Auto Tac Sprint causes weapons to not reload after Warzone Season 3 reloaded update, CoD devs reveal temporary fix

Warzone and MW3 Tac Sprint error
Warzone and MW3 Auto Tac Sprint error (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone and MW3 players are facing a weird glitch with the Automatic Tactical Sprint feature after the Season 3 Reloaded update. According to multiple reports, the Auto Tac Sprint key is interfering with weapon reloading, leaving players unable to reload properly during gunfights. This can be a major nuisance for those who are trying to enjoy the game after the new patch.

The CoD devs have already acknowledged the issue, and are working on a fix. For the time being, they have suggested an official temporary solution that players can use to work around the error until it gets fixed.

How to fix Auto Tac Sprint causing reloading error in Warzone and MW3

According to Raven Software's official X post, here is what you can do while the devs work on the issue:

  • Open the game, and click on Settings. Upon clicking on Settings, find the Gameplay option beside Controller/Mouse and Keyboard and Aiming.
  • Click on Gameplay and check the Movement Behaviors section. Under the Movement Behaviors section, the first option would be the Automatic Sprint.
  • While the devs work on this issue, you can either turn off the Automatic Sprint option from there, or you can use the Automatic Sprint feature by clicking on it instead of your usual Tac Sprint behavior.

Auto Tac Sprint is one of the most important features in Warzone and MW3 movement mechanism. This feature is also essential for players who love to do Slide Cancel. So, this new bug can create a lot of problems in a player's movement behavior if they are used to employing the Auto Tac Sprint option.

The CoD devs are expected to fix this issue soon, so players can enjoy the brand-new update in Warzone and MW3 without any further problems.

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