One Piece chapter 1062: Bonney's family ties, Lucci and Kaku return, and more

Bonney, Lucci, and Kaku steal the show in One Piece Chapter 1062 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Bonney, Lucci, and Kaku steal the show in One Piece Chapter 1062 (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece chapter 1062 scanlations were released late on Thursday evening, bringing with them the unofficial release of this highly-anticipated issue. Fans are overjoyed to see the series unofficially return with this fan-translated release of One Piece chapter 1062 after its break week.

One Piece chapter 1062 is also an exciting chapter in and of itself, setting up the Egghead Island arc with intriguing stakes and shocking reveals. Of chief concern are the familial ties the issue deals with, as well as exactly who Vegapunk is and how they’re able to do such brilliant work.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the unofficially released One Piece chapter 1062 in its entirety.

One Piece chapter 1062 spotlights Vegapunk, with nearly every aspect of issue revolving around the enigmatic scientist

One Piece chapter 1062: An admirer’s plea and a dangerous standoff

One Piece chapter 1062 begins the narrative by focusing on the general Straw Hat crew aboard the Thousand Sunny. The group finds themselves in the clutches of Dr. Vegapunk’s robotic soldier and expresses shock over meeting the infamous Marine scientist. However, one Straw Hat in particular quickly switches to a different sentiment.

None other than Franky begins addressing Vegapunk, calling her his role model and explaining how he spent 2 years in Baldimore going through her original lab. Usopp, meanwhile, fawns over the giant mech in front of them, while Sanji instead gushes over how much of a "stunning lady" Vegapunk is.

As she prepares to respond to them, Robin incredulously calls out that this is the first time she’s heard of Vegapunk being a woman. She also emphasizes that the self-proclaimed Vegapunk before them appears much younger than the scientist's long career would indicate. The Vegapunk before them responds that this is correct, saying she isn’t the "main "Stella" body."

The Vegapunk before them reintroduces herself as Punk-02, otherwise known as Vegapunk Lilith. She then says that research funds are always an issue for her, so she plans to let the Straw Hats go if they turn over their treasure. Nami rejects this proposal, asking what kind of rescue this is, prompting Lilith to emphasize that it isn’t a rescue.

She continues, emphasizing that it’s nearly impossible to trespass in these waters, demanding their cooperation or else "they will sink" the Straw Hats. One Piece chapter 1062 then introduces Lilith’s Weaponized Sea-Beasts, essentially mechanically augmented animals of the sea which are now combat capable.

Franky gets excited over the creatures while Usopp admits his fear is taking over his awe, with Nami and Brook also freaking out. Zoro looks on calmly as Lilith receives a call from someone she calls Shaka, who berates her for always insisting on looting and says she should have pride as a scientist. Lilith hilariously responds by asking if Shaka’s "infernal pride" keeps the lights on.

Meanwhile, Robin is shown to be looking quite intensely at Lilith, as Shaka continues by introducing who the Straw Hats are and emphasizing their recent Yonko status. Lilith says that this must mean they have tons of treasure stored, but Shaka says that even so, she’s made a foolish mistake, which the former disputes by pointing out how they’re surrounded.

One Piece chapter 1062 then sees Shaka show her why she’s incorrect, pointing out the billion-Beri swordsman, Roronoa Zoro. Shaka emphasizes that he’s calm because he knows he can kill her in an instant from where he’s standing, saying the same goes for Nico Robin, who is also laser-focused on the enemy before them.

Lilith points out the Sea Beasts, saying that there’s no way they can take all of them on. Shaka retorts, however, that Zoro and Robin have already appraised their enemies and decided on what the best course of action is in terms of fighting back. Lilith realizes that the silliness of the rest of the crew lulled her into a false sense of security, cursing her carelessness.

One Piece chapter 1062 then sees Zoro tell Lilith that there’s something he wants from her, telling her she better play nice. However, fans don’t learn what this is before One Piece Chapter 1062 introduces Punk-01, Shaka Vegapunk, associated with logic. However, One Piece chapter 1062 yet again quickly shifts perspective, this time focusing on Luffy’s group.

One Piece chapter 1062: The world of the future, now

Returning back to Luffy’s group, One Piece chapter 1062 sees Bonney explaining how she’s been to Egghead Island before, calling it a pretty normal place at that time. She then explains that she’s here for answers from Vegapunk, explaining that he’s the one who turned her dad into a cyborg.

At this point, as she continues speaking, Bartholomew Kuma's face appears in the background, revealing that he is indeed her father. Bonney goes on to say that Kuma has lost all sense of self, not even knowing who he is anymore in his new existence as a living weapon. The group offers their condolences, with Luffy hilariously getting Bonney’s name wrong, as they climb to the surface.

One Piece chapter 1062 sees the group arrive at the surface of what seems to be a massive laboratory. A logo for the Special Science Group (SSG) can be seen on the roof here, further suggesting it to be a research lab. As Chopper and Luffy are mesmerized by everything around them, Bonney realizes she forgot to mention her meeting with Sabo at the Reverie, deciding to bring it back up later.

