WWE Releases 2024

Latest WWE Releases 2024

Gable Steveson | WWE
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It is always a delightful moment when any wrestling talent gets their contract and welcomes from WWE. However, it is also a shocking period when WWE terminates any superstar contract. Last year, wrestling websites and the social media platforms of wrestling fans all over the world were barraged with insight about significant WWE discharges. For example, Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Mandy Rose, and a lot of other remarkable male or female WWE superstars. While the adjustment of the system and power structure inside WWE has prompted huge rehirings. There have still been a few stunning terminations that have surprised a lot of fans with their declarations.

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Latest WWE Superstars Released in 2024

Drew Gulak | WWE
Image - WWE.Com

Drew Gulak

Initial reports claimed that Drew Gulak was released from WWE. However, the company clarified it as a contract not being renewed. This came after accusations from Ronda Rousey in early April 2024. Rousey alleged that Gulak inappropriately touched her backstage at a WWE event in 2022. Gulak refuted the claims, stating it was an accidental attempt at a handshake. The interview with Rousey has since been removed.

Following the accusations, Gulak was pulled from NXT programming and his association with the No Quarter Catch Crew ended. Then, in May, news broke of his exit from WWE. WWE Executive Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, addressed the situation at a press conference. He avoided directly mentioning the Rousey accusations but emphasized that talent contracts expire, and non-renewals are a standard practice.

Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson's release from WWE in May 2024 surprised many. Signed with a groundbreaking NIL deal in 2021, he was seen as a future star. However, his appearances were limited, and his focus remained on freestyle wrestling, even clashing with WWE when they blocked him from a competition. With his heart seemingly elsewhere, WWE decided to release Steveson, leaving his future in wrestling uncertain.

10 NXT Talents Released in May 2024

Besides Drew Gulak and Gable Steveson, 10 NXT Superstars were released by WWE in May 2024. This includes Boa, Darrell Mason, Emmamaria Diaz, Ezekiel Balogun, Julian Baldi, Keyshawn Leflore, Kiyah Saint, Trey Bearhill, Valentina Feroz, and Vlad Pavlenko.

Von Wagner

Von Wagner's 5-year run with WWE ended abruptly in April 2024's talent releases. Though a prominent figure in NXT, reports suggest he was evaluated as "main roster talent" and fell short of expectations. The surprising decision came despite plans for him in the upcoming Draft. This opens doors for Wagner. After a non-compete clause, he'll be a free agent in July, able to explore the independent circuit or potentially land with a competitor.

Cameron Grimes

Besides Von Wagner, Cameron Grimes was also released on April 22, 2024. He had even attended recent SmackDown tapings, suggesting a potential call-up. With his non-compete clause ending in July, he's expected to be a hot commodity on the independent scene or potentially with a rival promotion.

Jinder Mahal

On April 19, 2024, Jinder Mahal was released from his contract. This marked the end of his second stint with the company. The former WWE Champion's return to prominence in early 2024 was short-lived. After a segment with The Rock and a title challenge against Seth Rollins, his appearances became infrequent. Some have suggested this lack of utilization might have been a reason for the departure. While Mahal initially took to social media to announce his exit with an "I Quit. Maharaja Out" message, it was later clarified that he had been released from his contract, not that he resigned. He is currently on a 90-day non-compete clause.

Xyon Quinn

Xyon Quinn, like Jinder Mahal, found himself out of WWE on April 19th, 2024. This marked the end of his six-year run with the company, though he never secured a major title. Despite the setback, Quinn remains optimistic. He took to social media hinting at a return to the ring in 90 days, suggesting a non-compete clause.

Xia Li

Xia Li was a part of the roster cuts by WWE on April 19, 2024. Alongside Mahal and Quinn, it was announced that WWE had parted ways with Xia Li as well. She took to X to announce her departure from the company. Li was widely considered the biggest Chinese wrestler in WWE.


Sanga, one-half of the former tag team Indus Sher with Veer Mahaan, was released by WWE on April 19, 2024. This came as part of a larger talent cutback by the company. Sanga's release was particularly interesting because he, along with his tag team partner, was seen as a potential way to tap into the massive Indian wrestling market. Following his departure, Sanga took to social media expressing a mix of emotions. He thanked WWE for the opportunities but also voiced his frustration that while WWE desired an Indian audience, they seemed hesitant to push Indian talent.

Veer Mahaan

Alongside Sanga, his Indus Sher teammate Veer Mahaan, too, was released by WWE on April 19, 2024. Known for his imposing presence, Mahaan previously known as Rinku Rajput, is now a free agent.

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List of WWE Superstars Released in 2023 - Where are they now?

Dolph Ziggler | WWE
Image - WWE.Com

Main Roster WWE Superstars Released in 2023

Wrestler ReleasedFinal Match in WWEWhere they are now
Dolph ZigglerVs. JD McDonagh, Raw (05/29/23)TNA Wrestling & NJPW
Shelton BenjaminVs. The Viking Raiders, Main Event (09/11/23)Independent Circuit
EliasNumber One Contender Battle Royal, RAW (05/15/23)Independent Circuit (Wrestling Revolver)
EmmaVs. Shayna Baszler, Raw (07/10/23)Currently not wrestling
Mustafa AliVs. Dragon Lee, NXT (09/05/23)TNA Wrestling
Rick BoogsSlim Jim Battle Royal, SummerSlam 2023Currently not wrestling
AliyahVs. Damage CTRL,Raw (09/12/22)Currently not wrestling
Top DollaVs. LA Knight, SmackDown (08/11/23)TNA Wrestling, NWA, MLW
MaceNumber One Contender Battle Royal, RAW (05/15/23)Independent Circuit
MansoorNumber One Contender Battle Royal, RAW (05/15/23)Independent Circuit
Matt RiddleVs. The Viking Raiders, Raw (09/04/23)NJPW

NXT Superstars Released in 2023

WWE NXT Superstar Released in 2023
Alicia Fox
McKenzie Mitchell
Riddick Moss
Alexis Gray
Brooklyn Barlow
Bryson Montana
Dabba-Kato (Commander Azeez)
Dana Brooke
Daniel McArthur
Ikeman Jiro
Kevin Ventura-Cortez
Melanie Brzezinski
Quincy Elliot
Yulisa Leon


Q. Where is Sasha Banks performing now?

A. Sasha Banks is performing in AEW as Mercedes Mone. 

Q. Is Jinder Mahal released from WWE?

A. Yes, Jinder Mahal was released from WWE on April 19, 2024. 

Q. Which WWE Superstars were released recently?

A. Gable Steveson, Drew Gulak, Von Wagner and Cameron Grimes were released by WWE after Jinder Mahal, Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer Mahaan and Sanga were released by WWE on April 19, 2024. 

Q. When was Jinder Mahal the WWE Champion?

A. Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship at Backlash 2017 and held it for 170 days until SmackDown before Survivor Series. 

Q. Is Dolph Ziggler done with WWE?

A. Dolph Ziggler was released from WWE in September 2023 and currently wrestles on TNA and NJPW. 

Q. Is Vince McMahon still with WWE?

A. Vince McMahon is reportedly no longer involved in any proceedings of WWE. McMahon also sold the last of his shares in TKO in April 2024. 

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