WWE Live Event Roundup (October 29 & 30) - Legend returns for his son, a new rival for Rhea Ripley, Sami Zayn mocks Roman Reigns?

The proceedings in the recent Live Events were highly exciting
The proceedings in the recent Live Events were highly exciting

This past week, WWE was in Mexico for some action-packed Live Events. The Saturday Night's Main Event occurred in Monterrey, while Sunday Stunner emanated from the Arena Ciudad De Mexico City. For Sunday's showdown, several superstars were also present in Glasgow, Scotland.

Top superstars such as Bianca Belair, The Usos, and Seth Rollins were part of the weekend's action. The Visionary successfully defended his United States Championship twice in Street Fights against Matt Riddle and Austin Theory. Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens pulverized the Alpha Academy.

In this roundup, we will look at the five most noteworthy moments from the recent WWE Live Events.

#5. Dana Brooke becomes fifteen time 24/7 Champion

The 24/7 Championship has become a staple for WWE Live Events. Previously, during R-Truth’s historic run with the title, it was mostly used in goofy segments and recorded videos. The company is now really backing its unpopular yet unique title as a legitimate one.

Recently on WWE Live Events, Dana Brooke put her gold on the line against Nikki Cross and Tamina. The title changed hands on both occasions before Brooke ultimately won it. Both title challengers won gold twice the previous week before relinquishing it.

Tamina is now a nine-time 24/7 Champion, along with being a former Tag Team Champion. Nikki is slightly ahead as she is a 10-time 24/7 Champion.

#4. Nikki Cross makes an emphatic statement

Nikki Cross (@WWENikkiASH) is using her ‘Breakout’ theme again! #WWEMonterrey 📸 IG - oscar.ruiz.s

Previously on RAW, Nikki Cross finally dropped her superhero gimmick and unleashed her lethal side on Bianca Belair and Bayley to close out the show. She is now a more fiery and intimidating version of herself, as was seen again at the Live Event in Monterrey.

Nikki attacked Bayley and Bianca after the two arch-rivals finished fighting for the Raw Women’s Championship. They scampered to safety while the still-possessed Cross basked in cheers from the crowd in the middle of the ring. She even pulverized Damage CTRL singlehandedly.

A pesar de las intervenciones de Damage Control, Dakota Kai e Iyo Sky, además de Nikki Cross, Bianca Belair derrotó nuevamente a Bayley para retener el Campeonato de RAW.#WWE #WWELive #WWEMonterrey

The ‘new’ Nikki will face Bianca Belair on the upcoming episode of WWE RAW. Will she emerge triumphant against the champion? A win would surely increase her chances of including herself in the Ladder Match at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

#3. El Fantasma helps Santos Escobar pick up a huge win

Legado Del Fantasma leader Santos Escobar had a father-and-son moment on Sunday. El Fantasma (Santos' father), a Lucha prodigy and head of the Mexico City Boxing and Professional Wrestling commission, aided his 'hijo' in his fight against Dolph Ziggler.

Santos picked up a second consecutive victory against the Show Off after having defeated him on Saturday. Following the bout, Escobar tried to raise his father’s hand out of respect, but Fantasma didn’t want to steal his son’s moment.

The SmackDown superstar is currently embroiled in a rivalry with Hit Row. They are yet to defeat the babyfaces and earn their respect. Could El Fantasma act as a manager for Santos alongside Zelina Vega? Time will tell.

#2. Rhea Ripley may have found an arch-rival in the WWE Live Event

“Who could stop Rhea Ripley’s tyranny with The Judgment Day?” is a commonly posed question which seemingly had no answer. The Eradicator has taken out the fan-favorite Beth Pheonix, and Charlotte Flair’s potential return to face Ripley also seems dubious.

The company may have finally solved the enigma in the recent WWE Live Events in Mexico. The Judgment Day fought against their former rival Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles. Interestingly, Raquel Rodriguez was the counter-attack to Rhea Ripley’s return to the ring.

While Dominik watched from the sidelines, Rodriguez and Rey gathered momentum and picked up a solid win for their team. It will be interesting to see if the SmackDown star is traded to RAW. She will be a valuable addition to the OC in their fight against Judgment Day.

#1. The Bloodline lost, but Sami Zayn’s antics were noted

The WWE Sunday Stunner Live Event in Glasgow showcased multiple thrilling matches. Liv Morgan refined her extreme side in a Street Fight against Natalya and Shayna Baszler. GUNTHER successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against former rival Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Bloodline was also part of the action. Sami Zayn and The Usos faced off against The New Day and Braun Strowman. The match had its perks as the momentum shifted from one team to another. Ultimately, the Usos and Zayn lost the main event match.

At one point of time in the bout, Sami Zayn used Roman Reigns’ signature move to flatten the Monster of All Monsters. He is in the good graces of The Tribal Chief, but mimicking his maneuvers could be an indication of taking things for granted.

Sami Zayn used Roman Reigns' Superman Punch signature move #WWEGlasgow

The Honorary Uce has major heat with Jey Uso. The fact that Zayn isn’t his ‘blood’ but copies the moves of Roman Reigns will add fuel to the fire.

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