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WWE Extreme Rules 2016: An in-depth analysis of booking decisions

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9.05K   //    06 Jun 2016, 22:03 IST
A PPV that was not as extreme as we expected it to be

WWE Extreme Rules is over and I am very late in sending out this long due article. I apologize for the delay and dwelve right into the matter without moaning about it much further (I have been doing it for the past one week.)

To be frank, Extreme Rules was not that Extreme! But in a PG rated show we could expect nothing more. Even the moment when Ambrose planted Jericho on the thumbtacks was mediocre in my mind when I compare it to the old extreme stuffs WWE used to do. There was no show-stealers, there was no jaw dropping moments, (except for the Ambrose-Jericho bit which too was a result of surprise on WWE actually going through it.) and most of all there was nothing Extreme!

As a fan, it is sad to see the brand delivering short on expectations time and time again. The storylines were well wrought out going into the PPV, but the way it was executed was really bland and stale. Without further discussion let me get straight to the analysis.

Big Cass segment

Please don’t bury Enzo in the process of making Big Cass look strong

WWE has been booking Big Cass very strong in the recent weeks. Considering how Vince is high on Big Cass, that is to be expected. And WWE making the veteran tag team of Dudleys take the fall is also understandable as the Dudleys doesn’t need a win behind them to make them look strong.

But the flip side with booking Big Cass this strong is that it undermines Enzo’s usefulness. Enzo's untimely injury has been a hindrance to WWE. Their momentum and the plans are at halt. By trying to book Big Cass this strong, WWE is looking to get that momentum flowing. But one might wonder what use is Enzo to Big Cass if he can fend off The Dudley Boyz, the baddest tag team on the planet, single handedly.

Once again WWE’s ambitious booking of  Big Cass has ruined things. If the Dudleys can’t even take on Big Cass alone, how can we expect them to pick up a win when Enzo is at his side? In an effort to book Big Cass as powerful as possible they have just undermined the importance of the whole feud.

Didn’t it occur to you creative geniuses to let some other team apart from the Dudleys to take the fall?

Verdict: 2/5

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