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AEW Full Gear 2019: 5 wrestling legends who could be judges for Chris Jericho vs Cody  

Karan Bedi
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31 Oct 2019, 04:59 IST

Legends never die and might show up at any time
Legends never die and might show up at any time

AEW is trying to be an alternative to what wrestling fans are used to, and their recent announcement seems to provide evidence for that. The company announced, via press release, that a new tiebreaker stipulation has been added to the match.

"In the event there is no winner at the end of the 60-minute time limit, a panel of three esteemed judges, who will be seated at ringside, must vote for a winner. In the event there is not a unanimous choice, the majority decision will be the winner. This will ensure that a draw will not be the outcome of this World Championship title match."

This is all about bringing that sporting vibe to the product. AEW has been pretty adamant that their company will be more in this vein and less sports entertainment. At the same time, they are incorporating these entertaining elements without distracting from the in-ring action.

The same can be said about how AEW has used wrestling legends in the format. They have been in the background rather than in the foreground. They complement the current stars rather than overshadow them. Cody and the rest of the booking team really do believe that is the best way to use them.

With that being said, there will be speculation over who will be the guest judges for this event. Here are 5 wrestling legends who could be the selected as judges.

#5 Raven

Could Raven help influence the decision of the World Title match at Full Gea
Could Raven help influence the decision of the World Title match at Full Gear?

Raven may seem like an odd choice, but it makes sense. Raven was considered one of the most popular wrestlers in ECW and was a multiple-time WWE Hardcore Champion. He also appeared on The Road to Double or Nothing YouTube series when AEW first got started. Moreover, he's a frequent guest at Starrcast and it doesn't hurt for AEW to include him as one of the judges. Esteemed as a man with one of the best minds for the wrestling business and the psychology behind it, Raven could be an odd, but actually very fitting choice.

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