Is Mason alive in Black Ops 6?

Alex Mason in Black Ops 6
Alex Mason in Black Ops (Image via Activision/Sportskeeda)

Black Ops 6 has been teasing returning campaign characters left and right, stirring excitement among long-time Call of Duty fans. While the multiple endings in the Black Ops timeline give rise to plenty of possibilities in the upcoming title's campaign, a Treyarch director has revealed that the canon ending in Black Ops 2 is the one where Alex Mason died.

The BO6 campaign storyline is one of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming Call of Duty title. Previous teasers and Easter eggs revealed the return of familiar names from the Black Ops timeline, including Frank Woods and Russel Adler.

Treyarch confirms Alex Mason is dead in Black Ops 6

Alex Mason in BO6 (Image via Activision)
Alex Mason in BO6 (Image via Activision)

Treyarchs's associate creative director, Miles Leslie, confirmed during a recent press briefing that Alex Mason is dead in Black Ops 6.

Alex Mason is a CIA captain who served as the protagonist of the Black Ops and returned as a deuteragonist in Black Ops 2. One of the endings in BO2 shows Mason dying after Menendez tricked Frank Woods into shooting him.

While there is also an alternative ending where Mason lives and hides for 30 years, Treyarch confirms that it won't be the case for the upcoming campaign.

Leslie also confirmed Jason Hudson's death in the campaign:

"Our Black Ops operatives have been through a lot. If you know anything about Black Ops, we have put our agents and operatives through the wringer, you will see and find out the state of Woods right in the world of no Alex Mason and Jason Hudson because they’re dead."

Treyarch lead producer Natalie Pohorski also gave away some details about the Black Ops 6 storyline, including Woods' new role in the CIA following his allies' demise:

"Woods has been pulled from the field and relegated to a new role within the CIA that’s much more eyes in the sky. He is the voice on the other end of the radio. And this is leaving our grizzled veteran more pissed off than ever, as you can imagine."

While two of the beloved Black Ops characters will exit the plot, Pohorski said they got Woods new allies, including Jane Harrow and Troy Marshall. Several other characters, like the mysterious assassin Demok and the tech genius Felix Newman, have been added to the game.

Black Ops 6's release is scheduled for October 25, 2024, on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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