10 biggest announcements from Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022

Some big games were revealed at the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live (Image via Red Barrels, Everstone Games, and Deep Silver)
Some big games were revealed at the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live (Image via Red Barrels, Everstone Games, and Deep Silver)

The Gamescom 2022 is well underway, with the first big event of the program, Opening Night Live, starting the show yesterday. Many game announcements were made during the event, with titles from a wide selection of publishers like Focus Intertainment, Unknown Worlds, Red Barrels, etc.

There were quite a few surprises during the Gamescom’s opening night, including an appearance by Hideo Kojima, who revealed his new podcast and showcased a car inspired by Pokemon from Mini Cooper.

In terms of game announcements, tons of new IPs were introduced, new gameplay for confirmed games was shown, and audiences were treated to some teaser trailers for upcoming titles.

Gamescom always tends to be a big event for game news as it is generally chock-full of new trailers, reveals, and world premieres of numerous titles. To streamline the flow of information, here are the ten most significant announcements from Gamescom Opening Night.

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Ten major reveals from Gamescom’s ONL

1) Lies of P


Neowiz Games’ Lies of P was a confirmed title to be showcased on the first day of Gamescom, and the trailer did not disappoint. The Soulslike title is set for a 2023 release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and PC, with it being available on Game Pass from day one.

The new trailer showcased during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live section displayed many new aspects of the game, including a mysterious gothic world and enemies that players will fight. Combat includes using strange, rather odd weapons, each having distinctly different movesets and functioning uniquely.

The game looks eerily similar in aesthetic to Bloodborne, albeit with a little more light and less dreary. The story seems cryptic enough, with no new details being shown in the new trailer.

It focuses on Pinnochio, a mechanoid puppet who wants to turn into a human and goes out searching for Mr. Geppetto.

2) Callisto Protocol


Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game by Striking Distance Studios, from the creator of the original Dead Space. While it was seen during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June, fans got a new look at the gameplay during Gamescom ONL, along with the reveal of a December 2, 2022 release date.

The new gameplay showed off the protagonist fighting off some of the horrors that will serve as enemies in the game. Environmental objects can be utilized to finish off weakened foes, and users will have access to kinetic powers that they can use along with their trusty firearm.

The gameplay reveal also highlighted a mutation mechanic, which displayed how some enemies can be deadlier than others. The title adopts a sci-fi setting as it takes place in the future and on a colony located on Jupiter’s Moon, Callisto.

After an alien invasion wrecks the facility where gamers work, they must struggle to survive amidst this new threat.

3) Dune: Awakening


One of the biggest surprises came from developer Funcom, who announced their new game via a cryptic cinematic trailer set on the planet of Arrakis from the Dune novels. This was confirmed by the appearance of a giant sandworm and the character jumping onto its back.

Called Dune: Awakening, the game is apparently going to be a survival MMO set in the fictional universe of Dune. According to developer Funcom, thousands of players will be dropped into the shared map of Arrakis, where they must explore or build shelters to survive.

Various lore-centric vehicles will be available for gamers to use for exploration of the planet, where they can scour the land for treasures and use harvesters for mining spice. They will have to contend with natural phenomena such as sandstorms and sandworms, as well as other user factions from time to time.

4) Everywhere


A new studio named Build a Rocket Boy revealed its first game via a teaser trailer during Gamescom ONL that had fans simultaneously excited and scratching their heads. Titled Everywhere, the game’s teaser showcased so much in its nearly three-minute-long footage that it was almost baffling.

The studio is headed by former Rockstar Games president Leslie Benzies, who describes it as an open-world title. Although not much is given away at this time, the sneak peek suggests that a single genre might not bind the game and that players might have a hand in creating some of the experiences in it.

The game was first announced in 2017 and has been in development under Build a Rocket Boy’s three different teams. Players have been theorizing about the title since the announcement, but the studio has given no official confirmation.

Needless to say, after this official sneak peek at Gamescom, speculation will only increase.

5) Dead Island 2


One of the most anticipated game reveals for Gamescom was Dead Island 2, a sequel to the much-loved Dead Island. It was the last title to be unveiled during the event, and fans were excited to get a glimpse at what the new game was all about, as well as the reveal of a release date.

