5 best Tank heroes that counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Tank counters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overwatch 2 Ramattra Tank counters (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 was released as a free-to-play game by Blizzard Entertainment as a sequel to its previously dominant esports title in the hero-shooter genre. The game initially had a bumpy launch, but the developers were able to iron out the quirks quickly and provide a smoother gaming experience.

Overwatch 2 recently received its second seasonal update after successfully concluding its inaugural season. The new season introduced loads of additional content and a new Tank hero, Ramattra.

The developers have introduced him with a strong backstory as the leader of the Null Sector and Commander of the Omnic race. He hails from Shambali Monastery, Nepal, according to Overwatch's lore.

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Overwatch 2 Ramattra Tank counters


Blizzard carried over the original three Hero classes to Overwatch 2 - Tank, Damage, and Support. Several heroes are organized under the wing of every class that serves a particular purpose or fills a specific role. Tanks are hereditarily a class tasked with becoming the team's first line of defense and also damage sponges to protect allies.

Ramattra Tank counter heroes

Ramattra is the first Tempo Tank to debut in Overwatch 2 alongside the launch of Season 2. This makes his role and responsibilities on the battlefield quite fluid, as players can frequently change forms and execute different strategies. The character has abilities that can pave the path to victory but not a hero who can evade and reposition without taking a few hits.

1) Roadhog

Roadhog is one of the most fun characters in Overwatch 2, who uses a shotgun as his primary weapon. Close range is his specialty, and he can deal massive amounts of damage to Ramattra by pulling him close with his hook ability. Roadhog can utilize his ultimate to counter Ramattra's ultimate as it knocks back enemy players to a significant distance and inflicts critical damage.

2) Reinhardt


Reinhardt is a staple Tank Hero, which is not hard to learn for players but requires in-depth understanding to master. The hero can utilize a more versatile shield ability to push back Ramattra's advances on the objective and even stun him using his booster abilities to pin him to a wall.

3) Winston

Winston is an elemental Tank Hero who uses a rudimentary set of abilities. His ability to quickly cover large distances and shatter the opposing team's line of defense is a powerful tool that can be used to target Ramattra as he is left without aid on the front lines. Combined with the one-way Dome Shield, Winston can easily keep others at bay and discourage aggressive strategies.

4) Zarya


Zarya is a Tank Hero who has proved to be very difficult to counter and can output absurd damage counts if played correctly. With her energy shield ability, she can easily absorb and benefit from Ramattra's damage by charging up her cannon. This can once again be used to burst down support heroes and isolate Ramattra with the entire team's help.

5) Sigma

Sigma is a powerful Tank Hero who utilizes gravity and a very tedious shield that he can place in different orientations. The shield functions as a one-way barrier that can mitigate large amounts of incoming damage and provide ample cover to the team. Ramattra players can be kept at bay by hurling masses of earth and blocking most of his attacks in his Omnic form.

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