Black Clover Chapter 339: A new character is introduced, Asta masters Ki, and more

Asta's latest power up might just be his strongest yet (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Black Clover Chapter 339 was officially released earlier this morning via Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump lineup. Fans can check out the issue on either Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus service, or their paid Shonen Jump+ subscription based app.

The issue is an incredibly exciting one for fans, who see the training section of the Hino Country subarc finally begin in earnest. While Black Clover Chapter 339 is likely only the tip of the iceberg, it is at least encouraging to see series author and illustrator Yuki Tabata finally addressing how Asta will overcome Lucius in the end.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the official Black Clover Chapter 339 release.

Black Clover Chapter 339 introduces new uses of Ki while Asta learns to use Anti-Magic in completely new ways

Black Clover Chapter 339: New characters and old friends appear

The boss when you fight them vs them as a playable character#BCSpoilers #BC339

Black Clover Chapter 339 begins immediately where the previous issue left off, with Asta realizing that Yami Ichika is Captain Yami’s little sister. He questions why Yami Sukehiro never mentioned this, while Ichika says that she doesn’t care about him either. Passersby begin commenting on Asta’s strange appearance, such as his hair color and arm, which Ryudo Ryuya notices.

He then rushes Asta and Ichika out of the area, saying that Asta’s pal should be feeling better by now. Black Clover Chapter 339 shows the trio then arrive at a house in what appears to be a bamboo forest, where Asta opens the door and is greeted by a giant, flying fish. As he enters the main room and more fish appear, fans are introduced to Mikuriya Fumito, a local recovery yojutsu genius.

Fumito says that he is glad to see Asta doing well, before saying that it took him some time to treat Liebe since it is the first time that he cared for such a creature. One of the fish then spits a chibi Liebe out of his mouth into Asta’s hands, prompting Asta to celebrate his friend being safe. He even says it was lonely being separated from Liebe in a brand new place, which Liebe sheepishly agrees to while blushing.

Astas basically learning Ryou in Wano#BCSPOILERS #BC339

Asta is then served food by Fumito, with Ichika and Ryuya eating alongside him. While Asta seems happy at first, his commenting on the potatoes seems to spark memories of Sister Lily and the Clover Kingdom’s current state, as his excited expression disappears and turns to worry.

He then says he has to go back as soon as possible, asking Ryuya to tell him anything he knows about returning to the Clover Kingdom. However, Ryuya counters that he already explained how going home now does nothing since Asta still couldn’t beat Lucius if he got serious.

Black Clover Chapter 339 then shows a remarkably grim Asta fretting over being unable to protect Sister Lily. He says that he won’t know until he tries, and that Sister Lily and everyone else is suffering while he’s “just sitting here.” Ryuya counters that he still has time, but Asta argues back that he can’t possibly know that, saying all he’s done his whole life is train.

Deku learning 2nd and 3rd Gear and Asta learning Ryuo 😭 One Piece really is the greatest of all time #MHA368 #BC339

Asta questions if he’ll get any stronger than he currently is, prompting a shocking slap from Yami Ichika to calm him down. Black Clover Chapter 339 then sees Ichika get incredibly serious with Asta, saying she doesn’t understand what he or his friends are experiencing or care if he dies. The chapter then witnesses a scared Ryuya and Fumito looking on, as Ichika points out how Asta is only alive because of the former pair’s efforts.

She continues, saying that foreigners like him are said to be the main cause of disasters, explaining why people took such an interest in Asta earlier. She further says that they helped him despite this, and while he may just be a mysterious foreigner to Asta, Ryuya is the fine shogun of the Hino Country nation.

Ichika then says that, if Asta disregards Ryuya’s advice and throws his life away after just being saved by him, she’ll kill Asta herself here and now. She emphasizes that he shouldn’t take people’s kindness for granted, calling him a fool as Asta hangs his head low in shame. He then properly thanks Ryuya for saving him, saying he’ll repay that debt as Ryuya laughs and says they’re all in trouble if Lucius “throws his weight around.”

Black Clover Chapter 339: Asta’s training begins

Black Clover Chapter 339 witnesses the group then head to the bamboo forest in the back of Fumito’s house. Ryuya is discussing how Lucius’ overwhelming physical strength and magical powers mean Asta is outclassed in a fight. He also continues that this means Asta’s goal is to end the fight in a short amount of time, saying that’s where Zetten (translated as Heavenly Severance) comes in.

Asta correctly guesses that Zetten is the technique he saw Ichika use against the bandits in the previous issue. However, he begins saying he doesn’t have any magic power, prompting Ryuya to tell him to just concentrate and feel the Ki. Meanwhile, Ichika approaches a bamboo shoot, seemingly beginning to focus her Ki as Ryuya continues talking.

He goes on that Ki is the flow of life energy which everyone subconsciously uses to manipulate their yoryoku, or Sorcery. Ryuya continues that if it’s done deliberately and precisely, one can use their Ki to take all the yoryoku in one’s body and release it at once. As he says this, Asta watches as Ichika does exactly that, cutting the bamboo shoot right down the middle with nothing but her hand and Zetten.

Asta becomes absolutely shocked at what just happened, as Ichika explains that the combination of yoryoku and speed creates an explosive force. She then tells him to try it, with Fumito arguing that it’s impossible and that only the Ryuzen Seven can use such an advanced technique.

However, he stops himself short, noticing that Asta is mumbling to himself about never thinking of using Ki like that. He continues saying that it’s almost like what he saw others do with their Ki for Mana Skin, correctly likening the two based on what’s known so far. He then realizes that, since he has a contract with Liebe, Anti-Magic now flows through his body, and he can use that instead of yoryoku.

Ryuya, however, cuts him off short, essentially saying the conclusion Asta had also just clearly reached during his muttering session. One panel shows Asta’s Anti-Magic flowing through his body, clearly ready to be expelled. The very next panels see him attempt the technique, seemingly without success as Fumito points out.

However, Black Clover Chapter 339 then shows the bamboo not only split down the middle, but wilting away as well. As a shocked Ichika and Fumito look onward, Ryuya explains that the bamboo isn’t supposed to be able to wither since it’s grown with yoryoku. An amazed Asta looks on as Ryuya emphasizes that Asta’s solid foundation now has a means of focus, telling him to get out there and get more experience.

Black Clover Chapter 339 comes to an end as Asta turns to Ichika and thanks her for showing him that he can still be strong. An annoyed Ichika says nothing, as Asta thanks her in advance for her help in the final panels.

Black Clover Chapter 339: In summation

Black Clover, Ch. 339: Asta learns more about his strange surroundings and begins training! Read it FREE from the official source!

Overall, Black Clover Chapter 339 is an exciting, engaging, and informative issue, which finally sees the beginning of Asta’s presumed final training arc. The introduction of new applications for his Anti-Magic is also incredibly welcome, likely signaling the later introduction of additional Ki-based techniques he’s capable of using.

The issue also seems to move the Hino Country subarc forward much more than any previously released issues have so far. With Black Clover Chapter 339 beginning the training section of the arc, it’s certainly at least the single most impactful chapter yet in terms of moving the overall series’ narrative forward.

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