The unveiled cinematic trailer establishes the tone of the game, which remains consistent with the previous title, and sets the stage in Los Angeles, California. This was followed by a gameplay teaser that showed off the ridiculous fun of killing zombies, character-centric stories, and some very realistic gore that might turn stomachs.

The title will supposedly include many playable characters, one of whom is the center point of the cinematic trailer. After spending years in developmental hell, the game is finally set to release on February 3, 2023, to the joy of many fans of the series.

6) Where Winds Meet


One of the shows most surprising and breathtaking reveals came from developer Everstone Games as they showcased their new open-world RPG, Where Winds Meet. The trailer showed off some brilliant cinematic scenes and stunning gameplay, which stole the show for many.

Many have since compared it to Ghost of Tsushima due to its Asian aesthetic, beautifully crafted scenery, and fighting mechanics. Unlike Ghost of Tsushima, it seems to take a more supernatural approach to its world and story, although that remains to be confirmed going forward.

The game is set during the Ten Kingdoms era, with the main character being a mysterious swordsman. The character’s role in the larger narrative will be decided by users and will not be limited by the story. Currently, the game does not have a release date or confirmed platforms.

7) The Lords of the Fallen


The Lords of the Fallen is a sequel to the 2014 game Lords of the Fallen. The new game is being developed by HexWorks, a new studio founded by CI Games, who debuted a cinematic trailer for the game during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Looking like a Soulslike in terms of themes and the world’s state, the title is set for a 2023 release date.

While no actual gameplay was released, CI Games said they would do so later in the year, suggesting that it is still not ready to preview any alpha footage. The first game in the series might indicate what gamers can expect from the upcoming title.

Lords of the Fallen was an action role-playing played in a third-person perspective. Players took on enemies and bosses using various weapons such as axes and hammers.

They can choose to play as one of many different classes, each with a different combat style and specializations in weapons and spells.

8) Moon Breaker


Subnaitica developer Unknown Worlds’ presence was highly anticipated at Gamescom 2022 as they were rumored to showcase a new IP. This took the form of a trailer for their upcoming game, Moonbreaker, which will be available on PC and macOS for Early Access on September 29.

Moonbreaker is a strategy title that emulates the experience of a tabletop game, right down to allowing players to paint their miniatures virtually. They will be able to collect units, build their army, and implement them in the game in the form of turn-based battles.

The title is set in a new fictional world co-created with Mistborn and Wheel of Time novelist Brandon Sanderson.

The most highlighted element of the game was the miniature painting, a hobby many tabletop game fans have. A large assortment of options is available, including various shades and multiple brushes to mimic the same feel as painting in real-life.

9) Scars Above


Originally announced in June 2021, Scars Above is a sci-fi action-adventure game set on an alien planet. It received a new story trailer along with some gameplay footage during Gamescom Opening Night Live, which intrigued many fans due to its stunning look and feel.

In the title, users will take on the role of Kate Ward, an astronaut-scientist who finds herself trapped in a new world rife with new dangers, where she must survive and find a way back home. It features a third-person perspective and looks to feature combat in the form of long-range shooting using projectile weapons.

Developed by Mad Head Games, Scars Above’s new trailer during Gamescom 2022 was a stark departure from the gameplay seen in 2021. It has undergone a few significant changes in gameplay and visuals, although the focus seems to be on its story, with many calling it a blend of Returnal and Death Stranding.

10) The Outlast Trails


One of the most looked-for games from Gamescom was The Outlast Trials, the third installment in the Outlast series. Developed by Red Barrels, the upcoming game was showcased during the event in the form of a teaser trailer and the promise of a closed beta version.

The trailer showed off what is most iconic to the franchise with a setting inside a closed-off building, patients running around trying to kill gamers, and a few night vision scenes. The game is reportedly a co-op experience, although exactly how that will work is still under speculation.

It is set to take place inside an underground facility and features many new enemies who will be on the player’s tail. They must hide from these pursuers to stay alive.

The release date was not mentioned during the Gamescom presentation, but the game’s closed beta is coming from October 28 to November 1 for PC Steam users.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author’s opinion.

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