5 WWE Women who married young

Gigi Dolin (left) and Lacey Evans with her husband (right)
Gigi Dolin (left) and Lacey Evans with her husband (right)
Ahmed Hamdy

Several female WWE Superstars have been married over the past few years. Some of these wrestlers were in their mid or late 20s when they tied the knot, like Sarah Logan. Others were in their 30s when they got hitched, including Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella.

However, a few former and current WWE women married at a much younger age. While some were in their early 20s, others were still teenagers when they tied the knot.

Here are five WWE Women who married young.

#5. WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Gigi Dolin

Gigi Dolin kicked off her professional wrestling career in 2015 when she was only 18 years old. She competed for a few years on the independent circuit before joining WWE in 2021.

During her time on the indies, Dolin dated current AEW star Darby Allin. In an interview with the WINCLY podcast in 2019, she disclosed how they first met:

"We were both signed to EVOLVE and were just around each other and doing 30-hour van drives together. We never really spoke but we ended up doing a doubleheader at PROGRESS and neither of us were on the PROGRESS show after EVOLVE. So, he was going to Times Square and I was like, 'Hey, I've never been to Times Square. Can I come with you?' He was like, 'Sure.' But he did not want me to go with him but I wanted to go because I wanted to see Times Square," she said.

After dating for only a few months, Dolin and Allin announced their engagement. They tied the knot in November 2018, when the NXT Women's Tag Team Champion was only 21 years old. Nevertheless, the couple's marriage ended two years later.

In an appearance on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, Dolin explained why she and Allin split. She also disclosed that she and her ex-husband are still friends.

"We realize we got married really young and really fast. He proposed after dating me for four months. That works for some people, but for us, we realized we were not mature enough to handle that label of marriage. Sometimes just the label of marriage can add so much pressure and stress to a relationship. It's hard to get people who haven't been married to understand that. Let's remove this label and then let's see how things go. Since we removed that label of being married, we've been getting along great. We are best friends. We hang out all the time. We never have any conflict. We both still have little issues," she explained.

Dolin is currently active on NXT 2.0. She is now one-half of the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions alongside Jacy Jayne.

#4. Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall married when she was 19
Jillian Hall married when she was 19

Like Gigi Dolin, Jillian Hall started training to become a professional wrestler in 1998 when she was 18 years old. The 41-year-old then tied the knot with independent wrestler Tim Hall (AKA Tiny Tim) in 2000, only a few months before turning 20.

Hall spent nearly four years with her first husband, during which time they had their daughter, Victoria. The two wrestlers divorced in 2004, a few months after the former Divas Champion joined Vince McMahon's company.

After spending nearly seven years in WWE, Hall left the company in 2010. That same year, she tied the knot for the second time with Mike Farole. However, their marriage ended two years later.

The former Divas Champion recently married for the third time. She and her third husband, Zachary Farrow (AKA Zac Pharoah), tied the knot in 2021, nearly a year after having their daughter, Violet Elise Farrow.

Hall also became a grandmother at the age of 38 when her daughter Victoria gave birth to her first child in 2019. Hall's eldest daughter recently decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and pursue a wrestling career.

#3. Sable

Sable's daughter Mariah is from her first marriage
Sable's daughter Mariah is from her first marriage

Sable has also been married three times. The 53-year-old tied the knot with her first husband, Wayne Richardson, in 1987, when she was only 19 years old.

The former WWE Women's Champion and Richardson remained together for about four years, during which they had a daughter, Mariah. Sable's husband then died in a car accident in 1991.

Three years later, Sable married professional wrestler Marc Mero. The couple then signed with WWE in 1996. The former Women's Champion spent nearly three years in Vince McMahon's company before leaving in 1999.

In 2003, Sable returned to the company. A year later, she and Mero officially split. The former model then tied the knot with former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in 2006. The Beast Incarnate and Sable have now been married for over 15 years. They have two sons, Turk and Duke.

#2. Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans married her husband, Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, when she was 19
Lacey Evans married her husband, Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, when she was 19

Lacey Evans and Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec kicked off their romantic relationship while in high school. The couple dated for about four years before tying the knot in 2010, when Evans was only 19 years old.

In an Instagram post last January, the WWE Superstar revealed some information about her wedding as she celebrated her anniversary.

"At 19 years old, I got to marry my best friend, take his last name and start my family as Mrs. Estrella! My friend, @bridgetleigh had to sleep on a cold bus In the back yard ๐Ÿ˜… and the whole wedding was decorated in family dollar decorations. We had a Baskin-Robbins cake and our honey moon was one night down the street in a cabin on the water. We didn't care...we had bigger things to work on together. Like breaking a cycle and getting the hell out of there. We made it and I'm the luckiest woman in the world. Happy anniversary fonzorelli," she wrote.

Evans and her husband welcomed their first daughter, Summer, in 2012. Last October, they had their second daughter, Sunny.

The former United States Marine recently returned to WWE television after more than a year of absence when she appeared in a promo last Friday on SmackDown.

#1. Tamina

Nearly a decade and a half before making her WWE debut, Tamina tied the knot with Brandon Polamalu in 1995 when she was only 18 years old. The couple spent eight years together, during which time they had two daughters. However, they officially divorced in 2003.

Since her divorce, Tamina has not married again. In an interview with Chasing Glory in 2021, the former Women's Tag Team Champion stated that her daughters are her true loves:

"The way these girls are, I mean they're like my life. Those are my true loves. Like those two girls, like, they give me the strength to still do this today because like without them, like I can't even imagine what my life would be like today. So, it's like everything I do is for,of coursee for myself, but at the same time everything I do is for them," she said.

Tamina made her WWE debut in 2010. She has been with the company for nearly 12 years so far. The 44-year-old recently got engaged on-screen to Akira Tozawa as part of their romance storyline.

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