When does Warzone 1 server go offline? Date and time for all regions explored

The Warzone 1 servers will most likely shut down on September 21 (Image via Activision)
The Warzone 1 servers will most likely shut down on September 21. (Image via Activision)

Back in the month of July 2023, Activision made an announcement that it would be shutting down the Warzone 1 servers after September 21. While the developer hasn't mentioned anything about the shutdown since then, players and fans of the game are bracing themselves and enjoying their last few matches on Caldera as they patiently await the servers going dark.

It's an emotional moment for many around the globe. Despite the developer introducing a brand new game with Al Mazrah for a fresh start, players still dropped into Warzone 1 regularly, which goes to show just how popular the game was in its heyday.

When do the Warzone 1 servers go down for all regions?

Activision hasn't mentioned the official time yet, but it's believed that the Warzone 1 servers will go offline at 9:00 am PT on September 21. Based on this, here are the timings for when the game's servers will be taken offline in different regions:

  • 9:00 AM PT
  • 12:00 PM ET
  • 6:00 PM BST
  • 10:30 PM IST

On Twitter, many players of the game are sharing clips and expressing their disappointment about the servers going offline at the moment. While it definitely is a sad moment, Activision is probably doing this so the playerbase focuses more on Warzone 2 and the other upcoming titles. They even rebranded WZ2 as Warzone a couple of months back, which caused many people to speculate about the future of WZ1.

Not just that, maintaining separate servers for two games with almost similar features can be a costly affair. This step might allow them to allocate their resources better, thereby letting them make more additions to Al Mazrah and other Resurgence maps in WZ2.

But this does put Activision in a weird situation because a lot of players have made a considerable number of purchases on Warzone 1. Given that its servers are being retired, these individuals will end up losing access to the cosmetics and Operators they paid for.

It's currently unclear if Activision will introduce a feature allowing gamers to transfer their items from the first game to its successor. However, the odds are low.

With the game's servers most likely to shut down in a little over 24 hours, WZ1 players should make the most of this time. Once the servers have gone offline, it's unlikely that Activision will ever bring them back.

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