As shots of the room are shown, readers and Luffy’s group see a giant robot and what Luffy calls a "space monster," with an appearance very similar to Crocodile’s Banana Gators. Luffy tries to take the Space Monster for a ride, but passes through it after appearing to have been eaten by the creature.

Jinbe and the others approach Luffy, asking if he’s alright (which he seems to be), before Bonney sees a giant parfait, cookies, fruits, and ice cream in the distance. This causes everyone but Jinbe to dive right into the pile of desserts, with the Straw Hat helmsman being the only one to point out that it has to be a trap.

However, One Piece chapter 1062 shows the group passing through the food as Luffy did with the monster, shocking everyone (including Jinbe) in the process. Chopper comments on how cruel it is to make them hungry like this without giving them actual food, as Luffy posits that they may have died earlier and didn’t realize it.

Instead, Bonney says there’s no way they died, correctly analyzing that what’s before them is a hologram. After explaining what holograms are, Luffy correctly realizes that the monster he passed through is a hologram as well, with Jinbe correctly assuming that the robot must be one as well.

Chopper, meanwhile, sees a panel of buttons with various pictures of food on them, but Bonney tells him to accept that everything here is a sham. As Jinbe comments on how the climate of where they are doesn’t match the seas around the island, another Vegapunk the size of Kaido makes her debut in One Piece chapter 1062.

She explains that the island is indeed a Winter island, but the Island AirCon has the environment in the lab set to tropical. The current Vegapunk then explains that the technology lets an area’s temperature be regulated right down to the soil, as Luffy questions if she’s also a hologram, running up and punching her before she responds.

The newest Vegapunk punches him back, knocking him into the panel of buttons with pictures of food on them. This causes the machine to activate, spitting out a hamburger, fries, and a drink with various Vegapunk brandings. Bonney, realizing it’s real, grabs the meal and shares it with Luffy and Chopper, with all three complimenting how good it tastes.

As they realize there are plenty of other options from the machine, the new Vegapunk is thankful for their appreciation of her work, which she calls the Unmanned Cooking Device. She explains that it turns raw ingredients into one of 500 dishes in under a minute, before growing angry over the lack of competent engineers to mass-produce the machine.

In a fit of rage, she punches the holographic space monster, ranting about how the Island AirCon is in the same boat. She continues ranting about how it could control the weather if she just had a bit more money, as Luffy’s group marvels at her being able to punch the hologram. She explains that her photonic gloves make it possible to do so, as another hologram appears.

She continues pondering the relationship between perception and a sense of reality, which Luffy briefly engages in. Jinbe then asks what she is, with the girl introducing herself as Punk-06, Dr. Vegapunk Atlas, being associated with wrath here. Bonney declares that to be a lie, as Luffy and Chopper are shocked to meet the Vegapunk as One Piece chapter 1062 shifts perspectives.

One Piece chapter 1062: Old enemies with a new target

One Piece chapter 1062 then sees a World Government ship sailing somewhere in the New World, as none other than CP0 are revealed to be on board. In a shocking twist, however, the agents fans will be seeing in this arc are none other than Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy, with the former two returning as antagonists for the first time since Enies Lobby.

Kaku explains to Lucci that while Vegapunk is still a single individual, he has “split up” into six different people because of how busy he is. He then shows a chart, which sees the Dr. Vegapunk sitting above the 6 other Vegapunks, which Kaku calls “satellites.”

This chart implies that there is one Vegapunk who controls or is in charge of the others, similar to the situation Naruto’s Nagato had with the six Pains. It also lists the names and associated emotion of each satellite Vegapunk, which are as follows:

  • Punk 01, named Shaka, representing logic
  • Punk 02, named Lilith, representing evil
  • Punk 03, named Edison, representing flair
  • Punk 04, named Pythagoras, representing wisdom
  • Punk 05, named Atlas, representing wrath
  • Punk 06, named York, representing desir

Lucci comments on how he’s the weird one for thinking that’s impossible, before saying how geniuses are such a pain. One Piece chapter 1062 then reveals that the CP0 team has none other than the Seraphim Pacifista of Bartholomew Kuma with them, calling him a “problem child” and saying how their mission is to return him to Egghead.

Kaku continues, saying that their next objective is to eliminate every last Vegapunk without damaging any of the lab’s assets or research material. Lucci questions if their being tasked with killing the “single most useful man in the world” has to do with the disappearance of Lulucia.

However, both Stussy and Kaku tell him not to pry any further into the matter as One Piece chapter 1062 comes to an end. There is no announcement of a series break next week.

One Piece chapter 1062: In summation

One Piece chapter 1062 is, overall, an exciting and engaging issue which sees the overarching plot for the Egghead Island arc come to light. Furthermore, based on what has been set up so far, fans can expect this current arc to be one of the most exciting in recent memory,

Easily the most intriguing aspect of One Piece chapter 1062 is the relationship between the Vegapunks, as well as where the real and true Dr. Vegapunk is. While fans will undoubtedly receive these answers, they may have to wait quite some time.

Finally, the reintroduction of Kaku and Lucci as antagonists for the arc is quite exciting, with many fans heavily praising this reveal. While some critique it as a nostalgia ploy, many readers are instead expressing genuine happiness and optimism regarding their return to the story.

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