5 best junglers to look out for at League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split

Top LEC players to look out for (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Top LEC players to look out for (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split is about to begin on June 17. Before the official drum rolls on, all 10 teams will look to be in good shape.

Jungling is arguably the most technical and skillful role in League of Legends. Playing a jungle champion necessitates a great deal of game knowledge, as effective pathing and ganking are difficult to pull off.

Multiple aspects are examined while selecting the ideal jungler to play with. Apart from ganking and killing abilities, a jungler's durability and strength should be given equal consideration before the final roll. Thus, being a pro jungler in competitive play is no less than carrying forward a gargantuan responsibility.

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Europe is ready to kickstart League of Legends Summer Split 2022, and the region needs to fill a few crucial gaps considering poor performance at Spring. With top-tier jungling talents like Kacper "Inspired" Słoma and Gabril "Bwipo" Rau crossing the Atlantic to compete in the North American league, fresh blood was needed to fill-in.

The majority of Europe's junglers struggled to find their feet in Spring Split, but this time, they will aim to turn things around. Here is Sportskeeda’s list of the top 5 LEC players for the 2022 Summer Split that League of Legends fans should keep an eye out for.

Ranking 5 best players who are expected to give a stellar performance at League of Legends LEC Summer 2022

5) Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki (Team BDS)

Cinkrof, Team BDS (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Cinkrof, Team BDS (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

After taking a look at the Spring Split standings this year, one might be wondering what Cinkrof is doing on this list. During the regular season, Team BDS only managed four victories and finished in a disappointing ninth position.

Cinkrof, on the other hand, was the only bright spot for the team, and he is certainly among the top 5 junglers in the league.

Cinkrof was typically ahead of the opposition jungler in every early game, thanks to his excellent pathing skills. In the first few minutes, he'd translate his early leads into stable game situations for his laners, and BDS built a good early game plan that he'd stick to throughout the Spring Split.

BDS suffered from mid-game onwards, with the five-man unit crumbling due to a lack of team communication and an evident game plan. Cinkrof, though, is not to blame. One can't expect him to protect his teammates from bleeding, stay ahead in the jungle, and then bond together and call shots for a team that isn't on the same page.

For the League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split, BDS has added a new top laner and new support that might relieve some of the load from the jungler.

4) Javier "Elyoya" Prades (MAD Lions)

Elyoya, MAD Lions (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Elyoya, MAD Lions (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

Elyoya went through an unexpected roller-coster ride at the start of 2022. The youthful Spaniard, who made his League of Legends European Championship debut last year and promptly won back-to-back titles, is now at the helm of a faltering squad. MAD Lions would have been substantially weaker without Marek "Humanoid" Brázda's in-game leadership.

The responsibility of being the shotcaller was placed on Elyoya's shoulders, and given that he was just in his sophomore year, the burden was unexpectedly high. Despite the fact that MAD Lions floundered in the Spring Split, the squad remained in contention for a Playoff spot. Elyoya was the glue that held the team together during their successes.

Elyoya, like Cinkrof, simply had too much work to do to live up to his 2021 expectations. Elyoya's restraints are expected to lighten in the upcoming Summer Split as MAD Lions bring in Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer to share the shotcalling duties.

While there may be some adjustments as he learns to synergise with the new mid laner, Elyoya should be able to perform at a much higher level than last year.

3) Iván "Razork" Martín (Fnatic)

Razork, Fnatic (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Razork, Fnatic (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

Razork was surrounded by superstars when he was hired by Fnatic for the 2022 season. Suddenly, he was the team's least experienced player once again. He stood out as a playmaker on Misfits, someone who would take the initiative and show his squad how to triumph.

Razork took some time to acclimate. After his team's 3-0 opening weekend, in which Razork was able to take advantage of the disarray of newly formed rosters, the jungler went silent for a few weeks. He seemed unsure of what was expected of him and wandered aimlessly. A few weeks later, however, the puzzle pieces began fitting together.

Razork blossomed once more as Fnatic surged to the top and fought for first place. When it came to carrying, Razork was up to the task, and when it came to being a facilitator, Razork was up to the duty as well. Fnatic began to tremble and eventually disintegrated during the LEC Playoffs.

The League of Legends team is determined to try for the championship again after a break and the lessons learned during the Spring Split. Razork, who now has greater knowledge of his role in the team, will play a major part in that.

Taking all his potential and strengths into consideration, Razork easily slid into League of Legends LEC Summer's top 3.

2) Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski (G2 Esports)

Jankos, G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Jankos, G2 Esports (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

Jankos is at the centre of G2's rebuilt lineup, with new coaches, a new top laner, and a new bot lane tandem to work with. Only his midlane buddy Rasmus "caPs" Winther remained on G2's roster after Jankos' whole team was scrapped in the offseason at the conclusion of 2021.

The veteran League of Legends jungler was completely aware of his place inside the group. It was initially his responsibility to ensure that all of the other players found time to integrate into the team. Now in the Summer Split, it’s time to fine-tune the execution after the underlying team vision has been established.

Jankos possesses all of the aforementioned junglers' positive traits, plus a few more. The Polish likes to sacrifice his own resources to aid his colleagues. He can, though, step up to be the carry player if necessary. Throughout the LEC Spring Split, Jankos adapted as his team progressed and paced himself methodically.

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Furthermore, as his Head Coach Dylan Falco has stated, Jankos is a great leader in the game, leading by example and taking his teammates by the hand. In terms of consistency, Jankos is the greatest in LEC, with an unshakable consistency that stretched into MSI even when G2 was on a losing run.

1) Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong (Rogue)

Malrang, Rogue (Image via League of Legends European Championship)
Malrang, Rogue (Image via League of Legends European Championship)

Arguably the current best player in the league, Malrang stands head and shoulders above the rest of the guys on the team. The signing of Malrang by Rogue was viewed with mistrust. European League of Legends fans considered the inclusion of DWG KIA's substitute jungler in place of 2022 LEC Summer Split's MVP, Inspired, to be stupid.

But more than ever, Malrang showcased that putting together a League of Legends squad isn't just about putting talented players together, it's also about aligning their viewpoints.

Malrang was added to Rogue to change the jungler's role from carry to jungler for his laners. After only a few games, it was obvious that Malrang had received the message. Like Jankos, the South Korean jungler always tends to sacrifice his own camps to gank whichever lane is in need of help.

When it appeared that Malrang's unorthodox sacrificial playstyle would be figured out at some point, he proved to have a variety of tricks under his sleeve by continually shocking his opponents.

Malrang will once again run up and down to keep his companions safe and fed during League of Legends LEC Summer Split. Fans can't wait to see how he'll outsmart his next opponent.

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