5 best Overwatch 2 Heroes to duo with Lucio

Top 5 heroes to duo with Lucio from Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top 5 heroes to duo with Lucio in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2’s musical genius from Brazil is a Support Hero named Lucio, who can heal players with an area of effect (AoE) move around him or provide a movement boost to them. However, he cannot provide both at the same time. These make him an excellent duo for Heroes who can benefit greatly from these two abilities.

Lucio is a balanced Support character, whose healing can be almost considered passive. Putting his Crossfade ability into health regeneration allows him to blast away opponents with his Sonic Amplifier or knock them back with Soundwave. Using another vital part of his kit, Amp It Up, he can amplify both his health regeneration or his movement-increasing song.

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Top 5 Heroes that make a good team with Lucio in Overwatch 2: Reinhardt, Roadhog, and more


Lucio can provide his team with damage as well as healing, distancing him from the tag of a passive healer. This pick is a better option for teams that require higher damage output and faster pushes into an enemy-controlled area of the map. These are the five optimal picks to pair with Lucio in Overwatch 2:

1) Reinhardt


Reinhardt is the face of Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2. He comes with a traditionally high health shield, and a few abilities that make him a juggernaut for pushing into teams and isolating enemies, as well as protecting his team. Lucio has higher synergy with this Hero, as his speed boost can close the gap between Reinhardt and the enemy, allowing him to bulldoze through unsuspecting teams.

Lucio, with his AoE healing and his ability to escape sticky situations with his Wall Ride passive, is a good healer to follow a Tank around. Reinhardt can also provide additional protection to Lucio through the usage of his Barrier Field. Lucio’s ultimate, Sound Barrier, can also provide the other with an HP boost that proves to be the edge during a team fight.

2) Roadhog


Overwatch 2’s HP-dependent Tank Hero, Roadhog, is a traditional pick that can benefit greatly from having a healer at his side. Someone like Lucio who can buff movement speed is an even more significant help as Roadhog is severely limited in speed and movement. This duo can have great synergy using the former's movement amplification.

A Lucio player can help Roadhog close the gap between the opponent to deal more damage or get them in his hook’s range. Using his Soundwave abilities, our Support Hero can knock pesky counters like Bastion or Reaper away from the Tank, and send them away. Roadhog’s ability to keep himself alive and the overhealth that Lucio’s ultimate provides makes the Tank practically unkillable.

3) Moira


A double-Support team composition is the norm across Overwatch 2’s competitive meta. Playing a largely offensive healer like Moira along with a balanced healer like Lucio can ensure that your team stays alive in addition to dealing a lot of damage. Lucio and Moira can play around each other, as well as seamlessly help their teammates whenever needed.

Lucio’s field of healing can constantly keep Moira above critical levels, which allows her to keep playing her damage dealing Biotic Grasp, which in turn fuels her primary healing.

Moira’s Biotic Orb can also help out escaping Lucio players who are wall-riding, as the orb travels and collides with walls in any direction. Their ultimates can also be dealt in unison, with Lucio providing a buffer before Moira is countered, and her dealing high damage numbers faster using her Coalescence.

4) Genji


A high-mobility Damage Hero from Overwatch 2, Genji often requires healers that can keep up with him, which narrows the list down quite a lot. Lucio is a good pick to duo with him as both their kits can benefit from each other. The Support Hero providing his speed boost to a Genji player who is utilizing movement well can give them an upper hand and keep them alive.

Using both these heroes’ ultimates together can be quite dangerous, with an HP boost onto Genji, his Dragonblade form will be incredibly tough to counter and can rake up eliminations quite easily. A Lucio providing movement amplification during Genji’s ultimate can also be immensely helpful as it will make him even harder to track and kill.

5) D.Va


A well-known tank from Overwatch 2, D.Va is an ideal hero to pair up with Lucio, as her advanced agility is easier for Lucio to track and heal alongside with. He can also provide her with a mobility buff through his Crossfade and let this Tank use her Boosters to push into enemy territory even faster.

Bringing Sound Barrier into the battlefield while D.Va is regaining her Mech-suit can also prove to be vital. This will buy enough time for “Baby D.Va” to engage enemies in this form as well as remain on the battlefield without needing to return back from base after being eliminated. Soundwave can also knock back enemies trying to engage her while she recalls her mech.


Lucio is all-rounder Support Hero in Overwatch 2 that is capable of dishing out high heal and damage numbers across the board. Pairing him up with these five heroes will improve team synergy and lead to easier victories.

Be aware of how to use Lucio’s passive properly, however, as using Wall Ride effectively will allow players to escape, regroup and even annoy opponents with ease.

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