Boruto episode 268: Sarada and her friends return to save the Academy from a terrorist, Twitter rejoices

The assassin returned in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The assassin returned in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 268 was released a few hours ago, giving fans the chance to see the school festival that Kawaki and his classmates were preparing for. Unfortunately, the threat of an assassin is still looming over the Academy, meaning Kae is not safe. Kawaki will continue his mission, risking it all to keep Kae safe from the killer who was hired to end her.

Last week’s episode focused on Eiki trying to expose Kawaki as a real Shinobi. Boruto episode 268, titled Target: The School Festival, brought back some fan-favorite characters to aid the Academy in their time of need. It also gave fans some hints about who the assassin could be. Continue reading to learn more about the highlights of the episode.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Boruto episode 268.

Fans on Twitter suspect Hana of being the assassin after the events of Boruto episode 268

What happened in the last episode?

The kids dressed up as Sannin (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The kids dressed up as Sannin (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Kawaki and his classmates were rehearsing for a school play about the legendary Sannin. Himawari forgot her fake headband so her brother tried to give her his real one. The girl told Kawaki to hide it since it could reveal his identity if someone saw it. Sadly, Eiki saw it and spent the next few days trying to prove Kawaki did not belong in the Academy.

The Academy Festival

Kae waking up in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kae waking up in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 268 started with Kawaki protecting Kae from the mysterious assassin. The commotion caused the girl to wake up, who asked Kawaki why he was in the nurse’s office with her. Later that same night, the black-haired boy walked Kae home. Knowing that the girl would not be allowed in the festival if he informed Naruto, he promised to protect her alone.

The next day, Kawaki’s classmates were finishing preparing the Academy for the festival. Hana, who was supervising her class, appeared to be tired as she stayed up working until late. Himawari approached her brother, asking what happened that got him so worried the previous night. The boy lied, telling his sister nothing happened to keep her safe.

Himawari as Minato in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Himawari as Minato in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

A few hours later, when the festival started, we could see Boruto and his friends talking about seeing Kawaki’s debut as Lady Katsuyu in the school play. Himawari was in awe at the large number of people that attended her festival. As the kids talked about how excited they were, Hana doubled over in pain, holding her head. The teacher told her class she would go rest in the nurse’s office.

Hana sensei try to assassination kae .Today's episode 70% confirmed it .#boruto
Imagine, Kawaki finds out that Hana sensei is Kae's killer😭 #BORUTO
If Hana does have a split personality, and is shown bearing the burden of what her other self has done, she'd be as solid antagonist (if she is the assassin of course)

After Hana’s sudden burst of pain, fans started suspecting her as the assassin of the arc. The teacher did something similar in the previous episode, disappearing moments before the killer made themselves known. Some fans believe the woman may have a split personality and her other self may be the one trying to kill Kae.

The festival attractions

Boruto, Inojin, and Shikadai in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Boruto, Inojin, and Shikadai in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 268 continued by showing Boruto’s generation enjoying the festival. Chocho was trying the sweets made by Konashi, Team 5 entered the haunted house the kids created, and Teams 7 and 10 were playing a Kunai accuracy game.

Himawari, Kae, Osuka, Sosha, and Kawaki observed the festival from the school’s entrance, mentally preparing for the play. Osuka’s mother arrived at the Academy, excited to see her daughter debut as an actress. Seeing the older woman prompted Kawaki to ask Kae if Batora would be coming to the festival. The girl replied that the man had some business to attend to that day.

The assassin as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The assassin as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Kawaki was worried, as Batora would have been of great help in keeping Kae safe. As he pondered this, the boy noticed two cloaked figures amongst the crowd and ran towards them thinking they were assassins. The pair ended up being a civilian man and his daughter, who looked at the black-haired boy as if he was crazy. Meanwhile, the real assassin observed the festival from the roof.

When #Chocho says it's good then it's really good 🤩🧡🧡#boruto
I missed them on screen! what happened to Tsubaki? 😭😂#BORUTO

As expected, fans were ecstatic to see Boruto and his friends back on the show. Twitter was flooded with screenshots of the best scenes the blonde boy, Sarada, Mitsuki, and the rest were a part of.

Sarada Uchiha 🔥♥️ Ep268 #sarada #boruto
sarada using her sharingan to win the prize while inojin and shikadai already had bunch of things in their hands lol #Boruto

A large portion of the fandom lost their minds after seeing Sarada use her Sharingan during Boruto episode 268. We have not seen anyone use Dojutsu besides Himawari in a while, so seeing Sarada use hers felt refreshing.

