Roblox Pet Simulator X Code (January 2022)

The latest codes in Pet Simulator X (Image via Roblox)
The latest codes in Pet Simulator X (Image via Roblox)

There are never enough coins and pets to collect in Roblox Pet Simulator X, and new players will want to get started as soon as possible.

The main loop of the game relies on collecting coins and pets. Having an option, like codes, to make the process smoother is a welcome treat.

Unfortunately, there is only one working code in Pet Simulator X, as of now.

Roblox Pet Simulator X: Every working code in January 2022


For the month of January 2022, there is only one valid code. It has been tested and is still in working order. The code is as follows:

  • 1Mfollowers – Redeem this code for 5 individual Triple Coins boosts

Despite having a painfully short list of codes, Pet Simulator X does have several extra goodies players can take advantage of. There are two free gifts, to be specific.


In the Spawn zone, there’s a small 'Verify' sign players will see to their right. If they follow the developers on Twitter and then hit the 'Verify' sign, players will get a permanent 50% experience boost.

The other free gift can be obtained by joining the BIG Games Simulators group. Players will receive a free pet for joining the group when they launch Pet Simulator X.

How codes are redeemed in Pet Simulator X

The codes menu is hidden in the shop (Image via Roblox)
The codes menu is hidden in the shop (Image via Roblox)

After Roblox players have reached the level of 'Basic', they can follow these steps to redeem codes in-game:

Step 1: Select the Pet button along the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Now choose the Exclusive Shop button from the extended menu.

Step 3: Scroll to the very bottom and pick the Redeem option.

Step 4: Input a valid Pet Simulator X code and hit the Redeem button.

What is Pet Simulator X all about?


Pet Simulator X creates fun through collecting pets, coins, and gems. It’s an addicting loop after players have hatched a few pets. Eggs can hatch into neat pets like dragons, rams, and even rainbow variations. There’s also upgrades players can invest in with their hard-earned gems.

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