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Chris Gayle describes Vijay Mallya's mansion as similar to James Bond and Playboy

Ram Kumar
2.81K   //    13 Jun 2016, 23:18 IST
Chris Gayle and Vijay Mallya
Chris Gayle spent five days at Vijay Mallya’s residence amidst the IPL

In his recently released autobiography, Chris Gayle has repeatedly stirred the hornet’s nest by revealing several unknown snippets. One of those is elaborating on his stay at Vijay Mallya’s mansion in the midst of an IPL season.

Titled Six Machine: I Don’t Like Cricket...I Love It, the book is published by Penguin Random House. The Royal Challengers Bangalore star describes his franchise owner’s villa as akin to those seen in James Bond and Playboy.

During the IPL, the burly Jamaican got the chance to spend five of his rest days in Mallya’s beachfront mansion which is located in Goa. Though the other team members were not so eager to visit the place, the left-hander's excitement was kindled by RCB manager George Avinash.

Gayle writes, “It's bigger than most hotels. It's cooler than any house I've ever seen. It's James Bond, it's Playboy Mansion, it's the land of plenty in white concrete and glass. I'm trying not to stare, but there's so much to stare at that there's only room in my mind for one thought: 'Chris, this gonna be interesting’. I've got the entire villa for myself. I'm getting a tour.“

Describing his stay as king-like, the popular cricketer explains, “Wherever I go I've got two butlers walking with me at all times. Me alone, like a king! I go in the first pool. I go in the second pool. I walk the lawn, in my robe. I go back in the pool with a Kingfisher beer and then I stay in the pool and the Kingfisher beers keep coming, which makes sense because the one place they're not going to run out of Kingfisher beers is in the Kingfisher villa.”

Floored by the presence of a specialist cook, he adds, “This is new for World Boss. Seems there is World Boss and Universe Boss. Whole new worlds. Bosses of things the boy from 1C St James Road, Rollington Town, didn't even know existed. No milk and Nutribun, although if you wanted milk and Nutribun they'd bring it to you.”

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Gayle also shared an interesting experience on riding Mallya’s personal Harley Davidson bike. The 36-year old notes, “I've never ridden a motorbike before. I've never seen a motorbike with three wheels. But one of the butlers shows me how to drive it, and I start riding it up and down the driveway, which because this is the Kingfisher villa is the size of a racetrack. I'm the king of the villa, the Kingfisher king, and woohoo, who knew this thing could go that fast.”

At present, Vijay Mallya is living in London after fleeing the country when the Indian government issued a warrant for his arrest. The liquor baron owes debts totaling to INR 9,000 crores to a consortium of banks.

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