Tokyo Revengers: Every death that likely never happened in the original timeline

Many deaths could have been prevented in Tokyo Revengers
Many deaths could have been prevented in Tokyo Revengers' original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Lately, the Tokyo Revengers manga has been showing fans how the world of the series would have been if Shinichiro was ever given the power to time travel. In the original timeline, Mikey suffered a tragic accident that left him comatose for the rest of his life, having to be under the constant care of his older brother.

If the oldest Sano brother had not changed the events of this timeline, many of the tragedies that have occurred in Tokyo Revengers could have been avoided. This includes the many deaths that fans have witnessed throughout the series.

In this article, we will talk about every character who would still be alive in the original timeline.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion. It contains major spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers anime

Draken, Emma, and other characters who have never perished in the original timeline of Tokyo Revengers

Shinichiro Sano

Mikey and Shinichiro in the original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Mikey and Shinichiro in the original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

One of the first things we learned about Mikey in Tokyo Revengers is that his brother Shinichiro died in a tragic accident. This happened when, to celebrate one of Manjiro’s birthdays, Baji and Kazutora decided to enter a motorcycle store to steal their captain’s dream motorbike. Unfortunately, the store they decided to rob was Shinichiro’s.

Kazutora, fearing that the owner would call the police, hit Mikey’s older brother with a wrench, killing him instantly. This tragic incident never took place in the original timeline, given that Mikey was unable to form Toman before he fell down the stairs. This prevented the boy from finding a motorcycle he wanted to own.

The leaks about Tokyo Revengers chapter 270 revealed that Shinichiro indeed survived way past the point at which he was supposed to die. Nonetheless, he still went back in time, creating the altered timeline with the hope that Mikey would have the chance to avoid the accident.

Keisuke Baji

Baji as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Baji as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Baji was the first permanent death that occurred in Tokyo Revengers. During the Valhalla arc of the series, fans saw how Keisuke supposedly betrayed Toman to ally with Kazutora, who became one of Valhalla’s top fighters. In reality, Baji never crossed his friends and instead joined the other side to investigate Kisaki, who he believed was poisoning Mikey’s mind.

When Kazutora found out the truth, it broke him, prompting him to take a knife and stab his old friend in the back. To prevent Kazutora from becoming a murderer, Baji took the same knife and ended his life in front of his friends.

If Shinichiro had never altered the original timeline of Tokyo Revengers, Baji would have never been forced to betray Kazutora. It was even confirmed in the leaks for chapter 270 that Baji would have survived in the original timeline, as we would see him grow up.

Emma Sano

Emma as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Emma as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Mikey’s little sister was one of the many innocent lives lost due to Kisaki’s power-hungry nature. After being thrown out of Toman, Kisaki swore vengeance against Mikey, wishing to cause as much damage to the boy as possible. Kisaki joined forces with Izana, who also harbored a deep hatred towards the Toman leader.

With Izana’s blessing, Kisaki and Hanma rode their motorcycle until they found Emma, who was talking with Takemichi at the time. Without warning, the young delinquent hit the girl’s head with a pipe, gravely injuring her. Mikey did his best to get his sister to the hospital in time but Emma died on the way.

In the original timeline, Kisaki and Izana would have no reason to hate Mikey, as the events of the Tokyo Revengers manga would not occur. As a result, Emma would never get caught in the crossfire of the war between Toman and Tenjiku.

Izana Kurokawa

i colored an izana manga panel B) #izanakurokawa

Like Manjiro, Kurokawa looked up to Shinichiro as a hero. Despite not being a blood relative of either of the Sano siblings, Izana was considered a member of the family. As such, Shinichiro used to take care of him, which only increased the obsession the young boy had for his older sibling. Izana always felt jealous of how close Mikey and Shinichiro were.

This jealousy turned into a deep hatred once the older Sano brother died. Izana blamed Mikey for the death of their brother and dedicated his life to ending Manjiro once and for all. During the Tenjiku fight, Izana was capable of reconnecting with Mikey, which angered Kisaki. This led the megalomaniac teen to shoot Izana, killing him that same night.

