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If Indian cricketers were cast in the Avengers

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Team India as Team Avengers
Team India as Team Avengers

The Avengers series is reaching its conclusion as all the mighty superheroes are bracing themselves for a final showdown against the mad titan Thanos. The Avengers superheroes are down and out and we can't wait to see how they rise again to fight the evil who took away half the lives with a mere snap. The Avengers is a team of superheroes who save the world from all kinds of demonic energies. Even though all the superheroes have their individual superpowers, they are much stronger as a team. 

Similarly, the Indian Cricket team consists of a barrage of superstar cricketers who can single-handedly destroy the opposition on a given day. But when playing together as a team, they become invincible. There are a lot of similarities between the Avengers and the Indian Cricket team. Also, there are common traits between the Avengers superheroes and the members of the Indian cricket team, which makes us think which cricketer is more similar to which superhero. Considering the specialty and strengths of the Indian cricketers, we will look at the characters Indian players would have played if they were cast in the Avengers.

#10 Cheteshwar Pujara as Doctor Strange

Pujara and Doctor Strange are very underrated
Pujara and Doctor Strange are very underrated

Doctor Strange is perhaps one of the most underrated Superheroes in the Marvel universe. He is a magician who fights against all magical threats. In the infinity war, when most of the superheroes failed to get hold of Thanos, Doctor Strange almost did the impossible. 

Cheteshwar Pujara is also one of the most underrated cricketers in Indian cricket. He has played so many match-winning innings for Team India but hasn't got his due rewards. In the recent series against Australia, when the big names started to crumble under pressure Pujara stood up and performed exceedingly well. Pujara might not have great magic tricks like the Doctor, but he surely resists a lot of magic tricks thrown at him by the bowlers.

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