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AEW Dark Results - Cody Rhodes accompanies new female star, Debutant impresses, Big main event, and more - 23rd February 2021

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 24 Feb 2021
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Taz, Anthony Ogogo, and Excalibur welcomed the fans to the latest AEW Dark episode, and we moved to the first match of the evening.

#1. John Skyler vs. Brian Cage (w/ Hook) on AEW Dark

Brian Cage and Hook.
Brian Cage and Hook.

Cage dropped Skyler with a shoulder tackle, and this match never seemed like going on for long.

Skyler responded with a few kicks, and a dropkick but Cage answered with a massive Discuss clothesline. A massive powerbomb followed by the Drill Claw got Cage the win in the AEW Dark contest.

Result: Brian Cage def. John Skyler on AEW Dark

Grade: D


#2. Lee Johnson (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Serpentio (w/ Luther) on AEW Dark

Johnson vs. Serpentico.
Johnson vs. Serpentico.

A collar and elbow tie-up began the match before both men tried to get wrist control. The agile performers engaged in a slick sequence, and it concluded with Johnson getting the upper hand with a clean dropkick.

Johnson even showed off his power with a big slam. Serpentico reacted with a strike to the face. Johnson executed a double-leg takedown, and he got in a few strikes from the top.

Serpentico created some separation and connected with a knee to the face. Serpentico avoided punches and connected with a thrust kick followed by a low DDT. The Chaos Project member got two near falls.

Serpentico got elevated over the top, and he came back in with an enziguri. He dropped his feet on Johnson's chest. Two-count. Serpentico was in control as Johnson was taken out with a viscous hammer throw in the corner.


Johnson got his feet up in the corner, and he began his comeback with two consecutive clotheslines. A kip-up followed a big hanging neckbreaker. Johnson was feeling it, and he rocked Serpentico with a Fishermen's Hushi Goroshi. Serpentico kicked out!

Serpentico stayed in the match with a few elbows, but Johnson managed to hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the three-count.

Result: Lee Johnson def. Serpentico on AEW Dark

Grade: B

This was Lee Johnson's first singles win in AEW.

#3. JD Drake (AEW Debut) vs. Eddie Kingston on AEW Dark

Drake vs. Kingston.
Drake vs. Kingston.

Drake didn't back out from a fight, and he came in for the power struggle in the middle of the ring.

Kingston was having a tough time outmuscling Drake, and he connected with a chop. Drake responded with a massive chop before going back in the headlock.

Both men lit each other up with stinging chops. Kingston was getting bested in a striking exchange, and you don't see this often. Drake continued to connect with wicked shots.


Kingston got in one shot before landing a kick to the side of the face. Eddie executed a shoulder tackle from the middle turnbuckle, and he was now beginning to settle into the match.

Kingston's grueling striking offense was on full display. JD wasn't giving up as he kept coming back with the chops. This match was stiff and physical and turned in Drake's favor as he stopped Kingston in mid-air with a big right.

A running chop in the corner, the Urinagi, and a massive Vader bomb got Drake a near fall. That was close. Kingston slapped his way back into the match, but he still got caught with a high boot.

Drake was putting on a show on his AEW debut as he executed a cannonball in the corner. JD missed the moonsault press from the top rope, and he got knocked out with a back fist as soon as he got back on his feet. Kingston got the pinfall victory.

Result: Eddie Kingston def. JD Drake on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

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Published 24 Feb 2021, 08:42 IST
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