5 dance moves of Virat Kohli you shouldn't miss

The former Indian skipper is quite the dancer alright (Screengrab via YouTube).
The former Indian skipper is quite the dancer alright (Screengrab via YouTube).

Virat Kohli's laurels on the cricket field need no introduction. The flamboyant batter has established himself as a modern-day great owing to his exploits across all formats of the game.

The star batter's brand value only adds to his superstar quotient. Apart from his batting and leadership, another aspect of him that stands out is his body language and passion. As someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, he's never going to shy away from egging the crowd on in a Test match or, for that matter, shaking a leg.

There have been innumerable moments featuring Kohli shaking a leg in joy. On that note, we take a look at five such dance moves of his.

#1 Kohli pulls off the Bhangra

A true Punjabi at heart, Kohli can pull off the Bhangra as well as anyone. With Punjabi Mandeep Singh for company, a video of the then-Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain shaking a leg with Chris Gayle went viral in 2016.


It remains one of the most iconic dance videos that happens to feature a cricketer. Kohli indulged in some more Bhangra during the wedding reception of his former Indian teammate Yuvraj Singh later that year.

#2 Oppa Gangnam Style


Who hasn't tried emulating that iconic step? We all have, haven't we? Chris Gayle was one of the early pioneers of the song in the cricketing world and his good friend Kohli caught up with it soon enough.

At one of the after-match parties of IPL 2013, the RCB duo entertained the audience with a rendition of the Gangnam Style dance step. In fact, when India won the Champions Trophy the same year, the then-Indian vice-captain broke into the same jig in celebration.

#3 Kohli's birthday celebration

Dancing is a great way of ensuring your cardio workout is done ahead of an important match. Just ask Kohli, who was in quite the jovial mood while warming up ahead of one of the IPL 2020 matches.


Just prior to the playoffs of that season, which was staged in the UAE, the RCB skipper was thrown a big birthday bash by his team. He joined his teammates in an energetic dance session in what was another example of how the man wears his heart on his sleeve.

#4 'My name is Lakhan'

This iconic Bollywood hit sure happens to be one of Kohli's favorites from the looks of it. There have been many instances of the superstar batter breaking into a jig whenever the song has been played at the venue.


During the semi-final of the ICC World T20 2016, Anil Kapoor, the actor on whom the song was picturized, was at the venue. He was spotted dancing in the stands just as the Delhi-born superstar was fielding near the boundary ropes and the latter obliged with a step of his own.

The former Indian skipper replicated the steps during the T20 World Cup last year as well, as soon as he heard the song being played in the background. Much like he did at the Wankhede Stadium during the Test against New Zealand later that year, when the crowd chanted the same lyrics.

#5 Dances with Chris Gayle in the Caribbean

What do you do when there's a hold-up in play owing to the bowler's mark needing some repair? Just ask Kohli and Gayle - during India's tour of the Caribbean in 2019, the duo had an instant hobby to turn to.


While the umpires were busy addressing the issue, India's captain entertained his teammates with a jovial dance move. He soon joined Gayle, who was padded up and had his helmet on, as the duo broke into a dance step that was totally in sync.

It was followed by a round of laughter and, if anything, this was an indication of the bond and mutual respect between the players over the years.

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