I guess they are still pretty traumatized about their experience in Orochimaru's lab😭😂 #BORUTO #DenkiKaminarimon #IwabeYuino #MetalLee
Dream interaction finally comes true😭😭😭😭😭#BORUTO #DenkiKaminarimon #NeonAsakusa
from this, to this. such a classic of iwabe denki and metal😂 #Boruto

The fanbase was also happy to see the new generation interact with their predecessors. Many fans have been asking for Denki to have a talk with Neon, as they are both interested in ninja tools, which happened in today's episode. Others simply laughed at Team 5 being scared by a group of kids in the Academy’s haunted house.

A terrorist attack

Shino and Hana as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Shino and Hana as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 268 went on to show all the festival attendees ready to enjoy the school play about the Sannin. Backstage, Kae was feeling nervous, so she decided to talk with Kawaki to calm herself. The princess thanked the boy for how good of a friend he has been to her since she entered the Academy. Kawaki, who felt bad for lying to the girl, could only look to the side.

Soul informed Kae that it was her turn to enter the stage when suddenly, a massive explosion shook the Academy. Himawari ran towards his brother with a note that was left by the perpetrator. Inside the teacher’s lounge, Hana was talking with her colleagues about the incident. They informed her that the Academy was filled with paper bombs that they needed to defuse.

The teachers were worried about how they would search the entire Academy with only five people. Boruto and his friends entered the lounge, telling Iruka that they would be glad to help. Inside the gymnasium, Kawaki and his classmates were lamenting what happened. Eiki and Ehou decided to help their teachers search for the bombs, even when they were told not to.

The next generation. ❤️‍🔥#boruto

The fandom almost burst into tears after witnessing Boruto and his friends come together to help their former teachers save the academy. The scene with every member of the Academy’s old generation can be seen all over Twitter.

The plan to kill Kae

Kawaki using shadow clone Jutsu and Himawari using her byukugan yet again! We’re getting spoilt every week🙏. #boruto

Boruto episode 268 continued with Boruto and his friends looking around the Academy for the paper bombs the terrorist placed. Ehou and Eiki found a huge amount of bombs hidden at the back of the academy. While Eiki tried to disarm them, Ehou ran to his classmates to ask for help. Kawaki, knowing he needed to help the Fuma heir, tasked Himawari with watching Kae and went to save Eiki.

The Uzumaki boy arrived just in time, as the main bomb of the cluster was about to explode. He used a Shadow Clone to send the bomb as high in the air as he could, preventing any damage from occurring to the building. Inside the school, the kids were scared for Kawaki, but Himawari assured them her brother would be fine.

The arc is definitely getting closer to its conclusion stages. The episodes are starting to become more action based. I really enjoyed today’s episode, more intense and suspenseful. An enemy who uses explosions, yes pls👍👀. #boruto

The assassin entered the building and threw a smoke bomb inside the gymnasium to conceal their presence. Aided by the smoke, the cloaked figure approached Kae and tried to stab the princess in the back. Himawari, remembering her brother’s words attacked the figure before they could accomplish their mission. The two girls ran outside, thinking they would be safe there.

Sadly, the assassin followed them and attempted to kill Kae once more, only to be stopped by Kawaki. The killer tried to run away from the Uzumaki boy, throwing dozens of explosive Kunai to keep Kawaki from following them. Hana, who was searching for Kawaki, was crushed by the debris. Boruto episode 268 ended with Kae asking if Kawaki was tasked with keeping her safe.

The Bomb Brats really do trust each other 💣🤝🏻😂#BorutoNarutoNextGenerations #Boruto268 #Anitwt

Seeing Boruto’s classmates in action was one of the best parts of this week’s episode. Many fans are happy to see their favorite characters in action once again.

On a eu le cas de Sumire.Le danger caché parmis les élèves d l'académie.Ils ont repris exactement le même modèle sauf que maintenant c'est la prof le danger.Tout ce qui caractérise la prof fait écho a Sumire, du design a l'attitude du personnage.Le même vice...#Boruto268
I guess you already noticed this parallel👀 #BORUTO
Believe me or not she is the new Sumire of this arc😏 #BORUTO…

After the events of Boruto episode 268, fans are almost convinced that Hana is the assassin. They compared her character with Sumire’s, who had a similar personality before it was discovered she was a villain. Most hints point at Hana being the one behind the assassination attempt, even after she was crushed by the rocks.

Final thoughts

Kawaki as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kawaki as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

After last week’s slow and somewhat boring entry, Boruto episode 268 worked perfectly in bringing back some excitement to the franchise. With the constant threat of an assassin hiding in the school, even the calmest moment felt tense, as fans never knew when the villain would attack. The mystery of who is behind the killer mask remains and we can only hope it will be disclosed soon.

Next week’s episode will focus on the aftermath of the school festival. Because he did not inform Naruto immediately after learning about the assassin, Kawaki was removed from the mission. Unfortunately, the killer is not going to stop trying to kill their target because of that. We will have to wait and see how the situation develops once the episode is released.

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