Without Shinichiro’s interference, Izana would have never developed a hatred for Mikey, which would have stopped the fight between the siblings. The boy most likely would have never met Kisaki, preventing him from being killed by his hand.

Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Kisaki as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

When Tokyo Revengers began, Kisaki was seen as the ultimate villain of the franchise. Tetta was a deeply disturbed boy who believed himself to be superior to everyone around him. This belief caused him to become a power-hungry individual, who wanted nothing more than to become one of the most influential people in Japan’s underworld.

His biggest obstacle, as well as his greatest motivation, was Takemichi, whom he saw as the hero of his villain arc. In Tokyo Revengers chapter 265, it was revealed that Kisaki manipulated Mikey and Takemichi to achieve his goals. When our heroes foiled his plans, Tetta became frantic, to the point where he confronted Takemichi alone one night.

The young man died during the confrontation after being run over by a delivery truck. His demise was caused by his fateful encounter with Mikey during the altered timeline. In the original timeline of the series, Kisaki would have never interacted with Mikey, which would have stopped his premature death.


Draken as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Draken as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Despite how scary he may have looked, Draken was one of the kindest and most loyal characters of Tokyo Revengers. The young delinquent was one of Mikey’s best friends, accompanying him since their early years. Besides being Mikey’s best friend, Ken was also the vice-captain of Toman.

This position is what helped Draken and Takemichi become close friends, creating a bond that continued to grow even after Toman disbanded. It was because of this deep bond that Draken had no remorse in giving his life to save Takemichi from being shot to death.

Draken’s tragic end could have been prevented if Shinichiro had never gained access to his time-leaping ability. Manjiro and Ken would have never met, resulting in Draken never joining Toman and living a long and happy life.

South Terano

spoiler tokyo revengers 228---------south me caes fatal

The Tokyo Revengers manga has few characters who are as cruel as the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai, South Terano. South was one of the main antagonists of the Three Deities arc in the franchise. Throughout his time as a villain, South proved how twisted and deranged he truly was.

This unhinged personality is what led South to confront Mikey during the climax of the arc. By that point in Tokyo Revengers, Manjiro had already fallen victim to his dark impulses. This dark version of Mikey killed the Rokuhara Tandai leader without any remorse, regardless of how much Takemichi begged him to stop.

It is unlikely that South and Manjiro would have ever met in the original timeline. This would not only have stopped Mikey from allowing his Dark Impulses to take over, but also save South from dying during the Three Deities war.


Kakucho as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Kakucho as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Kakucho was one of Takemichi’s childhood friends, who started idolizing the time-leaper when he saved him from a group of bullies. Motivated by his friend’s dream to become one of Japan’s top delinquents, Kakucho worked hard until he achieved that goal. Unfortunately, this caused him to fight against his former friend Takemichi on more than one occasion.

In the last arc of Tokyo Revengers, both boys set aside their differences when Takemichi asked Kakucho for help to stop Sanzu from killing everyone. Regardless of how strong Kakucho was, Sanzu was still able to kill him by impaling the young man with a sword.

Takemichi never had anything to do with the Toman gang in the original timeline. This means that without Shinichiro altering the events of the series, Takemichi would have never had to fight Kakucho. In turn, the young delinquent would not have been stabbed by Sanzu, as the two of them would not have had to fight each other.

Final thoughts

Mikey as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Mikey as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Tokyo Revengers has one of the most complex and hard-to-follow time travel systems, but this has not stopped fans from figuring out that altering the timeline has been the reason for many of the tragic deaths that have occurred in the series. By saving Mikey, Shinichiro condemned a large group of people to their demise, himself included.

To prevent the tragedies that befell the Tokyo Revengers cast, the timeline needs to go back to normal. This has been confirmed by both the last couple of chapters, as well as the leaks for chapter 270. We will have to wait to see how Ken Wakui is going to handle this issue in future chapters of his manga.

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