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Top 5 boundary hitters in IPL history

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IPL, just like any other T20 game, is considered to be a batsmen friendly format. It is a no-brainer that people who watch it on TV or who go to the stadium do so because they expect the towering and mammoth sixes and free-flowing boundaries from batsmen and IPL hasn't disappointed them.

The 2018 edition of the league witnessed a maximum number of balls being deposited into the stands.

Rishabh Pant topped the list by hitting 37 maximums this year, but do you know who holds the record of maximum number of boundaries over the 11 years of IPL?

We bring to you the top 5 batsmen who have hit the most number of boundaries (sixes and fours combined) and have entertained you like no one else had.

#5 David Warner - 561 boundaries


The Australian southpaw, who unfortunately missed this year's edition, still occupies the 5th position in all-time boundary hitters list. With over 401 boundaries and 160 sixes, Warner has combined hit 561 boundaries overall.

Needless to say, had Warner played this IPL he would have definitely achieved a better ranking than where he is at right now.

#4 Rohit Sharma - 563 boundaries


The maverick Mumbai Indians captain, despite being in lean form this year, occupies 4th position in all-time boundary hitters list. One of the sweetest strikers of the ball, Rohit Sharma is a delight to watch when he is on the song.

With 379 fours and 184 sixes, Rohit Sharma has hit a total of 563 boundaries and is currently 2 boundaries ahead of his Australian counterpart David Warner.

#3 Virat Kohli - 611 boundaries


Can you have a batting record list these days and not have Virat Kohli in that? Practically impossible. India's captain hasn't let IPL devoid of his charm. Hitting 434 fours and 177 sixes, Kohli has hit a combined of 611 boundaries.

However, unfortunately, his IPL team is still searching for a title win; Kohli has been brilliant in an individual capacity and he promises to get only better with each passing year.

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