WWE NXT Results: Brutal match ends via referee stoppage, current champ threatened; top stars start big brawl 

We got some big surprises on WWE NXT tonight as we head to WrestleMania week with Stand and Deliver!
We got some big surprises on WWE NXT tonight as we head to WrestleMania week with Stand and Deliver! [Screenshots via WWE NXT's live broadcast on Sony Liv]

The WWE NXT before WrestleMania weekend kicked off with a Triple-Threat match to decide the challengers for the tag team champions, The Wolfdogs.

We got some great matches tonight and a face-off between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes.

  • Axiom & Nathan Frazer def. The O.C. & LWO
  • Jacy Jayne def. Fallon Henley
  • Lexis King def. Von Wagner
  • Lola Vice def. Karmen Petrovic
  • Joe Gacy vs. Oba Femi ended via referee stoppage
  • Arianna Grace def. Wren Sinclair
  • Sol Ruca def. Blair Davenport

WWE NXT Results (April 2, 2024): Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. The O.C. vs. LWO

We got some dives from Frazer and LWO to start the match, taking down The O.C. LWO quickly took control of the match, and we got more dives before heading for a break.

On NXT, Axiom got a big Spanish Fly for a nearfall on Wilde before Gallows took a DDT, but the pin was broken again. The match headed outside again, and Del Toro got a big dive on the crowd before taking Anderson down with a top rope dropkick.

Anderson dodged the Phoenix Splash before Gallows came in and joined him for the Magic Killer. Axiom returned with a superkick, and Frazer hit the 450 splash on Del Toro for the win.

Result: Axiom & Nathan Frazer def. The O.C. & LWO

Grade: B+

Lexis King was in a video promo where he mocked Von Wagner and Mr. Stone.

Ilja Dragunov was on his way to the meeting with Tony D'Angelo when he noticed his car was disabled. Two of Tony's goons drove in and told Ilja to get in the car. The NXT champ refused initially, but the goons let him know he had no choice before they drove off together.

Jacy Jayne vs. Fallon Henley on WWE NXT

Henley was in control early on, but a distraction from Kiana led Jayne to send her outside the ring. Jayne got a big kick at ringside before Thea Hail and Kelani Jordan got into a yelling match.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame attacked Thea Hail at ringside, and Fallon Henley ran out to make the save. Back in the ring, Jayne caught Henley off the distraction with a knee to the face and picked up the win.

Result: Jacy Jayne def. Fallon Henley

Grade: B

Backstage after the match, Jayne said that she was never Thea Hail's friend and that she only helped Chase U to get back into the spotlight.

Thea Hail, Kelani Jackson, and Fallon Henley walked in to complain to Ava before the NXT General Manager booked a six-woman tag match between the two teams.

Von Wagner vs. Lexis King on WWE NXT

Wagner started strong and got an early takedown before tossing King outside and into the barricades. Back in the ring, King got a few chops and a big neckbreaker for a near fall before locking in a submission hold.

Wagner broke out of the hold but took a superkick before getting a massive powerslam. King took a clothesline and a big boot before being dropped on the apron. Von cleared the announce desk, but his slam was countered with a DDT before King hit The Coronation in the ring and picked up the win.

Result: Lexis King def. Von Wagner

Grade: B

Arianna Grace was backstage and asked Wren Sinclair about some dresses she got for Gigi Dolin's makeover. Sinclair hinted that Gigi might not need a makeover, but Grace got upset and challenged her to a match.

Lola Vice vs. Karmen Petrovic on WWE NXT

Vice blocked some kicks early on before getting some kicks of her own before getting a near fall. Petrovic got a huge roundhouse kick off a takedown before getting a near fall.

Lola returned with a big takedown and locked in the sharpshooter, mocking Natalya before Petrovic tapped out.

Result: Lola Vice def. Karmen Petrovic

Grade: C

Dragunov and Tony's goons showed up at the secret meeting, which was held in a warehouse. There, people with crowbars and other dangerous tools were waiting for him.

D'Angelo, Stack, and Rizzo also showed up, and we were left wondering what happened next.

We got Supernova Sessions with Meta-Four, and Roxanne Perez was the first guest, followed by Lyra Valkyria.

Valkyria reminded Perez that losing the title was her failure and that she needed to stop blaming everyone else.

Perez replied that she would knock Lyra off her high horse and said losing the title made her more dangerous. The champ got up and said that while she wins, all Perez does is "b*tch."

Perez got in her face and said that she had a whole year of rage built up before attacking the champ. Lyra hit her with a big kick, putting her through a table in the ring.

Joe Gacy vs. Oba Femi on WWE NXT

Joe Gacy was on his way out to face Oba Femi, but Shawn Spears came in and attacked him from behind with a steel chair. Femi walked up and dragged Gacy to the ring before the match started.

Gacy took a massive backbreaker early on, and the champ tossed him around the ring for a bit. The referee eventually had to stop the match because Gacy could not get back to his feet.

Result: D.N.F

Grade: C

Arianna Grace vs. Wren Sinclair on WWE NXT

Sinclair got some kicks early in the match and hit an Atomic Drop before Grace countered a dropkick and hit some elbows. Grace locked in a Boston Crab, but Sinclair broke out of it with a kick and hit some big chops to the chest.

Sinclair got a big clothesline and a crossbody before Grace sidestepped a move in the corner and got a bridging pin for the win.

Result: Arianna Grace def. Wren Sinclair

Grade: C

We were back to Dragunov and D'Angelo's meeting and the Don said this signified the end of Ilja's title run. Dragunov affirmed he was unbreakable and that nothing would stop him from leaving on Saturday as the champion.

Tony smashed the champ's injured hand and said he would do the unthinkable and break Ilja, taking the NXT Title away.

Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport on WWE NXT

Ruca lifted Davenport for a big slam before the match went outside, and Blair sent Sol knee-first into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Ruca got a big top rope DDT for a near fall before Davenport blocked the Sol Snatcher. Sol also countered Blair's finisher and got a sudden rollup for the win.

Result: Sol Ruca def. Blair Davenport

Grade: B

Ava was backstage when Joe Gacy rolled in to ask her to book a match between him and Shawn Spears.

Carmelo Hayes was out with his security team, followed by Trick Williams, who was alone. Trick said it wasn't supposed to be like this, but he noticed that it would be the first all-black main event in a big WWE PLE.

The two reminisced about how great their alliance was, but Melo blamed Trick for "ruining everything for everybody." Trick said that Melo ruined everything before the latter made an analogy, saying that Williams going after the NXT Title was like him going after his girlfriend.

Trick said he was on his way up, and Melo should have brought it up if he didn't want him to go after the NXT Title. Melo made excuses and said that Trick should have stayed humble.

Melo said that Trick might be on top, but soon, the crowd will turn on him, too. Trick noted that Melo was jealous of him, and the two had a final stare-down before a brawl broke out.

The security guys and officials got involved, followed by most of the roster, as NXT went off the air.

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