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WWE Rumors - Two more names added to Hall of Fame 2020

Karan Bedi
Modified 12 Feb 2020, 23:03 IST

Surprising choices...(Pic Source: WWE)
Surprising choices...(Pic Source: WWE)

Considering WrestleMania 36 is less than two months away and with that, some WWE Superstars will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020. As of now, only five WWE Superstars have been confirmed and they are Batista and the nWo (Hollywood Hogan, X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall).

Now, according to WrestleVotes, two more names will be included in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020. One of them is an international icon and the other is an interesting duo. But neither is Christian. This does make for some interesting speculation.

Perhaps, the most contentious inductee is the nWo. For the most part, it is missing a vital name and that was the man that created the nWo, Eric Bischoff.

It's unclear why Bischoff isn't going on as he was recently working for WWE last year, only to be fired a couple of months later. Bischoff does say that he is still on good terms with WWE and theorized why he wasn't being included. He said: (H/T 411 MANIA)

I still believe there is a little bit of, I don't know if it's resentment, as much as it is an overall desire to rewrite history and make it look like the nWo was originally a WWE idea, I don't know. But I don't worry about it, I don't think about it until this time of year rolls around - especially this year for obvious reasons."

Others like Booker T felt that the induction is missing several members including himself who should be going in with the nWo. He said:

"You know what? That's my beef right there, man. Horace Hogan, Virgil, Scott Norton, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, [The] Giant, Lex Luger, Sting. Was Sting in there for a minute? Ted Dibiase, Eric Bischoff, me. Me! Yeah, I should be getting another ring! Stevie [Ray]. Man, I've got to talk to somebody about this. Do you know what? That's wrong! That's wrong."

While the focus will be on the nWo and Batista, it'll be interesting to see who these are inductees are.

Published 12 Feb 2020, 23:03 IST
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