"I don't really think there's anyone like her" - Mandy Rose names current star as the greatest female WWE wrestler of all time 

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NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose recently disclosed who she believes is the greatest female superstar in WWE history.

Rose joined the Stamford-based company after participating in the 2015 Tough Enough competition. She has since shared the ring with several top superstars, including Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks. The 32-year-old has also met several legends, including Trish Stratus and Lita, at events such as Evolution and the Royal Rumble.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on Insight, Rose addressed who she thinks is the greatest female superstar in history. The NXT Women's Champion believes it is a tie between Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair.

"For me, I mean, I've always been inspired by Trish Stratus and I always talk about that but I just think she's amazing. I just think she, you know, she was so inspiring, especially during a time where it was way different, you know, before all the Women's Revolution and everything, but I just think, I don't know, I just always inspired to be like her in wrestling. She's such a nice person when you see her, you know, outside of wrestling and all that, as the person herself but I would say her," Rose said. [36:08 - 36:44]

While Stratus inspired Rose, the God's Greatest Creation also admires Flair's athleticism and presence.

"I would also maybe say Charlotte Flair. I think is obviously, you know, she's the most athletic and like her presence alone in the ring, like I mean, I don't really think there's anyone like her as far as, like yeah, I mean those are like probably my top two," she added. [36:46 - 37:07]

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Mandy Rose on the comparisons between her and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

Over the past few years, many have compared Mandy Rose to Trish Stratus. Besides looking a little similar physically, the two have a few other things in common. Both ladies had fitness backgrounds before entering the wrestling business. They also had no wrestling experience when they joined WWE. Hence, they worked hard to prove themselves as legit in-ring competitors.

In a previous interview with Comic Book Movie, Rose addressed the comparisons between her and Stratus.

"Trish had the same tribulations to get through as well. We're both from the fitness world and were models, and people have this idea that 'You're just a model,' but have you ever seen a model and an athlete at the same time? That's possible. It's just ignorance, to be honest. People just assume that you can't do both, but I've proven myself up until this point and I've proven myself that you can have both and you don't just have to be a pretty face. Why can't you have both?" Rose said.
Oh wow Mandy Rose paid tribute to Trish #WWERAW. @WWE_MandyRose @trishstratuscom

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