Does Hashirama's cell enable Naruto to use Wood Release Jutsu?

Wood Release Jutsu of Hashirama Senju (image via Studio Pierrot)
Wood Release Jutsu of Hashirama Senju (image via Studio Pierrot)

Hashirama, the creator of Wood Release Jutsu, has been a well-known shinobi since the beginning of Naruto. His tremendous physical power and ability to reap the most of the medical ninjutsu expertise have propelled him to a respected stature in Narutoverse. Furthermore, Hashirama's Wood Release Jutsu is so powerful that using it without his cells is considered a difficult feat.

Wood Release is one of the anime's most powerful techniques. It gained legendary status after Hashirama Senju used it to confine several tailed beasts and prevent Madara Uchiha from attacking.

Unlike other Kekkei Genkai, this one seems to have developed naturally only in Hashirama, since it is not handed down via the bloodline. A technique using the First Hokage's cells was used by subsequent users in the series to master versions of the Wood Release.

At this point, you may be wondering whether Naruto, the series' protagonist, is capable of employing this extremely powerful technique. There is, however, no clear answer, yet it is likely.

It is a popular belief that Naruto can use Wood Release Jutsu; here's why

What is Wood Release Jutsu?

Hashirama Senju in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)
Hashirama Senju in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto's world is replete with powerful and sought-after Kekkei Genkai, including Wood Release. While executing the notable snake hand seal, this kekkei genkai is created by fusing Water and Earth Release together.

Earth and Water Releases are combined in Wood Release to create a natural transition. Hashirama Senju is the only person known to have used this technique, and it is not easy to utlitize unless you possess his cells. Many have attempted to recreate Hashirama's Wood Release after his death due to its potency and adaptability.

Wood Release, in its most basic form, allows the user to create wood with their chakra, thereby transforming it into life-giving energy. At its best, this transformative kekkei genkai may produce massive trees of any size and form imaginable. Hashirama created a woodland that served as a foundation for Konohagakure, which contributed to his election as the First Hokage. From simple cages to elaborate houses, wood may be used to build a variety of structures.

Yamato explains that the foundation of this jutsu is a combination of Earth and Water type elements. In Narutoverse, the only things Yamato can make are lifeless wooden structures like homes, shields and bridges. It is still a long way from Hashirama's woodwork.Only the latter was capable of using his wood technique to create live beings. Hashirama was able to weave hand signals to create complete forests packed with a broad assortment of plants as a result of his extraordinary wood release.

Can Naruto use Wood Release Jutsu?


Theoritically, yes.

Naruto is yet to demonstrate that he is capable of using Wood Style Jutsu. His arm was repaired using Harshirama's cells after the last confrontation with Sasuke, so technically he might be able to use it.

In theory, Hashirama's cells would provide him with Wood Release Jutsu prowess in a similar manner to how he was bestowed with Boil, Magnet, and Lava Release skills by the tailed beasts' cells. However, Naruto is yet to perform a Wood Release in the Boruto series.

In addition to the infamous Yin-Yang release, Naruto has the ability to perform all five nature styles, owing to his status as a jinchuriki. It's possible for Naruto to learn and perform Wood Release on his own, and it's a very unusual jutsu that he can add to his repertoire. Moreover, Naruto, unlike Hashirama, would not have to use his chakra for self-healing in order to acquire this strength. The chakra of Kuramas enhances Naruto's healing abilities.

Why do we think so?


Naruto can now perform all five of the basic nature transformations, along with YinYang Release, after acquiring the Six Paths Senjutsu. He can utilize the latter to rejuvenate life-forces, cure those he touches, and reattach missing organs. Naruto is also able to also employ Magnet, Lava Release, and Boil Release after obtaining chakra from the corresponding tailed beasts, allowing him to smoothly incorporate any of the other components into his usual techniques. Tsunade used Hashirama's cells to create an artificial prosthetic limb for him when he lost his right arm in the final fight with Sasuke.

Despite the fact that he has yet to demonstrate any particular powers from the mechanical limb's unique cellular makeup, like Hashirama's Wood Release Jutsu or the ability to sustain oneself without the necessities, the arm has improved his endurance and mending capabilities. This prosthesis, like Madara and Obito's own, may simply be removed and replaced. Thus, in theory, Naruto is capable of using Mokuton.

Who can use the Wood Release Jutsu in Naruto

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of Konohagakure, is an expert in the art of Wood Release. Several additional characters appeared alongside the character, exhibiting their consistent approach to this formidable kekkei genkai, during the course of the series. However, it is now established that only Hashirama was able to maintain such a steady level of quality throughout time.


Moegi Kazamatsuri:

Team 10 is led by Konohagakure Jonin Moegi Kazamatsuri, a member of the new generation. As a Kunoichi, she has exceptional Earth and Water Release skills. Other than this, there is no information on how she gained the ability to utilize Wood Release.


It's safe to say that Madara Uchiha is one of the most recognizable characters in Naruto. With his incredible strength and ability to outpower Hashirama, he has become one of the most powerful villains in the Shinobi world's history. Madara can likewise perform Hashirama's Wood Release, but to a different degree.

White Zetsu:

The White Zetsu was Kaguya's first victim when she utilized the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Hashirama's DNA was implanted into him when he was rescued by Madara.

Hashirama Senju:

The first Hokage of Konoha, Hashirama Senju. He was blessed with the ability to unleash the force of Wood Release Jutsu, and he became a master of the technique owing to his mastery of chakra.


As an Otsutsuki, Momoshiki was a skilled chakra user who was able to harness the full power of all chakras via the use of his Rinnegan. Katasuke performs Wood Release with his Shinobi Gauntlet in the novelisation of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. In turn, Momoshiki absorbs his Wood Release.



At least for a considerable period of time, Konohagakure's Root, Anbu's training subdivision, was headed by Danzo. The Wood Release is one of the abilities he possesses. He was endowed these skills by Orochimaru.


Konohagakure Shinobi Yamato is one of the most powerful Wood Release Jutsu users in the tale. He was experimented on as a youngster by Orochimaru. After surviving, he acquired the ability to use Wood Release.



Obito got the vast majority of his skills from Madara. Danzo and Madara both had Hashirama's cells implanted into their bodies, as did Obito himself. With the help of Wood-Style Jutsu, he was able to fight adversaries.


Wood Release was acquired by Orochimaru, one of Konoha's famous Sannin, when he gained access to one of the bodies of White Zetsu corpses during the Ninja War.

Ten Tails:


Cutting Technique was one of the Ten-Tails' Wood Release Jutsu. Using its hands and the tip of its tails, the Ten-Tails could hurl wooden weapons towards the Shinobi Alliance.


The Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands (image via Studio Pierrot)
The Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands (image via Studio Pierrot)

The Senju Clan's progenitor Asura is capable of using Wood Release. He is also depicted employing Hashirama's finest and most prominent Jutsus.

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