Spy X Family: 5 times Loid and Yor were great parents (& 5 times Anya helped them out)

The Forgers may be a fake family, but their love is real (Image via Wit Studio)
The Forgers may be a fake family, but their love is real (Image via Wit Studio)

The Forger family in Spy X Family may not be perfect, but they are always trying to get better. Neither Loid nor Yor knew anything about taking care of a child before meeting little Anya. However, ever since they became her parents, both have worked hard to give her the best life possible.

While the parents do their best, Anya also wants her parents to be happy as often as possible. To accomplish this, she has helped them out a bunch of times throughout the series. On this list, we will go through five of the best Loid and Yor parenting moments, as well as five times Anya gave them a little hand.

Disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers for Spy X Family’s manga and will reflect the author’s opinions.

Loid-Man and 4 other moments where Loid and Yor were amazing parents in Spy X Family

1) Defending Anya from Swan

One of the most epic moments in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)
One of the most epic moments in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)

Every Spy X Family fan is aware that there is no one as evil as Murdoch Swan in the franchise. Swan is one of Eden Academy’s teachers, as well as one of the people who interviewed Anya and her parents before entering the prestigious school. Swan is a horrible man who hates happiness and has despised Anya’s positive attitude ever since he met her.

Because of this, he thought it would be a good idea to mock Anya about her true mother, making the little girl cry almost instantaneously. Yor was the first to jump to Anya’s defense, asking politely for the teacher to stop harassing his daughter. While Loid tried to remain calm, seeing his little girl cry was enough to make him lose his temper, defending his daughter like any good father would.

2) Protecting her from kidnappers

Never make Yor angry (Image via Wit Studio)
Never make Yor angry (Image via Wit Studio)

Ostania’s crime rate is quite high. Any has been a witness to this reality on more than one occasion, but she can always trust her parents to save her from danger. For instance, days after being accepted into Eden Academy, Anya decided to go shopping with her mother using her new uniform.

A group of criminals recognized Eden’s uniform and confused Anya with the daughter of an influential family. Thinking they could make a quick buck by kidnapping the little girl, they tried to take her away from the supermarket she and Yor went into. Within seconds, Yor dispatched all the criminals who dared touch her daughter, all while proclaiming she would protect her.

3) Playing Loid-Man

Loid-man's scene has one of the best songs in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)
Loid-man's scene has one of the best songs in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)

Getting into Eden Academy was not only a massive accomplishment for Anya, but also a major step forward in Loid’s mission. To congratulate her daughter, Loid told Anya that she could get anything she wanted. Taking advantage of this situation, Anya asked Loid to rent a castle, as well as to play spies with her.

Any other person would have obviously denied this outrageous request, but not Loid. He did exactly as his daughter wanted, without complaining about it even once. He convinced himself this was all for a mission, but Spy X Family fans know the true motive behind his actions: his love for Anya.

4) Adopting Bond

There are only two ways (three as of Chapter 66) for Loid to get closer to his target, Donovan Desmond, and complete mission Strix. One of them involves Anya getting enough Stella stars to become an Academic Imperial, the equivalent of an elite student. In order for her to obtain them, she needs to either be the best student in her class or achieve something grandiose.

Because of this, the first Stella Anya was able to obtain was so celebrated by her parents. To let her know how much they appreciated the effort she was putting into school, they allowed her to adopt a dog, specifically Bond. The white and fluffy dog has a special connection with Anya, so her parents were more than happy to let her keep her beloved animal.

5) Getting her Penguin-Man

Anya loves Agent Penguin-man (Image via Wit Studio)
Anya loves Agent Penguin-man (Image via Wit Studio)

Spy X Family has proven time and time again how much of a caring father Loid can be, even when he is overworked and tired. For example, even when he was about to collapse from a week full of missions, Loid took the time to travel with his family to the Aquarium.

There, he had to complete yet another mission, which completely ruined the day for him. However, thanks to that, Anya became the proud owner of a giant penguin plush that Loid won for her. Even though he could have come up with literally any other excuse as to why he disappeared while accomplishing his mission, Loid decided to win his daughter a toy he knew she would love.

Obtaining her Stella and 4 other moments in Spy X Family where Anya assisted her parents

1) Helping them get together


The moment Yor and Loid met will always be ingrained into Spy X Family fans’ memories. The awkwardness of their encounter was only augmented when Yor convinced herself Loid was married and she was about to ask a family man out on a date.

Since Anya is able to read minds, she was completely aware of the misunderstanding happening inside her future mother’s head. Without hesitation, Anya started to sing about wanting and yearning for a mother, making her parents realize how perfect they were for each other, or at least their missions.

2) Study for Eden Academy

Spy X Family is just too wholesome (Image via Wit Studio)
Spy X Family is just too wholesome (Image via Wit Studio)

Anya is an amazing child with a heart of gold and a perpetually optimistic outlook on life, but she is far from a perfect student. Before being adopted, Anya had not studied a single day of her life, something that was not hard to see for any Spy X Family fan.

Knowing how important her success in the entrance exam was to Loid, Anya did what no kid ever wants to do, study out of her own volition. In the end, all of her effort was rewarded when she passed the exam, making her and her father happier than ever.

3) Making Loid let go of his doubts


The worst part about being a spy is the constant paranoia that comes with the job. Loid has been a victim of this irrational fear on more than one occasion in Spy X Family. Yet, there has only been one moment that was serious enough for Anya to get involved in.

Having become aware of Yuri, Yor’s brother, being a member of the secret police, Loid began suspecting that Yor was also involved with the organization. Anya, who heard all of her father’s thought, took it into her own hands to help her father stop doubting her mother, which proved to be very effective in the end.

4) Saving Loid from a bomb

#SPY_FAMILY #SPYxFAMILYSpoilers --------------------Anya left a message? That's smart. But will they tell that there's a bomb in the doorknob.

Every spy needs to know that each new mission could be their last, considering their world is filled with danger, betrayal and, death. Loid is definitely aware of this fact, although fortunately for him, he now has a guardian angel that is always keeping him safe, Anya.

During the Doggy Crisis arc of Spy X Family, Anya teamed up with Bond to prevent a future in which Loid died because of a bomb. Anya and her pet did everything they could to prevent that horrible future from ever becoming a reality, saving Loid from a certain death.

5) Studying to approve the mid-term exams

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The norms of Eden Academy are stricter than most other schools in the world, something that the protagonists of Spy X Family are constantly reminded of. Loid lives in fear of Anya doing something to get herself expelled from the institution. These fears would have most likely become a reality during Eden’s midterms, if not for Anya’s enormous effort.

Knowing that she would not be able to use her powers on the day of the exams, Anya studied day and night to obtain a passing grade. Her marks were far from perfect, but she did pass all of her classes, all because she wanted to help her father in his mission.

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