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Fast&Up has a host of products to cater to your sporting needs
Fast&Up has a host of products to cater to your sporting needs

Becoming a professional athlete today is not an easy task. It requires utmost discipline and focus to maintain fitness and health standards throughout one's career. Apart from working out regularly to develop muscle and condition the body, nutrition is also very important in maintaining fitness standards. With the passing of time, athletes around the world have become much more professional and disciplined about eating right to ensure their training and performance does not suffer.

While a lot of nutrition is getting the right complement of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to prepare the body for the effects of training and competition, the new age involves supplementing meals with sports nutrition and hydration products that help get the body ready to perform at a high level and recover quickly after strenuous exercise. Making recovery easy and allowing athletes to prepare better for training and competition are important facets of sports nutrition in this day and age.

Fast&Up is one of the leading innovators in sports nutrition in the world and is extremely popular in India for its products that help amateur and professional athletes prepare better and streamline their fitness activities to align with their goals. Focused on nutrition supplements and sports supplements, they have made enhancing the physical fitness and well-being of athletes specifically and the population in general their goal.

Ranging from pre-workout and post-workout drinks like Activate and Recovery to hydration drinks and energy gels, their products are designed to help people adjust quickly to training schedules and ensure they can recover well after a day of strenuous exercise. They also have products that are focused on increasing the percentage of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in the body like Promega, Charge and Vitalize, to ensure the body receives additional nutrients that help in achieving a superior level of fitness.

Fast&Up products are very popular among cricketers in India with players like Indian women's team stars Sushma Verma, Punam Raut and Taniya Bhatia, Ankeet Bawne of Maharashtra, the brothers Baba Aparajith and Baba Indrajith from Tamil Nadu and Prashant Chopra of Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan Royals all-consuming nutrition supplements to aid them in preparation and recovery.

Chopra, who has been a part of the Royals' squad in the IPL since last season, was all praise for Fast&Up's recovery drink Reload, saying, "When the weather gets hot, you need to hydrate your body well. Fast&Up Reload Cola is an amazing flavour! Making my training complete is Fast&Up Reload."

Athletes from other sports and areas of fitness also consume Fast&Up nutrition supplements like bodybuilder Vardhan Malhotra and fitness model Gijo John, who use them for muscle development and endurance. Famous cyclist Naveen John, who has been India's time trial champion on multiple occasions and now rides for Ciclo Racing Team professionally, also believes in the importance of exercise and nutrition and subscribes to Fast&Up's nutritional supplements to help in recovery and endurance development.

The secret behind her power-packed groundstrokes is Fast&Up
The secret behind her power-packed groundstrokes is Fast&Up

Among other athletes who consume Fast&Up's nutrition supplements is tennis player Akanksha Bhan. Bhan, who has been excelling on the collegiate tennis circuit for Columbia University in the United States, spoke about the benefits of their Calcium supplement Fortify, saying, "Keeps my bones strong. Provides me with my daily calcium requirements. With great taste. Super product." For a tennis professional, strength in their bones is key as that allows them to be able to play groundstrokes with power and Fortify helped provide the necessary amounts of Calcium daily to help her body cope up with the demands of tennis.

The fact that Fast&Up's products are useful for athletes playing different sports and across all genres can be seen by the fact that they are associated with professional teams across multiple sports in India like the Bengaluru Bulls in Kabaddi and Minerva Punjab in football. The Bulls won the 2018 edition of the Pro Kabaddi League while Minerva Punjab were champions of the I-League in 2017. Fast&Up are the official nutrition partners of Minerva and also supplied nutrition supplements and sports supplements to Bengaluru during their training sessions and league campaigns.


With more and more attention now being given to maintaining fitness standards by professional athletes and attaining a high level of physical well-being by amateur athletes, Fast&Up is playing a very important role in helping provide people the edge they need to achieve their goals. The use of Swiss Effervescent Technology has well and truly helped Fast&Up make its mark in sports nutrition and hydration and their nutrition supplements are driving India to a higher level of fitness and well-being.

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