6 mistakes WWE has made so far in 2021

Even though they were drafted, some of these faces are now gone from WWE.
Even though they were drafted, some of these faces are now gone from WWE.

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Despite its popularity, the product is far from perfect. It is often the case that fans and critics alike are left bemused by the company's decision-making.

The company's reputation leaves it open to greater scrutiny. In 2021, WWE posted financial growth despite the pandemic. Despite financial success, the company has lacked in other areas. Here are six mistakes WWE has made this year:

#6. "The Demon" falling off the rope at Extreme Rules hurt his mystique in WWE.

When Roman Reigns defended his Universal Championship against Finn Balor, it wasn't technically against Balor. It was against the alter ego, "the Demon". Up until that point, "the Demon" was undefeated.

"The Demon" is brought out for special situations and, when he appears, he always wins. Due to the dominance of Roman Reigns since the summer of 2020, there was a strong chance "the Demon" would lose.

Balor's alter ego did suffer defeat against the Tribal Chief, but it wasn't without its faults. Because it was a "no disqualifications" match, the Usos would certainly interfere. Even if it was a normal match, they would interfere. They have done so in almost every one of Reigns' defenses.

An absolutely W I L D ending ... and a lucky break (literally) for @WWERomanReigns? #ExtremeRules @HeymanHustle @WWEUsos

Not only did it take interference from Jimmy and Jey, but it also took a wonky finish to hand The Demon his first loss. After "the Demon" was "revived" by red light and heartbeats, he seemed to have victory in hand.

He went to the top rope for the Coup De Grace. When he tried to jump off, the ropes simply fell off from the turnbuckle. Reigns took advantage of the distraction and hit a spear for the win.

After hinting that The Demon was "reborn" during the match, it seemed like that it would end in victory. Instead, Balor's alter ego looked foolish in defeat. It left "the Demon" character a little damaged while still protecting the current golden boy.

I found out this on Facebook 👀

Some fan footage revealed one of the cameramen cutting the rope. It certainly led to an extremely strange moment. Balor could have lost in another fashion, but the bookers chose the finish they chose. It left a bad taste in fans' mouths, much like the Fiend's first loss at Hell in a Cell.

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