F1 Driver Salaries 2019

Formula 1 is one of the richest sport in the world with F1 driver salary matching some of the richest footballers, golfers, and athlete's in the world.

Five-time world championship Lewis Hamilton's Net Worth is estimated to be around $280 million and he is the richest F1 driver of 2019 receiving a salary of approximately $ 55,745,000 from the Mercedes AMG Formula One team. Toro Rosso driver Alexander Albon is one of lowest paid driver's in the paddock receiving a salary of $167,000 in his Formula 1 rookie season.

Daniel Ricciardo is the third highest paid driver this season as his switch from Red Bull to Renault put him in the list of the highest paid drivers' of all time while Sebastian Vettel Salary of $44,600,000 makes him the highest paid Ferrari driver and also the second highest paid driver of 2019.

List of highest Paid F1 Drivers with salaries:

No.DriverAnnual SalaryTeam
20Alexander Albon$167,000SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO HONDA
19George Russell$180,000WILLIAMS MERCEDES
18Antonio Giovanzzi$223,000ALFA ROMEO RACING
17Lando Norris$250,000MCLAREN RENAULT
15Robert Kubica$560,000WILLIAMS MERCEDES
14Kevin Magnussen$1,115,000HAAS
13Lance Stroll$1,115,000RACING POINT
12Pierre Gasly$1,340,000RED BULL RACING
11Romain Grosjean$1,675,000HAAS
10Sergio Perez$3,350,000RACING POINT
9Charles Leclerc$3,350,000SCUDERIA FERRARI
8Carlos Sainz$3,900,000MCLAREN RENAULT
7Nico Hulkenberg$4,460,000RENAULT SPORT F1
6Kimi Raikkonen$4,460,000ALFA ROMEO RACING
5Valtteri Bottas$8,360,000MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS
4Max Verstappen$13,380,000RED BULL RACING
3Daniel Ricciardo$16,725,000RENAULT SPORT F1
2Sebastian Vettel$44,600,000SCUDERIA FERRARI
1Lewis Hamilton$ 55,745,000MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS