandy Rose and Trish Stratus maintain a friendly relationship. They have met a few times backstage in WWE and interacted several times on social media.

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