WWE SmackDown Results: Brock Lesnar attacks, returning superstar has first match in over 6 months - Winners, Recap, Grades, and Highlights (January 27, 2023)

We got some huge surprises tonight on the SmackDown before Royal Rumble!
We got some huge surprises tonight on the SmackDown before Royal Rumble!

The Usos and Solo Sikoa were entering the arena before SmackDown when Sami Zayn snuck up on Jey outside and thanked him for the help last week. Zayn offered Jey help with anything he may need in the future before he left.

The SmackDown before Royal Rumble kicked off shortly after with a match between Rey Mysterio and Karrion Kross.

WWE SmackDown Results (January 27, 2023): Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross

Rey sent Kross outside early on and hit a big dive, sending him into the barricades. Kross got a chokeslam on the outside before heading back into the ring, where he tried to rip Rey's mask off.

Rey got a 619 off a counter and hit a splash before getting a near fall. Rey tried for a crucifix pin off a counter and got a sudden win!

Result: Rey Mysterio def. Karrion Kross

🤯 @ReyMysterio picks up the surprise win over Kross#SmackDown

Grade: B-

What is the #USChampion @_Theory1 doing here on #SmackDown!? 🇺🇸

Austin Theory was out next and was talking about winning the Royal Rumble when New Day interrupted him. The three shared some banter before RAW Superstar The Miz came out to give them a preview of tomorrow's Rumble.

THE BEAST IS HERE and he just declared for the #RoyalRumble Match! 🤯@fightbobby @BrockLesnar #SmackDown

A brawl broke out, and Bobby Lashley, also from RAW, joined them and tossed them all outside. Before Lashley could celebrate, Brock Lesnar came out of nowhere and hit an F5 on him.

Lesnar announced his entry in the Rumble after taking Lashley down and headed backstage.

#BrockLesnar has officially declared for the #RoyalRumble Match! 😤

Lacey Evans vs. Developmental Talent on SmackDown

Lacey Evans made her in-ring return tonight against a local competitor. She got a big knee strike to her opponent's face before beating her down in the corner.

Lacey's boots were torn up in the fight before she got the Woman's Right. Evans got the cobra clutch and made her opponent tap out rather quickly.

Result: Lacey Evans def. Developmental Talent

This is @LaceyEvansWWE like we've never seen her before. 😳 What has gotten into her? #SmackDown

After the match, Lacey announced her entry into the Royal Rumble before tossing her opponent out of the ring.

Grade: C

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus headed out for a match when The Viking Raiders attacked them. They were being crushed by Ivar with splashes on the barricades, and officials came out to stop the brawl.

The #VikingRaiders just took out @WWESheamus and @DMcIntyreWWE before their #TagTeamTournament semifinals match!#SmackDown

After a break on SmackDown, Hit Row came out, and Adam Pearce told them that Drew and Sheamus had given up their positions in the tournament. Hit Row would instead face the team of Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs. Hit Row on SmackDown

THE MONSTER HAS BEEN UNLEASHED! 💪#BraunStrowman and @KingRicochet are not throwing away their shot in this #TagTeamTournament!#SmackDown

Ricochet and Adonis kicked off the match, and the former was in control early on. B-Fab helped Adonis get the upper hand by distracting Ricochet before Dolla was tagged in and got some big moves in.

Braun was tagged in and took back control before Dolla was sent outside, and Ricochet came in with an assisted dive on him. Braun hit the Monster Bomb on Adonis before picking up the win.

Result: Braun Strowman & Ricochet def. Hit Row

Grade: B-

Kevin Owens was backstage in an interview when The Usos walked up to him and started a brawl. Officials separated them quickly before we headed for a break.

KO's plan is to take out every member of #TheBloodline@FightOwensFight #SmackDown

Bray Wyatt's old entrance music hit, but LA Knight came out wearing Wyatt's old getup with the hat and lantern.

He got on the mic and brought up The Undertaker helping out Bray on RAW, saying that none of them wanted to face Knight alone.

That's not #BrayWyatt... that's @RealLAKnight! ...with the worlds smallest lantern. 😂 #SmackDown

Knight was talking about beating Wyatt tomorrow night before Bray showed up.

Wyatt hinted that he had something planned for tomorrow when the lights go out. Uncle Howdy showed up before we headed for another break on SmackDown.

"Tomorrow at the #RoyalRumble, you will finally get to meet the man you've been looking for."@Windham6 #BrayWyatt @RealLAKnight #SmackDown

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Imperium on SmackDown

THIS IS AWESOME! 👏👏👏These 4 men are giving it EVERYTHING they got in this back and fourth #TagTeamTournament semifinals match!#LegadoDelFantasma #Imperium #SmackDown

Kaiser and Wilde kicked off the match, and Ludwig took control early on by working on Wilde's arm. Tags were made before Vinci took Del Toro down with a big lariat. Legado came back with some high-flying moves, but Kaiser broke the pin.

Kaiser took out Del Toro while Vinci went for a top rope move on Wilde but hurt his knee before making the tag to Kaiser. They hit the uppercut-Imperium Bomb combo before getting the win.

Result: Imperium def. Legado Del Fantasma

#Imperium advance to the finals in the #SmackDown Tag Team contenders tournament @wwe_kaiser @VinciWWE

Grade: B

Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa on SmackDown

As the match began, Owens and Solo tackled each other repeatedly, and Sikoa was the first to go down. He took things outside the ring and sent KO into the barricades. Back in the ring, KO got a big splash before hitting a big superkick but missed the stunner.

Solo got the Samoan Drop before Owens came back with a cannonball and a Swanton Bomb. Owens was about to win, but Sami Zayn showed up and broke the pin.

Solo went for a superkick and accidentally hit Sami before getting a steel chair and beating KO down.

Look out! 🫣@WWESoloSikoa just missed his Superkick on @FightOwensFight and connected with @SamiZayn! #SmackDown

Solo tried for a dive but took a superkick before hitting a powerbomb on the announce desk. KO was about to take Sami out with the steel chair but hit Solo instead before walking away.

Result: D.N.F

Grade: B+

Episode rating: B

We got the return of Lacey Evans tonight while multiple RAW stars invaded SmackDown. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus were attacked, leading to a big upset in the tag team tournament while Brock Lesnar announced his entry in the Royal Rumble.

A top WWE star just admitted that she was a victim of cyber bullying. More details right here.

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