Every spirit-based spell from Black Clover

Yuno (right) seen with his wind spirit Sylph (left) in the Black Clover anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Yuno (right) seen with his wind spirit Sylph (left) in the Black Clover anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
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Throughout Black Clover, many different mages have played host to various spirits, with these mages being both heroes and villains. Most spirits seen thus far, however, are introduced with heroes as their hosts, and every spirit eventually finds its way to one of Black Clover’s friendly faces.

There is also a respectably wide variation of spirit-based spells within Black Clover, with many different spells shown doing or being able to accomplish different things. All these spells, regardless of their exact function, have continuously proven why Spirit Magic is some of the most powerful magic to use in Black Clover.

Here is every spirit-based spell from Black Clover, ranked in no particular order.

Yuno and Sylph are responsible for majority of Black Clover’s spirit-based spells

1) Spirit Dive


Spirit Dive is an assimilation-type spell, first seen used by Yuno and his Wind Spirit, Sylph. With an open Grimoire, the user assimilates their spirit into their body, drastically increasing their own power and the magic spells' capabilities as a result.

It’s been shown to have varying levels of strength throughout Black Clover, with Yuno steadily and eventually progressing to total assimilation.

2) Salamander’s Breath


Salamander’s Breath is a spell used by the eponymous fire spirit, in which fire gets shot out of its mouth in one of two ways. The first is in a steady, controlled stream, which can be aimed and fired continuously.

The second is in a large, condensed fireball, which can be aimed and fired at one specific target. In either form, it’s one of the more devastating spirit-based spells seen throughout Black Clover thus far.

3) Salamander’s Claw


Salamander’s Claw is yet another spell used by the eponymous fire spirit, with the spirit first being summoned via an open Grimoire of their host. Once summoned, Salamander covers its claws in fire, releasing five large slashes with a swipe of its leg that are capable of both burning and cutting.

Although only having been seen mowing down some trees in Black Clover thus far, the spell would presumably be deadly against any sentient target in its path.

4) Ludic Sanctuary


Ludic Sanctuary is used by Noelle Silva in combination with the water spirit, Undine.

The user first summons a pillar of water around their target, which lifts them high into the air, before growing the pillar via water from their surroundings. This water combines both Undine and the pillar, creating a massive body of nearly lake-sized water.

Natural mana arrays are placed above, below, and around the body of water as well, further strengthening the spell. Enemies trapped inside see their power decreased and their mana drained, while allies who use Water Magic see their power grow inside the spell.

It’s one of the most versatile spirit--based spells in Black Clover, capable of restraining and wearing down an opponent simultaneously.

5) Saint Valkyrie Dress

Noelle Spirit Dive: Saint Valkyrie Dress#BCSpoilers #BC295 #Noelle

This Saint Stage spell sees its users assimilate the water-spirit Undine into their body and armor, creating a battle-ready outfit which is laden with vast amounts of mana.

The technique makes the armor and weapons used by the user effective against devil magic, and is one of the most powerful non-devil magic spells in Black Clover as a result.

6) Sylph’s Breath


Sylph’s Breath is used by the eponymous wind spirit and Yuno, the latter of whom summons the former with an open Grimoire to begin. Once summoned, the two launch an enormous bullet of tumultuous and concentrated wind streams, which blow the target back.

The spell has been somewhat sparingly used throughout the series, but has been incredibly helpful and memorable when used.

7) Spirit Storm


After assimilating with wind spirit Sylph via Spirit Dive, this spell is performed first by the user opening their Grimoire. Once opened, the user concentrates a vast amount of mana in their hand, before releasing it in the form of a dense beam of swirling Wind Magic.

It’s an incredibly powerful spell which can cause even the strongest of enemies to stumble, albeit temporarily.

8) Liable Tempest


Liable Tempest is yet another spell which requires assimilating with the wind spirit Sylph via Spirit Dive. Once assimilated, the user begins flying around their opponent, increasing their speed until a vortex of wind is created around them. The vortex is then compressed into a tight cocoon, which is then fastened with several other wind streams to restrain targets.

While enemies with denser and greater mana can escape the cocoon, it has still been known to restrain opponents of such a caliber for a brief time. Especially in Black Clover’s fights, that brief time can be incredibly valuable, making Liable Tempest one of the most significant spirit-based spells.

9) Spirit’s Hushed Dance

spirit’s hushed dance is one of my favorite Yuno spells don’t ask me why it’s just so good for some reason

Spirit’s Hushed Dance is a Mana Zone technique which requires the assimilation of the wind spirit Sylph. Once absorbed, the user then takes control of the surrounding mana via Mana Zone, allowing them to predict and evade attacks with remarkable timing and accuracy, even if the attacks are based on Light Magic.

The spell is both one of the most powerful and beautiful spirit-based spells in the series, with the user almost dancing on a stream of wind like a leaf when using the technique.

10) Spirit of Zephyr


Like previous spells, Spirit of Zephyr yet again requires the user to absorb the wind spirit Sylph before activating it. Once done, the user condenses external mana into a large, two-handed sword which takes on the properties of said external mana.

Some of the sword’s most remarkable features are its ability to erode what it cannot cut until it is cuttable, as well as being able to manifest a giant tornado. Both can be incredibly useful in Black Clover’s fast-paced, high-stakes fights.

11) Spirit of Boreas

I deleted my first tweet. I put dive instead of "of" lol my b.Spirit Assimilation: Spirit of Boreas#BCSpoilers

Spirit of Boreas also requires its user to assimilate the wind spirit Sylph before becoming usable. Once done, the user condenses the wind into a giant halberd, which continuously releases streams of wind. The winds are shown to be capable of destroying devil-enhanced Bone Magic, as well as being able to drill into targets for extra damage.

Spirit of Boreas is one of the most potent and powerful offensive spirit-based spells in Black Clover, yet again adding to Yuno’s list of offensive techniques.

12) Spirit of Euros

As was surely predictable, Spirit of Euros is yet another high-level spirit-based spell which requires the wind spirit Sylph to be assimilated. Once this is done, the user begins cultivating a large amount of mana before condensing it into a recurve bow and arrow.

When fired, the arrow is shown to be incredibly fast and powerful, cleanly penetrating a devil-boosted host’s body without any issues whatsoever. Focusing purely on offense, it’s one of and possibly even the most powerful spirit-based attack spell in Black Clover.

13) Saint Spirit of Zephyr

Saint Spirit of Zephyr, YunoBlack Clover Ch. 310#BlackClover #ブラッククローバー

Finally, the Saint Spirit of Zephyr is achieved by first using the Spirit of Zephyr spell and creating its accompanying sword. The user must then synchronize with the wind spirit Sylph, who will then condense even more magic power into the sword. The Saint Spirit of Zephyr is achieved when the resonance between host and spirit reaches near 100%, activating Saint Stage power in the spell.

The only major visual changes are the halo around the sword becoming more radiant and the crossguard wings growing larger and fanning out. However, as a Saint Stage spell, the Saint Spirit of Zephyr is vastly more powerful than its predecessor, and is easily one of Black Clover’s strongest spirit-based offensive spells.

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