Most Sixes In Test

Last Modified Aug 26, 2022 17:00 IST

List of Players to hit Most Sixes In Test

PosPlayerTeamMatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverage4s6s
1Brendon McCullumNew Zealand101176645330238.64776107
2Ben StokesEngland85155534325836.1646101
3Adam GilchristAustralia961375570204*47.6677100
4Chris GayleWest Indies103182721433342.18104698
5Jacques KallisSouth Africa1662801328922455.37148897
6Virender SehwagIndia104180858631949.34123391
7Brian LaraWest Indies13123211953400*52.88155988
8Chris CairnsNew Zealand62104332015833.5336587
9VIV RichardsWest Indies121182854029150.2395284
10Andrew FlintoffEngland79130384538031.7751382

There is this notion that Test cricket is the most boring form of cricket ever played. But the likes of Brendon McCullum and Adam Gilchrist have proved it wrong by playing swashbuckling knocks hitting sixes all over the park at will.

Fourth Test - Australia v India: Day 4