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5 ways Paul Heyman has drastically changed WWE RAW

  • Paul Heyman has changed the landscape of Monday Night RAW and here's how!
Rohit Nath
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:38 IST

The man with a plan!
The man with a plan!

Ever since Paul Heyman took charge of WWE RAW this past July, things have drastically changed. While there wasn't expected to be a change right off the bat, two months is quite a good time to present a drastically different product.

From the look of things, Vince McMahon isn't doing all that much to interfere with Heyman and his direction. After all, he did admit himself that the hiring of Heyman and Eric Bischoff was to reduce his overall workload on a weekly basis.

And so far, it's been really good under Paul Heyman. While we don't have clarity as to the impact of Bischoff's role on SmackDown, it's crystal clear that the creative direction on Monday Night RAW is all Paul Heyman at this point.

This was perhaps best summed up on the season premiere episode of RAW at the end of September. It was a great way to end a month and here are a few ways that Paul Heyman has changed the direction of WWE.

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#5 Knowing how to utilize legends properly

A good segment!
A good segment!

One of the biggest problems that WWE has had over the last few years is that they constantly overexposed the legends and pushed them a lot more than what they needed to be.

In fact, current talent would always be sacrificed at the expense of legends, who would end up going the next night anyway and not return until later on, while the full-time talent were left to suffer and look bad as a result of this.

Heyman is wise enough to know that he can't sacrifice his younger talent in favor of older ones, and the tease for Crown Jewel was a good example of it. For a second, fans thought they would be getting Flair vs Hogan, but instead, they'll be leading a team of their own. Not a bad idea!

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Published 01 Oct 2019, 11:37 IST
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