Warzone's Black Ops 6 cutscene confirms the events of Black Ops 2 are canon

Black Ops 6 cutscene in Warzone reveals connection to Black Ops 2
Black Ops 6 cutscene in Warzone reveals connection to Black Ops 2 (Image via Sportskeeda/Activision)

Call of Duty has brought the Black Ops 6 hype to Warzone. A few teasers have been added to the game, including a Frank Woods cutscene, new Warzone-exclusive challenges, and an Easter egg that reveals Adler as the CIA mole. The new cutscene is especially important because it confirms that the Black Ops 2 campaign events are canon and related to the plot of the upcoming game.

This article looks into the Black Ops 2 events and how they relate to the new Black Ops 6 cutscene.

Black Ops 6 cutscene in Warzone shows connection to Black Ops 2

The new Black Ops 6 cutscene in Warzone shows Frank Woods in a wheelchair. He instructs the Operators to find a CIA mole using key information. While this further strengthens the speculation that Black Ops 6's plot is focused on the CIA traitor, it also reveals an interesting connection to Black Ops 2.

In Black Ops 2, Frank Woods was held captive by arms dealer Raul Menendez during their assignment to take out an arms smuggling ring. Woods was tortured alongside his team but was the lone survivor after everyone else was killed by the arms dealer. He was eventually rescued by CIA fellows Jason Hudson and Alex Mason.

Later in the campaign, the trio, led by General Manuel Noriega, went on a mission to take down Menendez. Driven by Woods' desire to seek revenge, he killed his enemy's sister, Josefina, with a grenade.

Menendez was believed to have been killed by the explosion, but it was later revealed that he survived and conspired with Noriega to fake his death.

It was also revealed that Hudson was a mole in the CIA that Menendez used to lure Woods and Mason into a trap. In the end, Woods was tricked into shooting Mason. Woods was shot in the kneecap, knocking him out and crippling him.

The BO6 cutscene in Warzone showing a handicapped Frank Woods in a wheelchair reveals that the game's plot and timeline are connected to that of Black Ops 2.

Both games also touch on the CIA mole plot theme, more evidently in Black Ops 6 teasers.

This covers everything we know about the BO6 cutscene in Warzone. Check other game-related updates below:

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