WWE star to return after 267+ days? 4 possible mystery attackers behind so many female wrestlers getting injured

WWE NXT backstage is straight outta a horror story book
WWE NXT backstage is straight outta a horror story book

The WWE Universe has witnessed some strange events as of late. A few weeks into this year, Nikkita Lyons was shelved due to a torn ACL after she was blindsided in the parking lot. Wendy Choo suffered a similar fate and was taken out of television in March owing to an undisclosed injury.

When the hype for the dangerous NXT backstage peaked, the camera caught Sol Ruca getting attacked. The most recent victim turned out to be Roxanne Perez. The youngster lost to Tiffany Stratton, which was followed by a brutal ambush by a hooded figure on the entrance ramp.

Here are four possible mystery attackers behind so many female wrestlers getting injured in WWE.

#4. Mandy Rose could be masterminding the attacks

An interesting fan theory suggests that Mandy Rose is planning random attacks on female stars. The hooded attacker is her enforcer. She does have a history with almost everyone involved, with Roxanne Perez being her biggest rival as the latter ended her reign of 413 as the NXT Women's Champion.

Rose was let go by WWE in December 2022 but hasn't ruled out a return to wrestling. Her focus is on making a breakthrough in Hollywood, but she hasn't found much success. Similar to Mercedes Mone in NJPW, she could have a brief stint in the Stamford-based promotion while actively pursuing acting goals.

#3. Ava has pulled off controversial stunts before in WWE

When Wendy Choo got sidelined, fingers were pointed at Zoey Stark and Ava. Both heels have a reputation for using such tactics to decrease competition. Stark has been ruled out of the equation due to her recent WWE main roster entry, though.

From kidnapping Thea Hail to mentally destroying her, the real-life Simone Johnson could be targeting the entire NXT women's roster now. This would substantially develop her villainous character, which seemingly has no limits. However, she did deny being the mystery attacker while in character.

#2. Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend are also in the mix

WWE seems to be brewing a story with Noam Dar, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson. A separate angle might be in the works for the women as well. The idea of two attackers came to the forefront when an eagle-eyed fan spotted one superstar thrashing Sol Ruca while one played back up.

To put the pieces into place, Dani Palmer and Sol Ruca defeated Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson on April 4 at NXT Level Up. The assault incident mentioned above occurred three weeks later. Jakrara was seen locking horns with Wendy Choo and Nikkita Lyons during house shows.

As for the recent case, Roxanne Perez was seemingly attacked by Lash Legend in the semi-final of the Women's Title tournament as a throwback to Lash's loss in the semis of the NXT Breakout Tournament 2022. She wanted to rub salt in her wounds.

#1. Blair Davenport is heavily rumored to be involved in the NXT assaults

It has been over 260 days since Blair Davenport was last seen in a WWE ring. She last competed in the Title Unification Match at Worlds Collide against Meiko Satomura and Mandy Rose, following which NXT UK was disbanded. She hasn't made the journey to WWE NXT yet.

Shawn Michaels stated recently that the real-life Bea Priestley does have the chance to jump to NXT but is still undecided. It is up to the talent whether they want to perform or not. As per the latest claims, it could be a teaser of Davenport's return to wrestling. HBK might be throwing fans off-guard here.

The 27-year-old has a natural dark persona. She can easily pull off the role of an assailant due to her experience as a heel, a role that she has stuck to throughout her career. Also, the hooded mystery attacker's 'figure' is theorized to be similar to Blair Davenport's. How fans came to that conclusion is a topic for another day.

A former WWE writer thinks Bronson Reed's push could be in jeopardy here.

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